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A request has come from on high. Lamplighter family, you have been so faithful to pray! We are hereby canceling tonight’s call so you can enjoy Thanksgiving eve with your friends and family. From a pilgrim’s heart, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Here’s how the decision actually came down.

Go Eat—A Thanksgiving Poem
Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house,
came succulent aromas created by my spouse.

O stuffing and gravy and pumpkin-filled pie, come make me forget my burdens and sighs! Come family and friends and side-looks and stares, and football and board games and even some prayers! Come turkey and cranberries and syrup and sap, and conversations ceaseless through noddings and naps.

Thus said my spouse: O weary pilgrim, cease from your labors. Take me to dine with your fellow neighbors! Give your friends a break tonight, there will be plenty to pray for by dawn’s early light.

So peace, my friends, may love surround, from Washington to Washington may God’s grace abound. Take off tonight, cease from your cares, enjoy the aroma of tomorrow’s wares. No King but Jesus remains still the song, and Revolution next week will all make you… um.. strong!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody…  With great affection,

Jon & Jolene