NO FB LIVE—Jolene and I still feel a check about doing a FB live at this time. Maybe next week? High probability… we’ll have to see! In the meantime keep praying, stay close to Jesus, and stay tuned.

WHITE HOUSE WATCHMEN—VITAL to understand the times! To purchase CLICK HERE.


Our nation’s Capitol continues to shake in the wake of Wednesday’s Capitol storm as the nation moves cautiously through the final 10 days of President Trump’s administration. Dear friends in the administration are struggling with grief. I am personally praying through much grief and anger as well. It is for this reason it seems wise to postpone our scheduled FB Live broadcast tonight. 

Right now it is extremely hard to separate genuine revelation from the Lord from skewed revelation, true news from conspiracy theory. A major leader recently suggested that we should examine ourselves, repent and write a Facebook letter for telling everybody President Trump was going to win. We would certainly take these actions if that were actually the case. Instead our book White House Watchmen clearly warns about the challenges of the coming election and its consequences if we choose wrongly. Much of what we saw prophetically in White House Watchmen is coming to pass before our very eyes.

The good news is that God is still on the Throne, and His covenant still stands. Here are a few excerpts from the introduction. 

A Midnight Cry
Three years ago, facing the same window to our world, Holy Spirit quickened to me that by 2020 our nation would enter a midnight hour of history. In a moment, I knew we would face down perils similar to those which the Bible attributes to the final days of an era known as the end times. Both the challenges and the victories in our era would even become a prototype for their watch in history.

Aspects of our future became very clear. From this prophetic experience came our book The Midnight Cry. Much of what was prophesied within its pages is already in play today. A midnight crisis. A midnight watch. A midnight cry. The good news is, in the midst of our midnight crisis, the Lord is offering our nation a turnaround that brings a longterm course correction securing His best intentions for our land.

During the American Revolution, a watchman named Paul Revere saw two burning lamps in the upper room of the Old North Church. This pre-arranged signal conveyed it was time to alert the Continental Army for the fight of their lives. Revere rode through the midnight hour to awaken them. Their victory in this existential fight for freedom birthed our nation and redefined our world.

We are engaged in a hauntingly similar battle for freedom in this hour. It cannot be emphasized enough that completing the turnaround is predicated on you and me heeding the awakening alarm God is now sounding.

A Freedom Movement
Freedom in Jesus is the fire that propelled both Pilgrims and Revolutionaries to give their lives for a movement called America. Immigrants fled brutal dictatorships, empowered in the unseen realms by an antichrist spirit which had claimed their lives, their property, their privacy, and even their offspring. They sought, in turn, to establish a nation forged in freedom, founded by covenant with God, as a beachhead against antichrist dictatorships. This priceless gift is at the core of America’s celebration each Thanksgiving. It is at the core of our national identity. And yet even the covenant they made remains under relentless assault. Why? 

As a theme in this book explores, maybe it is because in both the spiritual and natural realms the right to rule is ultimately determined by covenant and covenants establish thrones of governance.

Note that, in each successive generation, God faithfully posted watchmen on the wall to bear witness to His covenant. From the Pilgrims came the Patriots. Then the awakeners. The pioneers. The abolitionists. The suffragists. The greatest generation. William Bradford and William Penn. Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney. Paul Revere and George Washington. Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, William Seymour, and Martin Luther King, Jr. General George Patton, Ronald Reagan, and Reverend Billy Graham. The humble Rosa Parks, known as the mother of the civil rights movement. And millions of others known but to God, whose hearts and legacies were also fueled by sacred fire from another realm. They faced down seemingly insurmountable challenges to preserve and perpetuate freedom, having only limited vision of the consequences and limited windows of opportunity to act. 

It is no different in our hour. Will you keep the flame? Or will the Body of Christ slumber while the rest of the nation succumbs to deceptive agendas weaponized to destroy the very cornerstone of our constitutional freedom? 

“Watchman, what of the night?” It’s a midnight hour. Really, no viable solutions are available apart from the intervention of God. Completing the turnaround entrusted to us remains the great invitation of our time. So, light your lamps. Sharpen your voice. Let the watchmen of this nation now arise!