Jon St Paul Awakening Train

WATCH THE GLORY TRAIN MESSAGES! “Revolution and Turnaround” in St. Paul MN click here. “The Conductor State” in Waupun WI click here.

EAST COAST LAUNCH with Cindy Jacobs 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. Promo video click here. Dutch Sheets in Washington DC on Passover! 6:30 pm April 22 at Davids Tent DC on the National Mall. Make plans now! 

A force from Heaven is forming in the earth. It has been amazing to see how the Lord shaped this first leg of the Glory Train journey, building His work progressively from stop to stop. Yesterday we shared about Rugby North Dakota and the “angel gate.” Well worth the push for breakthrough! Lets continue now along the northern border into St. Paul, Minnesota.

Minnesota—Revolution and Turnaround
Our first night at the Josiah Center was actually at capacity. Karen Kruger, legendary HAPN/RPN leader for Minnesota, did an incredible job bringing the entire state together to welcome in God’s glory.

It’s profound what happens when He comes. Everything becomes clear! The heavenly glory unveils Jesus Christ. This unveiling then unmasks and aligns the dimensions of God’s expression deposited within His people. “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit” (2 Cor. 3:18).

And when the heavens opened that Friday night in St. Paul, the clarity that came truly surprised me. During worship I “felt” the very ground bursting forth with a divine movement of revolution. It’s hard to describe. But in a vision I saw colonial Boston, seemingly just at the outbreak of the American Revolution. And I felt like God was saying St. Paul is just like Boston on the precipice—ready to engage in an historic freedom revolution!

All of which made the message that followed one of the most personally impacting of my life. You can watch it by clicking here.

National Turnaround Decreed in St. Paul
Holy Spirit also spoke to me that Minnesota is His Turnaround State! In other words, from this point the nation would turn His way.

We focused on this turnaround in the second meeting. I literally saw the Lord releasing His Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict,” given at Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22-2014, into Minnesota and the nation. Judgement in favor of the saints. Time to possess the kingdom!

As I taught in St. Paul, there’s often a period of time between when a verdict from Heaven’s Court is rendered, and when the verdict or judgement is executed. Exodus 2 records Heaven’s verdict. He heard (shama) their cries—He held a courtroom hearing (shama) to meticulously examine each of their cries and pleas before His Throne. Exodus 12:12 shows how God then executed the judgement that He rendered. Literally engaging in a revolution against the gods of Egypt and the government of Egypt to release His people into freedom!

I had sensed the Lord saying that He was now executing this Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” at this time. The witness of Heaven came almost immediately. It’s been a long time since I have been so impacted by the weightiness of God’s presence as when the gavel fell.

Connected to DC
While in St. Paul, I felt an unusual connection with Washington DC. It was clear the Lord was establishing a holy pipeline between the saints of Minnesota and our Nation’s Capitol. A “flash memory” came to my spirit of Michele Bachmann on her face before God in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall during a ministry function. She was a true prayer warrior for our nation. I have earnestly resolved to follow her example. And I believe her legacy of prayer has helped to pave the way for the connectivity the Spirit of God was showing.

Time for Revolution! Time for Turnaround. What does this mean for the United States? God granted a clear demarcation from St. Paul that this turnaround is now ours by judicial decree. Heaven’s movement is certainly backing up this verdict, despite present circumstances. Lets keep our eyes on His work.

This Nation belongs to Jesus by covenant. And I believe from Minnesota a movement is breaking forth that both enforces His verdict and defines the future of our freedom.

Sign—Eagles Soaring
As we departed Minneapolis/ St. Paul, the Lord again affirmed His freedom movement in a way only He can. As I glanced out the window, two eagles shot into the sky from the Mississippi River!

Two eagles. Revolution and Turnaround. The symbols of freedom. And in case you believe I’m exaggerating, I was even able to fire off a few photos to share with you!


Wisconsin—the Conductor State
Whereas the Lord showed us Minnesota as “the Revolution and Turnaround State,” Wisconsin was called by God as “the Conductor State.”

Early on the tour we felt a warning from the Lord of Wisconsin’s potential to derail the Glory Train. As we entered into worship, I felt the Spirit of God prompting me that Wisconsin had the power either to keep this movement of revolution and turnaround on track, or to derail the movement altogether.

The Conductor State.

I took great encouragement from the fact that the pastor’s wife had seen a vision of the Glory Train rolling through the sanctuary exactly four years beforehand. To the very date!

And the resulting movement from Heaven startled just about everybody… Jolene and me especially! Many were touched by God’s power, even trembling in His Presence long after the service ended. We love when the Lord embraces His people so uniquely and personally. Thank you Christine Jacobs, Kathy McCord and the WEAPN team for all your hard work preparing for us and hosting us, and thanks as well to the River Church for your amazing receptivity!

Paul Ryan—Conductor for the Nation
I don’t know much about Wisconsin, so when the Holy Spirit spoke “Conductor State” it was initially hard to see how all the pieces fit. But it was so clear the state was given special grace to  propel God’s movement forward. Instead of derailing, we were on track and advancing!

I also saw how native son Paul Ryan is a “Joshua” of the land. As Speaker of the House, Ryan is definitely fulfilling the role of a conductor for the nation. My heart grew significantly for this strong leader as I encountered God’s heart for him.

I believe that just as the Angel of the Lord encountered Joshua, so the Lord desires to encounter Speaker Ryan in a new way that secures God’s blessing and protection for our entire nation. I even wonder if he will become President someday.

Prayer for Ryan, Tuesday Primaries
All that said, I believe we as the Lamplighter family need to adopt Paul Ryan in prayer. it’s also important to note that the “Conductor State” of Wisconsin holds its primaries this Tuesday of great significance. Please pray!

And please continue to pray that the movement God has established will have free course through the nation instead of getting derailed. So that awakening, revolution and turnaround prevail through this crucial hour of history.