NO PRAYER CALL TONIGHT due to holiday! Please be watchful and vigilant in prayer through July 4 celebrations.

Lamplighter family, this July 4  weekend I am compelled to call you to stand with Texas as the legislature in Austin strains to pass much-needed restrictions on abortion. Make their intercessory and governmental efforts a focus of your diligent prayers!

Our Star Spangled Banner celebrates the emergence of “dawn’s early light.” You probably recall how Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the poem that became our national anthem when, after a night of overwhelming assault, the flag over Fort McHenry remained.

In a similar way, after a 40 year “night season” the pro-life movement in our nation is experiencing the breakthrough of a new day. Extraordinary vigilance has been met this year with unprecedented intervention by state governments to restrict abortions and bring desperately needed accountability. Jolene and I just returned from an HAPN gathering in Oklahoma City, where we were stunned and delighted to hear that 26 states have reported breakthroughs!

Friends, we are literally seeing before our eyes God’s “New Birth of Freedom!” We are so grateful for our Lamplighter family, and for the HAPN and RPN networks who have worked so diligently this year on behalf of this very breakthrough. All the while realizing that we have simply come alongside those who have been in these trenches for years, even decades.

Shout out to Matt Lockett, director of Bound4Life/ JHOP DC, whose tireless efforts locally and nationally have carried us through the desert, to the point of historic change; and to Jason Hershey, W-HOP director whose primary focus since coming to DC has been standing for an end of abortion. Both Matt and Jason also felt this year was catalytic to see breakthrough, and it has been an honor to labor together you towards this dream.

Below is the Life Decree, in which Jolene and I endeavored to articulate essential points of the verdict God gave America on 1-22-13 regarding abortion. By the grace of God and the unceasing efforts of HAPN, RPN and others, it has been decreed at virtually every abortion clinic, planned parenthood office, and hospital performing abortions in our nation as part of our efforts. Please declare this over Austin and Texas today!





THE PRINCIPALITY OF BAAL (Incl. Baal, Queen of Heaven, Leviathan), Defendant,

INASMUCH AS the Court of Heaven has commissioned a hearing to render a verdict on abortion in the United States on the 40th anniversary of its legalization; and having considered the testimony of the Plaintiff as well as the cries even of the unborn; Let the record show that the following Amendments to the Baal Divorce Decree have hereby been rendered by the Supreme Judge regarding the abortion of unborn children:

1. “Your covenant with death shall be annulled, and your pact with Sheol shall not stand” (ref:Isaiah 28:18). The Court finds that, in accordance with the Plaintiff’s unwavering plea for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover the sins of this Nation; and in accordance with the verdicts in both the Decree of Divorce from Baal and the Declaration of Covenant of Marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ; that the covenant with death empowered by nationally legalized abortion is hereby annulled.

2. Whereas the principality of Baal, the Defendant in this matter, demands the systematic sacrifice of innocent blood for the empowerment of his rulership and deception; and whereas this principality has heretofore accessed the unjust bloodshed from abortion for these said means; and whereas the life and blood of each unborn child is claimed by their true Father and purchased with the blood of His Son; therefore the Court finds that all claims by the Defendant to perpetuate this covenant with death through nationally legalized abortion are hereby rescinded.

3. The Court finds that the restraining order previously issued against the Defendant and for the Plaintiff in the Divorce Decree from Baal is extended to include restraining the Defendant’s access to all unjust bloodshed from nationally legalized abortion. This restraining order applies to the principality of Baal and all its vast extensions, not limited to but including the Queen of Heaven, Lilith, Leviathan, Set, etc.

4. The Court finds that the unborn are innocent of any sin or crime, and are counted as martyrs of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Court retains full responsibility to execute judgment to avenge the blood of these martyrs as deemed appropriate by the Supreme Judge. The Court also recognizes that those persuaded to abort their children do so based on varying personal motivations, heavily influenced by lies and deceit by the Defendant; and the Court stands ready to grant full clemency and restoration to all who earnestly seek forgiveness. This Court clarifies its position based on the unanimous request of children once entrusted to their earthly mothers and fathers.

5. After reviewing the founding legal documents of the United States of America, the Court finds that the legalization of abortion (ref:Roe v Wade) is a clear violation of both its laws and National legitimacy. “All men are created equal and have been endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights–that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The rights of humans are clearly conferred at creation, not birth. The unborn are thus entitled to the covenantal protection of Life.

6. False weights and dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, and the Court finds that lies and deceit are purposefully and consistently employed to deny justice to the unborn. Therefore all judgments recorded in Isaiah 28 pertaining to covenants with death empowering deception are to be executed against the principality of Baal, its vast extensions, and human principals who remain in covenant with this principality.

7. “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin” (ref:Daniel 5). The Court cites its previous verdict re:Belshazzar, king of Babylon, in the issuance of a restraining order against the human principals who remain aligned with the Defendant and resolved to perpetuate abortion. The name Belshazzar is defined as Baal protecting kingship. “You have been weighed in the scales and found wanting. God has numbered your days of rulership and brought it to an end.” This is God’s verdict on abortion, and His deadlines have been set.