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Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016. Thrones of Glory! With Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, Abby Abildness, Jamie Fitt, more. 

Lamplighter family,

Covenant blessings and Happy Thanksgiving! As we all make our sojourn towards family, friends and feasting, lets take some time tonight to express our profound gratitude to Jesus Christ. We have so much to be thankful for!

Join us tonight for a special Thanksgiving call with Dr. Negiel Bigpond, a respected national apostle and incredible friend of the Lamplighter family. Negiel recently hosted the “All Tribes Gathering,” in which forgiveness and healing was extended to the US Government by Native tribes across our nation and continent. The gathering was held just before the national elections, and I believe it was a primary catalyst to get us back on track.

God’s Covenant with America—Strength Through Diversity
Lets all remember that our nation was founded by covenant with the Creator through our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s what the Pilgrims and many Native Americans celebrated together during the first Thanksgiving. It’s so interesting that the first Native tribe reached with the gospel by the Pilgrims was the Wampanaogs— literally translated as the “People of the First Light.” Holy Spirit began to move so powerfully in their midst that they soon became known as the “Praying Indians.”

It goes without saying that future generations really messed things up. But we are receiving right now, in America, a reconstitution of His dream. Jesus invested the totality of His life to redeem us all. And His dream is that every tribe, tongue and nation stand together before Him, as one.

Let’s never forget God’s call from our very foundations. As Americans we are called to embrace the breathtaking beauty, dignity and love God has created within every people group and ethnicity. And we are uniquely called to demonstrate the power of this synergy to the nations of the earth.

Anything less cannot be tolerated. Seriously.

Towards this end, I want to make a few brief comments on President-elect Donald Trump’s new administration. Our relentless influence before the Throne has been for the Trump administration to genuinely reflect God’s priority for synergy through diversity. Which makes his most recent choices a cause for great celebration.

Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador!
First I am so glad South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has been asked to serve as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. The Trump team made an incredible choice, and we extend our congratulations to Gov. Haley. You know, she became the first governor to officially welcome the Glory Train prayer journey to any state. In her proclamation she expressed her gratitude for the prayer mobilization for her state and for the nation. Now this same heart for God’s covenant blessing through prayer will be extended to the nations of the earth. Lets adopt Gov. Haley in prayer as she embarks on her extraordinary quest!

Dr. Ben Carson for Cabinet Seat
Secondly, we should all be grateful that Donald Trump has continued to pursue Dr. Ben Carson for a cabinet post—even after Dr. Carson first declined! Just two days ago, Dr. Carson publicly agreed to reconsider! He is so needed. I’m not at liberty to discuss the extensive prayer that went on for this, but suffice to say our friends Jamie Fitt and James Goll have both been in hot pursuit of this turnaround through prayer.

And Dr. Ben Carson would be a brilliant choice as a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet. So needed. Whether Health and Human Services (HHS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or another seat of authority, Carson’s leadership is needed to fulfill Trump’s goal—actually Jesus’ goal—to make America great again.

That said, please continue to pray! Have a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to celebrating with you tonight.

Election Victory—Hidden Heroes
Final point—though I could share so much more. Suffice to say, the hand of the Lord was intricately involved in every facet of the revolutionary turnaround now shaking America and the nations. The victory belongs to Jesus, and to each and every Christian, known and unknown, who stood for His dream.

I want to share a firm belief that might be controversial. Who deserves the credit for the American election turnaround? Jesus, for sure. Followed by so many prominent Christian leaders deserve great honor for leading the body of Christ in extraordinary prayer and action.

But lets not forget the hidden heroes who have contributed so much as well. My firm opinion is that this turnaround was actually forged long before we saw the fruit in the American elections. I’m thinking specifically of our Lamplighter family, as well as my colleagues in governmental prayer with HAPN, led by John Benefiel, and RPN, led by Cindy Jacobs. But I could mention so many others as well. Through these past seven years, we together took up the charge to pray through the divorcement of Baal at more than 10,000 altars of historic idolatry. We saw the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. Our national covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ became largely repaired and restored. Heaven’s court was satisfied.

And from a scriptural vantage point, our turnaround became virtually inevitable.

Lets not forget that the verdict which we now know as the “Divorcement of Baal” came first to a Native American. Jay Swallow was praying late into the night when he entered into a prophetic experience. A bright light appeared in the sky, moving towards him. A scroll came from the light, instructing the venerable Native apostle with explicit instructions to bring his case before Heaven’s court and receive His verdict against the strongman causing ruin.

We are forever grateful. This Thanksgiving I want to thank our Lamplighter family, our colleagues with HAPN and RPN, and countless leaders across our nation for their extraordinary sacrifice on behalf of our land. You together pursued the biblical mandate to repudiate idolatry as an absolute, foundational priority to catalyze societal change. As Winston Churchill observed in his day, never has so much been owed by so many to so few.

As we celebrate God’s covenant with our land tomorrow, we are all endued with a resurgence of genuine hope for the future. Happy Thanksgiving to all!