Above: Illustration of dream framing next 100 days, with Jezreel Valley and Washington DC juxtaposed together. Photos of shofar sounding, crowd climbing at Tel Megiddo from Crown & Throne tour. Lets keep watch from Passover to Pentecost!   


Today—launching new website! Check it out! https://jonandjolene.us

911 Call regarding Korea! Keep vigilant in prayer through the weekend. The world is about to change. To read yesterday’s posting on Korea click here.

Covenant blessings to you today. We honor this Good Friday the unimaginable sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to redeem you and me. Heaven’s Passover Lamb. Be sure to take time today to feast at the Table of the Lord, remembering the tomb is empty and He is risen indeed!

New Website Launch! (click here)
This Good Friday, as we move into the final days of Passover, we have the privilege of launching our new and upgraded website. Darin Schiflet has done an incredible job! Every aspect has been upgraded to serve you better.

I want you to look at the Lamplighter website as a tool in God’s hands. Our dream is that the website and postings serve to launch Heaven’s scrolls to the ends of the earth! Lamplighter family, please join me in consecrating this new site to the Lord:

Father God we give this website, and all our ministry efforts, to You, in covenant with You. We ask that you convey your heart through Lamplighter Ministries and through this new website, and move in power. May Your people be enriched with Throne Room revelation—scrolls from Heaven that touch the ends of the earth. May they be equipped to overcome. May it be a catalyst for passionate devotion to You and governmental prayer that releases Heaven on earth. May you continue to connect us with those of like, precious faith who desire to impact their spheres for Jesus Christ. May it bring you glory—as a catalyst in some way for You to receive the full reward of Your sufferings in America, in Israel, and in the nations of the earth. In Jesus’ Name.

Please enjoy the site. (click here)

Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project
Again, our dream is that our website and postings serve to launch Heaven’s scrolls to the ends of the earth. In that spirit lets together move into these next 100 days with the Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project.

I earnestly believe that the Lord is releasing scrolls—fresh revelation in this hour to frame our future. Note that we are aligned with Chuck Pierce, and he dedicated his Passover gathering as “a time to unseal the scrolls of the future.”

Until now, Jolene and I were essentially held back by the Lord from framing out our year. We shared key revelation. We focused on launching Trump’s administration in prayer. But we were not allowed to “frame the year” governmentally by the Spirit until passing through Israel in a journey that began on Purim. March 11 in Charlotte then to Jerusalem. Receiving together God’s solemn verdict that Ichabod had been erased.

During the Crown & Throne tour, the Lord spoke to us that His “Crowned Vav” movement begins this Passover. God is crowning your convent commitment with His glory and His government! He is releasing thrones of glory across the earth. And this Crown & Throne movement is coming to a new level nationally and internationally.

Beloved, here we are.

Confronting Pharaoh Structures
Always remember God promised to marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. This Crown & Throne movement is a freedom movement.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that this Passover we are staring down North Korea and Syria, two of the most significant Pharaoh expressions of government on the planet. The Lord is saying, LET MY PEOPLE GO! Let this be a focus of your fasting and intercession.

Next 100 Days—Commissioning Dream
Let me conclude by sharing the commissioning vision for this project. On Wednesday morning the Lord gave me a prophetic dream in which He called us to focus on the next 100 days. The authenticity and weight of God’s government is still very much with me as I write.

I was on a high hill, similar in scope to both the view we have of Washington DC and the unforgettable view of the Jezreel Valley from Tel Megiddo. It was as though these two views—Washington DC and Jezreel from Tel Megiddo—were somehow juxtaposed together.

For clarification, Washington DC is obviously our Nation’s Capitol, but it is also a major global capital. And we are in the midst of an extraordinary governmental turnaround. As Rick Ridings recently compelled us, we must now give ourselves in prayer and labor to complete this turnaround. In other words, to keep this movement on track.

Tel Megiddo is known to Christians in the Book of Revelation as the eventual battlefront of Armageddon. But more importantly, for right now Megiddo and the surrounding fields of the Jezreel Valley constitute the breadbasket of Israel. Please keep this in mind.

His Glory Goes Before You
In my dream it was clear that we were evaluating the next steps necessary in order to take new ground. This is exactly the position of God’s people as they crossed the Red Sea during Passover, and then 40 years later crossed the Jordan River during Passover. We have crossed over, by covenant with the Lord. Watch this, because it is vitally important. Ichabod has been erased by verdict from the Lord. That means The Glory of the Lord is now going before us. The angels of the Lord are now going before us to prepare the way, in a weighty authority I don’t believe we have ever experienced before. You must understand, that’s what this dream is conveying.

What do YOU See?
In the dream could see both opportunities and obstacles both near and far. In other prophetic experiences my vision was limited to what I was shown. But in this prophetic experience, it was as though my vision was only limited by what I chose to focus on! I looked, I saw.

This is such an important point to note. In this season of training as watchmen, He is giving many of you fresh vision. Some of what you receive will be by God’s sovereign choice. But some of what you see by His Spirit will actually be determined by what you yourself choose to focus on. Watchman, what do YOU see?

Ok. All this to get to here. Lets revisit Tel Megiddo for a moment. It was actually one of our wildest sites on the Crown & Throne Tour. We climbed ancient stones which bore witness to the conflicts and glory which birthed the western world. These same stones will witness a conflict of thrones by which this entire age will culminate. Armageddon.

And if you know James Nesbit and Jamie Fitt, they were determined that these same rocks be loaded with Heaven’s sound for the hour. Resounding the scrolls of Heaven.

Our team ascended the summit, as pictured in the graphic above. As we prepared to worship, our tour guide Eran gave us a history lesson. The Jezreel Valley was primarily swampland when the Jewish settlers returned to Israel for its rebirth. Swampland. Mosquitoes bearing malaria kept anyone from cultivating the fields.

Jezreel means God sows. The settlers knew their Bible. They knew the scrolls of their forefathers had prophesied the Jezreel Valley would one day become a premier region of harvest in the land. Hosea 2 even declares that not only will corn, wine and oil respond to Jezreel, but Heaven and earth will as well!

So to take the land and possess it, one thing was necessary. They needed to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Drain the Swamp!
No sooner had our guide uttered these words than the song began to be formed. Our team drew a collective gasp. The shofar sounded. And from Armageddon to Jezreel to Washington DC, we all began to sing a holy declaration. “Drain the swamp, Lord!”

Friends you must understand this. Draining the swamp was the primary catalyst to unlocking the harvest God had promised. The harvest promised to Jezreel in His own word. Drain the swamp!

Ok. Why in my dream did God juxtapose a view of Jezreel from Tel Megiddo with a view of Washington DC from our perch? Friends, I didn’t get this until praying over the dream these past few days. But God has a plan to unlock the harvest of the precious seeds of our nation! These seeds have been sown purposefully and relentlessly into our Capitol over many years, many generations.

And completing the turnaround requires that we continue to drain the swamp! God is showing us DC and the nation as our Jezreel—from Washington to Washington. The mosquitoes that drain the nation of its lifeblood, that spread the sickness and disease of iniquity, idolatry, compromise and corruption, need to go. Of course this is already happening. But you must see this is how we complete the turnaround the Lord has called us to stand for. It’s how we take the ground. Drain the swamp!

And there’s no better day than today—Good Friday, where Christians globally honor Jesus’ death on the cross—to announce this word and project. Again, Jezreel means “God sows.” Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone. But if it dies, it will produce a great, global harvest.

Jesus is our ultimate Jezreel. As we begin this “Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project,” lets honor this precious Seed. And lets regain our resolve that Jesus receive the reward of His suffering—in Israel, America, and in the nations of the earth.