LAMPLIGHTER CALL WEDNESDAY—9PM ET! Our friend Glenda Renes, a member of our Lamplighter Family, is joining us. As a nurse in Washington State she will be sharing practical advice and prayer points. Also prepare wine or grape juice and bread as WE WILL ALSO BE RECEIVING COMMUNION TOGETHER.

Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

FIRST—please don’t miss tonight’s call. It is one of our most important. Glenda Renes, a nurse in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Washington State and longtime part of the Lamplighter family, will be joining us. Glenda will be sharing valuable, practical advice on protecting yourself. She will also be giving many insights for prayer. 

As part of the call we will be receiving communion, establishing a threshold covenant together. 

Because as a nation we are standing at the threshold between death and life. We must choose life to “march forth” into the destiny God has given us! 

Not a coincidence that today, March 4, the Supreme Court heard a test-case on abortion which could eventually lead to the legal unravelling of Roe v Wade. A Louisiana law requiring abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges in a local hospital is in question. The Court heard testimony from victims of botched abortions who suffered immeasurably without proper medical attention. 

Ruth Bader Ginsberg questioned the validity of the law, so long as the medical procedure is “safe.” But even the premise of her question makes clear that if the process is actually potentially unsafe, much greater standards should be implemented.

As the Court sat for the hearing, reports on the spread of the coronavirus continued to grow. Los Angeles County just declared a state of emergency as the first case in both LA and Orange County CA were reported. All cases involved direct contact with people who had visited countries experiencing major outbreaks. California has now reported 27 victims suffering from the virus. As of noon today ET, Washington State has exactly 27 victims as well. 

Interestingly enough, it’s been 27 years since Roe v Wade was enacted. Is God making a point? It really struck me this morning that we as intercessors for the nation are standing between the living and the dead. Exodus shows how God required the firstborn of Egypt for the firstborn of the Hebrews. The reaping of devastating loss of life is perhaps what we deserve, and could certainly be validated as God’s justice in action. 

But by the precious blood of Jesus, we have obtained a better verdict even as a nation. Mercy is triumphing over judgement. The Lord has now opened a limited window of opportunity to complete the turnaround and see the lives of our little ones, created in the image of God, protected and defended even while in the womb. We are in process of seeing the legal validation for an overwhelming devastation fully rescinded.

But that said, like the priests of old holding out their censors of incense, intercessors in America now stand between the living and the dead. Pray for the jurists of the Supreme Court to choose rightly. We must complete this turnaround and fully choose LIFE! Thank you Allan Parker, Phil Juaregi, Matt Lockett and others holding a ceaseless vigil over the next few days of decision. Please come into agreement for God’s turnaround!

Lets come into covenant with God afresh this evening to complete the turnaround, which totally includes the unravelling of Roe v Wade. By the Spirit of God, our northeast Glory Train tour last summer was intensively focused towards this goal. Immediately after, we saw the 9th Circuit Court actually validate Trump’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood. We are seeking God for the assignments ahead to catalyze this movement from before His Throne. I believe the book we’re writing, “White House Watchmen,” is part of His plan. Keep praying 

Lets gain victory. Let’s pray the Lord shift us more fully from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of LIFE empowering a culture of life.

March 4, by the way, happens to be my birthday. Looking forward to connecting tonight!

No King but Jesus…