“Never forget that Donald Trump was mantled for the Presidency by a black pastor from Detroit.”

These words first came to me around the time we were flying to Jerusalem on September 11. Trump mantled for President. I was at first taken aback by these words. Was this really from Holy Spirit? But the strong impression came again during a prayer time in Jerusalem later in September.

I want to clarify at the outset here, I am not prophesying that Donald Trump will win the Presidency. The American people will decide this “Conflict of Thrones” on November 8. It’s possible that both candidates have already been mantled in preparation for the American people to make the final choice.

But I want today to draw your attention to an amazing story, highlighted to me by the Spirit of God. And I also want to draw your attention that the Lord has kept the state of Michigan as the final state of our 50 state Glory Train tour. Isn’t it interesting. “Never forget that Donald Trump was mantled for the Presidency by a black pastor from Detroit!” 

Motor City Mantling
Pictures of Donald Trump being prayed for, wearing a tallit, in a Detroit church, flooded the media in early September. I had no idea what actually transpired. But research brought some surprising facts. On Saturday, September 3, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson presented the presidential candidate with a Bible on behalf of himself and his wife. It was actually a Jewish Study Bible. They also presented him with a prayer shawl, a Jewish tallit imported from Israel.

Bishop Jackson did not hold a special Saturday service for Trump. Instead it was actually his congregation’s regular meeting time. They feel Shabbat should be honored on Saturday according to the biblical tradition of the Jewish people.

It’s important to note this prayer shawl was not only presented to Trump, it was placed upon him. There’s a big difference. Because a mantle is placed on recipients, by spiritual authorities, as a symbol of Holy Spirit’s anointing during their commissioning into a ministry office. The mantle he received was white and bronze, very similar to the mantle Jolene and I received during our own apostolic and prophetic commissioning. We were privileged to carry this mantle across the nation on the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour, which again will culminate in Michigan.

Just before mantling the presidential candidate, Bishop Jackson spoke to Trump about the anointing. “There are going to be some times in your life that you are going to feel forsaken,” the pastor instructed. “You are going to feel down. But the anointing is going to lift you up!”

The Detroit pastor never stated openly that Trump would become President. But I believe the Holy Spirit made clear to me that in the spirit realm, he was mantled by this powerful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Presidency while in Detroit.

State of the City
Detroit. If there’s any city that should resound with Trump’s call to make America great again, it’s Motor City. Once the most technologically pioneering and culturally impacting city in America, Detroit revolutionized our culture with classy wheels and the Motown sound. Now the city is overrun with poverty, nearly collapsing during the Obama presidency. It is competing with Chicago as the most violent city in America.

And though it is still a stronghold of Christian ministry, Detroit and nearby Dearborn are now more widely known as the Muslim capital of America. Not a surprise that Dearborn has become the first city in the nation to vote for the full implementation of Sharia law.

Detroit is also the boyhood home of Dr. Ben Carson, who accompanied Trump to the church. The legendary neurosurgeon was raised by a single mom with a fierce love, who instilled in him the foundational values of faith in Christ and discipline in life that propelled him to success.

And it is against this backdrop that Donald Trump was mantled by Bishop Jackson. With a call to make America great again, to make Detroit great again.

Judging by the reaction to Trump’s visit, it almost seems like the Democratic Party has presumed a level of ownership over the black community. I’m going to say prophetically it is not wise to be owned by any political entity. The honor of ownership in all facets of life belongs solely to the One who invested His all to bring us into freedom and fullness of life. Jesus Christ.

Or as Bishop Jackson knows Him, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Trump—New Pathway to Freedom for Black America
In his speech at the church, Trump referenced Abraham Lincoln in declaring his commitment to providing a new pathway to freedom for black America. I’m going to activate my prophetic mantle here and make some empowered observations.

Mr. Trump, this commitment to freedom is one you must uphold in every facet of your Presidency, should you attain this highest office. As you have observed, sir, the black community in America has been disenfranchised by the political elite who promise the world and then forget them as soon as their office is held. This is especially true in regards to the faith community, where our highest-level politicians have forcefully betrayed lofty pledges to perpetuate economic opportunity and Judeo-Christian values which have provided the foundation for our freedom and prosperity.

Don’t believe me? Just ask your advisor and colleague Ben Carson about that.

Mr. Trump, I adjure you to never forget that a black pastor from Detroit was chosen by God to mantle you for the leadership of this nation you pledge to renew. Know that the Lord chose him for this. Therefore please remember carefully his directives to you regarding America, regarding Israel, regarding his faith community, regarding freedom and economic opportunity for all.

Turning Point
You have vowed to dedicate yourself as an Abraham Lincoln, as a catalyst for the freedom journey of this hour that so many Americans long to make. You even made a speech in Gettysburg, choosing the city because it marked the turning point of the Civil War. “That this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Perhaps you’ll even choose to take your oath of office on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible, like your predecessor. This is wise beyond any of our current understanding.

Israel and America
Final point. Mr. Trump, Bishop Jackson also compelled you to stand for Israel. In a recent policy speech you made a strong promise to stand for Jerusalem as the “undivided capital of Israel.” Please remember the sacred commission given from the very ones whom God chose to mantle you for the highest office in the land. Israel and America were both founded by covenant with God, and every President is charged by the Lord to uphold and empower His covenant dream.

And know this. As with your predecessor, Heaven’s highest court will judge your Presidency by whether or not these vows to Jesus Christ and the American people are upheld by your legacy. We the people deserve nothing less.