Announcing the 13 Colonies Freedom Journey! July 2-22. Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce join us at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall to culminate on July 22. More details to come. TIME FOR AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN!

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Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend
Jolene and I pray you enjoy a great Memorial Day Weekend. Amidst the picnics, ballgames, and testing the waters at the beach—take some time and remember the incredible sacrifices made by our veterans for our freedom. Pray for our military and intelligence communities on the front lines in this relentless battle today.

We also want to honor the often-forgotten veterans of the spiritual battles that have raged throughout our nation and earth. We are grateful for your vigilant stand, your relentless intercession on behalf of the freedom that only Christ can truly grant. It is because of you we remain ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

Veterans of the Prayer Wars
It has been a delight to discover the widespread appreciation for one such prayer veteran, Father Daniel Nash. A recent conversation with my friend Scott Bradshaw, director of the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, stopped me in my tracks. We talked about Daniel Nash’s legacy of forerunning prayer for awakening. And the young radicals in his 24/7 movement haven’t only heard of Father Nash, they are devoting themselves to following in his footsteps! Bearing in their beings the audacious devotion to pray through until God’s dreams are birthed into the earth.

These guys even have a saying when confronting the impossible. Nash ‘em! In other words, like Father Nash, pray through til breakthrough!

Nash ‘em. This does my heart good. Note that just a few years ago, very few in the prayer rooms of America had ever heard of Daniel Nash or his legacy. This so bears witness that the Nash well of awakening prayer has been uncapped and released to the body of Christ.

The Re-emergence… of 24
OK. Today I want to focus on taking down tyrants. You may think this is a radical departure from last week’s focus on praying for souls… but it’s not. The same principles apply. We shared last week about “the re-emergence of the forerunner spirit”—with a vision of apostolic leader Dutch Sheets’ “re-emergence” as a prototype for what the Lord is doing with us all in this hour. Personal opinion alone, but I thought it was interesting that in the same week Dutch Sheets re-emerged, SO DID JACK BAUER.

Who is Jack Bauer? The “mission-impossible” hero of the epic series “24,” of course. A counterterrorism specialist, now rogue, who takes down tyrants and saves countless lives from evil schemes in the span of 24 hours.

I know it’s fiction. But over the course of years I’ve also known guys in the business who cannot watch 24 because of the reality of what is conveyed. They told me the threats faced are by no means fictional, but the storyline is played out over months and years instead of hours.

NASH ‘EM! 24-7
And just in case you thought that taking down tyrants is the responsibility of counter-terrorism agents, I want to personally convey to you YOU’RE WRONG. The TV show “24” was actually prophetically named. Because from God’s perspective, rescuing multitudes from the tyranny of modern-day Pharaohs actually is the responsibility of the body of Christ. ESPECIALLY THE 24-7 PRAYER MOVEMENT!

Friends, when Boko Haram takes captive 300 Christian girls in Nigeria, a chorus from heaven is resounding in the earth. Now’s your time to become the Jack Bauer of intercession. NASH ‘EM! Take the principles of breakthrough prayer and apply them to TAKE DOWN THESE TYRANTS!

Is this scriptural? Yup. In fact taking down a tyrant holding multitudes captive was the greatest legacy of the first 24/7 prayer movement recorded in the New Testament. Check out Acts 12. The tyrant Herod “stretched forth his hand to vex certain of the church.” James and John, apostolic leaders mentored by Jesus Himself, were murdered. Peter was captured and imprisoned.

But prayer was made night and day to God for Peter’s release. You know the story. Angels broke Peter free! Friends, the clear but unstated admonition is that Peter’s life was preserved because people were praying 24/7 for his release from prison!

How are you praying for the Nigerian captives? Do you realize that the same God who rescued Peter can rescue them as well? Who will be their Jack Bauer… who will be their Daniel Nash?

Exodus 12, Acts 12: Taking Down Tyrants
Remember how Bob Jones prophesied that, in this end-times move, God was going to marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. Exodus 12 covers the Passover miracle, where God’s covenant people were rescued from slavery into freedom. And Acts 12 actually conveys the rescue of God’s people from the same spirit of tyranny!

I encourage you to read Acts 12 in its entirety. Because the story doesn’t end just with Peter’s release. As the intercessors prayed through, not only was Peter rescued, but King Herod was soon judged by the Lord. He died. An angel of the Lord took down this tyrant!

Beloved, this historical precedent has been replicated again and again by the praying church. Look at how God answered the 24/7 cries of His people to end the tyranny of slavery in America. Look at the legacy of Rees Howells, assigned by the Lord to pray through World War II and literally take down Adolf Hitler’s antichrist regime.

And remember the dream Jesus’ mother carried within her womb. “He brings down rulers from their thrones.” Mary perceived a vital aspect of Jesus’ calling on behalf of all mankind. He still lives to rescue the abused and subjugated from the tyrants holding them captive. And He’s calling His body to get in line with this cause—especially the 24-7 prayer movement.

Hear God’s call to freedom. Come on… lets NASH ‘EM!

Father God, we cry out that you raise up a global prayer movement to take down the tyranny of Boko Haram, and countless other tyrannical regimes holding captive those you claim as your own. Holy Spirit, shift the 24-7 prayer movement fully into this calling. Provoke your people. Fill the mouths of your intercessors until Your breakthrough is complete. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Note: This subject of taking down tyrants is covered in-depth in our new book Crown and Throne. To order, see