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TODAY I GRIEVE. On the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade the greatest pro-life President ever elected was taken down through an illicit election. Upon gaining the presidency Joe Biden immediately reversed the executive orders President Trump set in place to eradicate abortion from government policy, nationally and internationally. 

As of January 22, Exodus 1:22 is again in play. The most innocent among us, within us, are again targeted just as in Pharaoh’s day. And as then, the justice of God is being provoked. And His verdict is already secured. Covenant with death and hell annulled. WHAT WE ARE NOW EXPERIENCING WILL INDEED TURN. 

During our prayer call the evening of January 6, the verdict of Naboth’s Vineyard was again issued by the Lord on behalf of the United States of America. We recorded this verdict in
White House Watchmen,” chapter 12. As you will see, both the insights and the verdict are extraordinarily relevant for this moment. Please review, read, pray! And know we’re praying for you. 

Securing the Vineyard of Prophetic Destiny
Most Christians rightly associate Jezebel with sexual immorality and idolatry. But what you probably don’t know about Jezebel is far more important right now than what you believe you know. Jezebel also creates and perpetuates slanderous lies to take down God’s covenant people. First Kings 21 exposes the manufacturing of her “fake news,” and even her use of the media, towards this end. I will summarize the passage for you. 

A farmer named Naboth owned a vineyard right next to the land where Ahab and Jezebel erected a military palace. Naboth was the steward, or watchman, appointed over the vineyard. This vineyard was passed down from his forefathers as a family inheritance. Hear me in this—the vineyard was his by covenant. Not coincidentally, both the vineyard and the palace were located across the Jezreel Valley from Har Megiddo or Armageddon, in a town called Jezreel. 

It’s interesting that Naboth comes from the same root word as “nabi” or “prophet.” In fact, in Hebrew the name “Naboth” means “prophetic words!” And his inheritance was literally “the vineyard of prophetic destiny.” 

So Prophetic Words owned a vineyard in Jezreel, right next to Jezebel’s stronghold. The harvest of Prophetic Words was incredible. And, of course, the corrupt “deep state” political leaders of the day wanted to overtake this vineyard to use it for their own purposes. 

Ahab sought to purchase the vineyard from Naboth. I will summarize the story for you, with a focus on Naboth’s response. Because for us to succeed it must become our own. 

Naboth refused the offer—vehemently. “God forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my forefathers!” 

Jezebel, chief witch of Israel, began to target Naboth three ways. First, with the occult power from which she derived her rulership. Second, with fake news she made up and distributed to the nation’s most influential leaders in order to disqualify Naboth from owning his vineyard. Third, by recruiting despicable men to give fake news, otherwise known as false testimony 

Beloved your testimony is a reflection of your integrity. The Bible describes as “despicable” those willing to compromise their sworn testimony to appease Jezebel by ruining reputations through deceit. 

Here’s an alert for you. A fuller translation of “despicable men” means “sons of belial” or sons of Baal. Jezebel was essentially head over their secret society. And together they plotted in secret to disenfranchise Naboth to steal his wealth. Many legal processes today have been compromised by similar secret alliances. 

Jezebel’s ploy seemed to have been working. The false testimony of the sons of Belial prevailed. Naboth was convicted of dishonoring God and king, and was stoned to death. Jezebel summoned Ahab to take possession of the vineyard.

And as he walked through this newly acquired vineyard of prophetic destiny, he was met by the prophet Elijah. The prophet had been summoned into Heaven’s Court to deliver God’s verdict on the matter. And His verdict was a death sentence for both Ahab and Jezebel. 

Amazingly, Ahab repented. Jezebel did not. History records that she was cast down from the tower of her great fortress, right next to Naboth’s vineyard.

So lets review. Jezebel used three means of power to take Naboth down. First, occult targeting. Second, by fake news in the court of public opinion. Third, by fake news in the court of law. 

Sound familiar? I submit to you the process is very similar to today’s intentional targeting of President Trump and his administration, which essentially began election day. First, with occult targeting, as we have documented previously. You have to wonder why occultists nationally and globally are so united in cursing this man. One reason again why we need the night and day vigilance of White House Watchmen. 

Second, Jezebel has been targeting the administration by generating fake news to influence the court of public opinion. 

Third, Jezebel has been creating fake news in the court of law. To discredit a Naboth of this hour, take him down, and thereby steal his vineyard. 

Jesus is our Naboth!
Jezebel took Naboth down. Though Elijah’s verdict may have restored justice, it never brought back Naboth from the dead. My cry is that God intervene to expose and restrain Jezebel before she is able to take down the Naboths of this hour! 

This decision is ultimately also secured by Heaven’s Court alone. The good news is we have great verdicts as precedent. Including the divorcement from Baal, covenant restoration with Jesus, and more. But lets take a moment to see how the greatest verdict granted by Heaven’s Court plays into this. 

Naboth was slain as a victim of false accusations. This man whose name means “prophetic words” or “prophetic destiny” was seeded into the soil of his own vineyard in Jezreel. God sows.

Naboth’s plight gives you a foretaste of another prophet from the region. Who grew up praying over the Jezreel valley. Described in parables as a vineyard owner himself, this man’s life was bartered away by a very close friend so that the title deed of his inheritance could finally be disenfranchised from him. His reputation thus ruined, he was judged by a fake court on false charges and swung up between Heaven and the harvest fields of earth to die on a cross. 

What looked to be Satan’s greatest victory became his greatest defeat. By atoning for our sins the title deed for all mankind was actually redeemed and transferred from Satan’s hideous grasp. It has been restored to you and me.

Here’s a verse that must terrify the enemy to this day. In foretelling His death, Jesus exclaimed that unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone. Jesus became that seed. He died and rose again to secure for you your inheritance—eternally and here on earth. Now where there was one Naboth, there are now billions of Naboths in the earth—appointed as stewards or watchmen over their respective vineyards of prophetic destiny. 

The verdict, my friends has been rendered on your behalf ultimately through the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ. He has granted us to be joint heirs with Him. In redeeming us, He also redeemed your inheritance. And it’s now time for the saints to possess the Kingdom!

Naboth’s Resolve—The Inheritance of our Forefathers
The fact that Jesus died and rose again to redeem our inheritance makes gaining Naboth’s resolve all the more important. God forbid that I should give you, Ahab and Jezebel, the inheritance of our forefathers! 

Naboth’s battle speaks to our hour with great clarity. The harvest is what was at stake then, and that is what is at stake in this hour of history as a totalitarian machine built by Jezebel has sought to perpetually invalidate the leaders the Lord has set over this vineyard. 

God forbid that we should yield it. Lets all gain this same resolve. Because there’s more at stake than what any of us know. Again, the ultimate battle being waged by this manifestation of the Baal principality is over America’s inheritance and Israel’s inheritance, both secured by covenant. You must drain the swamp to secure the harvest!

Jezebel’s war to take over Naboth’s vineyard gives us just a foretaste of the ultimate war for all mankind, which scripture says will be fought on that very farmland in the valley of Jezreel.

Lets remember again that the Jezreel valley was protected and defended from a watchman’s perch called Armageddon. The epic battle prophesied in Revelation will ultimately be fought over the harvest field of prophetic destiny. The war will be engaged between people in covenant with dark powers and those in covenant with Jesus Christ, deemed by God as the lawful inheritors of the harvest fields.

As it is in the final battle of the end-times, so it will be in the epic Armageddons in your life and world. Because Jezebel always seeks to overtake the vineyards of prophetic destiny. To win you must embrace Naboth’s resolve. Set a watch! Gain a perspective for breakthrough that secures your victory. 

Securing the Vineyard of Prophetic Destiny
Yom Kippur—September 18, 2018, Washington DC

The Court cites its previous precedent in Jezebel v Naboth. Jezebel sought to take down Naboth to possess his vineyard as her own. The word Naboth means “prophetic words.” He was chosen by God to oversee “the vineyard of prophetic destiny” for his land. In the same manner, forces tied to the occult have sought to take over the United States of America and paralyze the people of God from fulfilling the prophetic destiny the Lord has ordained for the nation. 

Jezebel’s strategy to overtake the vineyard of prophetic destiny included three facets. First, occult targeting against Naboth. Second, false testimony or false accusations in the court of public opinion, especially among the most influential in the land. Third, false testimony or false accusations in the court of law. This same strategy is being employed today. 

The sincere Teshuvah, or repentance, and prayers of the saints have been considered in this case as of Yom Kippur 2018. The Court therefore receives the body and blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for the sins of the Nation and has therefore decided the Nation remains in right standing with God’s covenant. With the predication that repentance demands a course correction in personal conduct in order to remain valid before this Court.

Just as with Jezebel v Naboth, the Lord has taken into consideration the full scope of false testimony and false accusation through both the media and the justice system of America. He who searches minds and hearts has considered not only the injustice perpetuated by accusations and slander, but the intentionality behind these accusations. The Court rules that the seditious intentions behind these actions ultimately equate to sedition against God Himself. 

According to the precedent set in Jezebel v Naboth, God’s verdict against Jezebel and Ahab, so the Lord has rendered judgement against Jezebel and those who remain aligned with this expression of the Baal principality through covenant, word and action. The vineyard therefore must remain in the stewardship of those whom He appointed to rule under God. And the window must remain open for the turnaround initiated by this Court to be completed in all facets of the three constitutionally-ordained branches of government. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. Including a reformational, freedom movement birthed by the One who both renders judgement and makes war to uphold His verdict in the earth. The horses have been released. NO KING BUT JESUS! Daniel 7:22.