January 2-22 Prayer Project Begins!

Jeremiah 20:13–“Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord! For He has delivered the soul of the needy one from the hand of evildoers”

A new birth of freedom. In light of recent events, some may believe that highlighting this phrase prophetically for 2013 is naive.

However, Holy Spirit is truly speaking. And we must realize how God often confronts the greatest darkness with the travail of a new birth.

My heart was first sealed with this vision of a “new birth of freedom” in 2011, while seeking God for the Declaration of Covenant. This covenant was presented to the Lord at the Lincoln Memorial on July 4, 2011, culminating a nationwide effort to divorce Baal. The name “Baal” means “taskmaster” or “slavemaster.”

Through the Declaration, we asked the Lord Jesus Christ to marry the land again, according to the covenant of our forefathers. Exactly fifty days later, an earthquake shook Washington DC. The Washington Monument cracked. Gargoyles toppled from the National Cathedral. And we just discovered that a prominent national altar to Baal, in a temple of a secret society, suffered damage.

Divine Timing–3 Years
Through signs in heaven and earth, God confirmed that He has indeed granted this divorcement from Baal, and remarried our land again. While the enemy is certainly at work, God is on the move.

We’ve shared how 2011 and 2012 were parallel years. The year 2013 will be a “pivot point year,” with many pivot points in the year.

In 2011, God graced us to reset covenant with Him. In 2012, He graced us to see His bridal canopy established across the land. David’s Tent, on the White House Ellipse in Washington DC, was a signpost of this. Where the enemy has tried to X us out, God is establishing His bridal canopy. He is tabernacling with us!

And in 2013, this covenant between Bridegroom and Bride is truly releasing a new birth of freedom.

Vision Beyond Division
Abraham Lincoln first penned these words after trodding through the battlefield of Gettysburg. The slain of both north and south were still on the soil, voiceless markers of Pickets Charge, Devils Den, and a hundred other blood-soaked pivot points in the battle.

Much as in our day, the nation had succumbed to a depth of divisiveness from which there seemed to be no recovery. Lincoln saw beyond this–just like the Abrahams of our day must do. We must have a vision beyond the paralysis of current division. For a new birth of freedom!

“…We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain–that this Nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom–and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”
(Gettysburg Address).

Let this word run swiftly across our land again. Let historians note how, in 2013, America has been born again! And how government that empowers freedom, as framed by our Founders, has been preserved and even perpetuated in the Nation and world.

No King but Jesus!
This New Birth of Freedom is a beginning, not an end. Which means intercession and action to align government with covenant must be seen through to completion– in Washington DC and state to state.

To truly transform governance, we need to continue focusing on regime change in the spirit, where the “thrones behind the thrones” are shifted across the spectrum of government. We are midway through this process–not at the beginning, but certainly not at the end. Again there is a thunder in the whisper… no cross, no crown. And no King but Jesus!

Praying for President Obama
President Obama is a great leader who still stands between Moses and Pharaoh. The hand of the Lord enforced a verdict that both Moses and Pharaoh eventually agreed with–God’s people must be free. But only Moses linked this release with worship of the one true God.

My personal sentiment is that President Obama makes a much better Moses! We must continually hold him in prayer by the Holy Spirit. As part of our upcoming 21 day prayer project, we are calling for daily, fervent intercession for President Obama and our governmental leaders.

And our united cry must remain, no King but Jesus!

Bridal Canopy–Shelter from the Storm
Davids Tent was a signpost of a national movement. I believe the cumulative expression of united, national intercession through the election days will soon be seen as both a signpost and a pivot point for historic change.

The enemy tried to X us out–but in the end, the Bridal Canopy prevails! This year-long message came to a dramatic culmination when, in the final weeks of Davids Tent, a “Perfect Storm” headed straight towards Washington DC. Hurricane Sandy mandated that the tabernacle itself had to take shelter!

By the grace of God, only a day after the hurricane, the tabernacle was restored. After the “storm” of the elections, the Lord sent us to “peg in” the four corners of the nation and declare the release of His bridal canopy. The first place He sent us to was Gloucester MA, site of the original “Perfect Storm.” We felt the Lord saying that His bridal canopy will truly be a shelter from even the “Perfect Storm” in days ahead. Watch for freedom outposts to be birthed this year!

Season of Union
And under this bridal canopy, we can see awakening and union overtake slumber and division, especially in the body of Christ. Below are a few “unions” the Lord desires to mature in 2013. Please note that God wants every union to have expression first in our own lives.

Crown and Throne
This is actually an overflow of the union birthed in 2012 between the “king and priest” in the prayer movement. As Rick Ridings prophesied at the beginning of 2012, the Harp & Bowl is being joined with the Crown and Throne! This next phase of restoration of the Tabernacle of David is actually a new move of God, poised to catalyze both judgment and transformation in the land. And as Rick prophesied, the Crown and Throne movement will mature over the coming decade just as the Harp and Bowl movement matured in the previous decade.

Synergy of Offices
“Yes, it is He who will build the temple of the LORD, and He who will bear the honor and sit and rule on His throne. Thus, He will be a priest on His throne, and the counsel of peace will be between the two offices” (Zech. 6:13).

The offices referred to by Zechariah are the King and the Priest. The overall prophetic application is that a window is opening for seats of authority to find synergy for advancement through Jesus Christ. This goes from the halls of government to the boardrooms of corporations to the body of Christ in many regions.

True Statesmen will Arise
We have always had legislators. But for many years we have suffered a void of true statesmen. Part of this “new birth of freedom” is the birthing of Statesmen, who transcend politics to administrate true freedom movements both in this nation and in global spheres. These statesmen do not just react to history… they decree history. Pray that this new move not be aborted!

Just like David and Josiah, many future statesmen are actually hidden in the house of prayer. God is calling forth new schools of transformational leadership that will bridge the gap between the priestly and kingly functions of biblical stewardship.

Native American Statesmen
In this hour where statesmen are birthed, watch for Native American apostles to lead this nation in a new way. I feel that Native leaders in all spheres will exemplify how to function as kings and priests. This Melchizedek anointing has been theirs from the beginning, and is key to unlocking the inheritance of this soil.

Statesman and the General
Another key union is that of the Statesman and the General. David was a statesman and a general. In the pattern of David, this union of the statesman and the general represents a forerunning prototype of leadership that will greatly accelerate the body of Christ in this season. Again, this union must also be cultivated within our own being. God wants His statesmen to also become generals. And He wants His generals to become statesmen.

The Rise of Governmental Prophets
This “counsel of peace between the offices” will bring forth a new breed of governmental prophets. After the pattern of Isaiah and Jeremiah, whose ministry was birthed “in the days of Josiah,” these prophets will convey God’s heart and counsel in a way that impacts both governors and governance. They themselves will function as Prophetic Statesmen!

Friends, prophetic ministry to government will grow in such credibility that it will be acceptable and even popular to seek this godly counsel. Unfortunately, both Light and darkness will be maturing in this expression. Somewhere down the line, a being the Bible identifies as the “False Prophet” will even be welcomed by the governments of nations.

But for now–look for the rise of governmental prophets in the land!

God’s Blessing in Thirteen
The Lord took me by surprise when we moved this September. Many of you know how my favorite number is eleven. On 11-11, 1620, my Pilgrim forefathers cut covenant with the Lord for this nation. John 11:11 defines the awakening we are now beginning to see.

So it’s great that our new apartment is on the 11th floor! Of course, the only apartment available on this floor was…1113.

God is going to “eleven us” in “thirteen.” Just as the Lord emphasized the 11-11 covenant in 2011, and the apostolic governance of 12 in 2012, so He is now emphasizing 13. Here are a few prophetic priorities for the year.

Jeremiah 20:13–Theme for the year. We will see how God’s deliverance and prosperity brings worship! “Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord! For He has delivered the soul of the needy one from the hand of evildoers.”

Micah 2:13–Resurgence of the Breaker Anointing. Watch for this! The key sign the Breaker is in the land is that a people are freed from captivity and joined together in power. The Lord is at their head! Watch for a new Freedom March this year. Even nations will emerge from subjugation to freedom, with the Lord at their head!

Zechariah 6:13–Counsel of Peace between the offices. Again, a window is opening in all spheres for a synergy of offices to bring renewal, opportunity and advancement. It’s important that these offices retain their identities while blending to maximize the opportunity before them.

Psalm 113–Who humbles himself, that he may behold the things of heaven and earth? Too often, the seer anointing has been corrupted by pride in the gifting. Likewise in the marketplace with the entrepreneurial gifting. To obtain this grace, humility is mandated this year for all of us. Watch for fresh discoveries and innovations this year as the humble behold heaven and earth!

Amos 9:11-13, Zechariah 9:11-13–We will understand in a whole new way the protection, blessing and transformation afforded in conjunction with the restoration of Davids Tent. And we will benefit doubly from a move of deliverance that returns us to God’s strongholds and restores hope to our being.

Thirteen Colonies–Time for a Second Continental Congress. New birth of freedom! Refounding fathers and mothers will begin to restore godly governance in our nation, and even in other nations. More on this later…

Swift Cloud Justice
OK. Finally for now, 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Our disobedience propelled us into the wilderness. And our greatest attempts to break free from this covenant of death and return to LIFE have seemed as seeds on barren soil.

But as in the 40 years of agony under Egyptian slavery, every cry has been heard from the Lord. By this I mean both the silent cries of babies in the womb, and the cries of those impacted by God’s heart for LIFE. God is now bringing His verdict.

Roe v Wade was enacted by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. Jason Hershey pointed out to me the tragic correlation between this date and the Book of Exodus. Exodus 1:22–“Then Pharaoh commanded all his people, saying, “Every son who is born you are to cast into the Nile, and every daughter you are to keep alive.”

Note that Pharaoh, empowered by the gods of Egypt, commanded the abortion of God’s covenant seed. Then the Lord rendered judgment! It was interesting how Rick Ridings prophesied Isaiah 19:1 for Washington DC. That the Lord is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt will topple.

Because a day after John Roberts delivered his verdict on health care, empowering the greatest expansion of government-funded abortion in our land, a swift-moving storm cloud came riding into DC. And this inline hurricane, or derecho, knocked out power to more than a million people!

God is riding on a swift cloud. And the thrones of Egypt are now toppling. I say, LET MY PEOPLE GO! It’s time for a new Exodus, breaking out of our captivity with the Lord at our head. It’s time for a Freedom March!

New Birth of Freedom: Vision
Part of this new birth of freedom is a grassroots move of awakening that will overthrow the death culture that has bound the soul and conscience of our land. I saw this in 2008 by a well of the Second Great Awakening. An earthquake split the ground between this well and the Washington Monument. Wherever the ground split apart, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky! They were actually caught by angels.

2013 will be a great year to be born. And it will be a great year to be born again! Watch for an initial wave of God’s third great awakening–a “great return” where multitudes disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the table of the Lord.

Beloved, all of creation is travailing for this new birth of freedom. Heaven is opening. The earth is shaking. A remnant is awakening. Lets be among the humble who behold heaven and earth, and labor for the breakthroughs God is affording by His grace. A new birth of freedom… that government of the people, by the people, and for the people might not perish from the earth.