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Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The phrase “Never Again” will resound once again with fiery resolve in passionate speeches, inspired editorials and tearful reunions with survivors. But all the signs point to a re-emergence of the very evil which perpetuated both the slaughter of the innocents and the world war surrounding it. 

Never again? We’d better be prepared to both pray and act immediately.

Historians conservatively estimate that at least six million Jews died in what is more respectfully known as the Shoah. Probably almost seven million perished. The magnitude of this devastation is beyond comprehension. And it was imposed on the world from a nation which was celebrated at the time as a beacon of moral excellence and cutting-edge innovation in industry, science, culture and the arts.

Nazis attributed this legacy of excellence to the superior genetics of the Aryan race. And for the Aryan race to flourish, those they deemed as inferior must be overcome. Especially the Jews.

Most nations and peoples remember today, and they mourn. Some deny. But a few actually celebrate the dark aspirations of the Nazis and even seek to complete their mission. 

Aryans and Iran
In 1935, the nation of Persia was renamed Iran based on the suggestion of a Persian diplomat influenced by the Nazis. The name “Aryan” is derived from the same root word as “Iran.” Since ancient times the word “Aryan” has been used to describe Indo-Iranians or Persians. It seems no coincidence that leaders of Iran after the revolution have taken the mantle of the Nazi cause in their relentless pursuit to decimate the Jewish people. 

Perhaps more accurately the mantle has been reclaimed by Iran. We all know the ancient story of Esther, and Haman’s plot to bring a holocaust to the Jewish people in Iran. This was just one instance among many where leaders of the land had sought to decimate the Jews. 

In the Third Year of Cyrus…
We know also that, in the third year of Cyrus, Daniel fasted and prayed 21 days for breakthrough in a spiritual battle against the Prince of Persia. These spiritual forces, who were influencing national rulers to subjugate the Jewish people, were themselves restrained. 

Immediate results followed. A breakthrough of revelation came to Daniel. And Cyrus was released to fulfill his Isaiah 45 calling, beginning the process of restoring the Jewish people back to their homeland. 

Is it any coincidence that we are again being summoned to contend like Daniel against the Prince of Persia? I don’t think so. If we knew what God alone knows, we would see the stakes are just as high. Perhaps that’s why the Lord orchestrated a blood moon to accompany the third anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. 

Jewish people are being targeted with violence in record numbers, even in the United States. Western Europe is currently struggling not to succumb to a massive wave of anti-Semitism. And in Iran, military leaders have realigned with an ancient regional pact to destroy the Jewish people. 

Hezbollah and Hamas are receiving large caches of Iranian funds and weapons. And perhaps most terrifying, nuclear facilities are again ramping up, with bombs and rockets being engineered to evade radar and decimate the Covenant People. Ironically their pursuit was only enhanced by the Iranian Nuclear Accords, where more than a hundred billion dollars was released to Iran from America alone. 

This by no means stopped Iran’s nuclear pursuits. Yes they destroyed some facilities. But according to their own leaders, they then simply re-purchased the same machinations necessary to build the nuclear bomb. 

Probably with our funds.

Syria is now being exploited by Iran as a pathway to strike Israel directly. Recent friction between the nations is so high that many wonder if war is inevitable.

Obviously our battle is not against the Iranian people, but against principalities and powers seeking to perpetuate anti-Semitism and even the decimation of the Covenant People in our day. What’s our call? Just as Rees Howells watched and prayed through World War II, we are being summoned by the Lord to watch and pray and thwart the enemy’s evil intentions. 

In this third year of our Cyrus’ reign, our resolve must remain “Never again.” Courage in prayer and action are both mandated. Because receiving God’s breakthrough is our only way forward.