God’s turnaround continues for the National Security Council and the Trump administration. Here’s some breaking news. President Trump’s immediate pick for NSC Advisor declined the position yesterday. While this seems like a disappointment, I want to share with you briefly why this is may actually be a positive development.

And why we need to immediately pray!

Here’s some background. On Sunday evening the Lord drew Jolene and me into focused intercession for the National Security Council. I saw a vision of a flashing red light while praying for Michael Flynn. Due to the urgency conveyed, on Monday morning we issued a call for the Lamplighter family to adopt the NSC in immediate prayer.

Clearly you responded. On Monday evening Michael Flynn resigned his post as NSC advisor. It is literally amazing that you covered the NSC while many important actions were being put into motion.

Then on our call Wednesday evening, more than 150 of you committed to serve as intercessory watchmen for the NSC. That’s awesome! And the presence of God literally engaged us all as we joined together for the commissioning prayer.

Today—Day of Prayer for NSC
Now we continue. I am asking that you take today for sustained, focused intercession as President Trump seeks the right leader as for the National Security Council.

Please pray much in the Spirit. “We do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit of God makes intercession for us with groaning too deep for words” (Romans 8:26).

And remember again the NSC is the fountainhead of actions in diplomacy, military, and intelligence on a global basis. In the same way many of you function in the body of Christ, they serve as watchmen, the “Issachars” of the Trump Administration.

And like the tribe of Issachar, the NSC staff is tasked with accurately perceiving threats, trends and events globally so as to counter challenges while positioning the United States for maximum effectiveness in response. We must see this seat of authority covenantally aligned for victory. We must see the NSC functioning in its full capacity as an effective catalyst for security and freedom.

Is Kellogg the Right Pick?
It stunned me when news broke yesterday that Vice Admiral Harward had declined Trump’s offer. Because on Wednesday morning I shared a clear sense the Spirit of God had given me that Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg would be an invaluable asset if chosen as leader of the NSC. Kellogg was asked by Trump to step in as the acting advisor until a final choice is made.

Please note it is highly unusual for me to receive such clear direction regarding specific leadership choices. In fact the last time this occurred is when the Lord gave me the dream about Donald Trump winning a contract to restore homeland security, more than a year ago. Despite a few challenges, that particular leadership choice has already proven remarkably effective.

I wrote in Wednesday’s posting:

In prayer I have sensed that Gen. Kellogg is a loyal, stabilizing force for President Trump. I also sense that he would greatly benefit both Trump and the nation if selected to permanently continue in this role. Lamplighter family, lets come alongside him in prayer. Remember by God’s clear leading we are adopting the NSC for vigilant intercession during this period. 

Prayer Points
Please pray for immediate intervention from the Lord. Pray for wisdom for President Trump as he makes his pick. Pray for clear, intuitive guidance for Trump by the Holy Spirit.

Secondarily, please pray for favor for Gen. Kellogg. Pray for extraordinary effectiveness in his immediate duties as he continues to serve as acting NSC Advisor and lead the new staff. Pray for the men and women he leads. Just read the news—they’ve all got a lot on their hands!

Thirdly, lets continue to intercede for protection for the Trump Administration from the sharks in the water, as per yesterday’s posting. Pray the sharks be driven away. Pray for exposure where needed. And pray that Trump and his leaders be continually directed to the higher ground where they are protected and the sharks themselves become vulnerable.

The Breaker is now moving in power in Washington DC. For real. He is having His way in the whirlwind! No King but Jesus…