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Rick Myra Wilson 1Our extraordinary friend and ministry leader Myra Wilson crossed the threshold last night. Which means that, like many of you, Jolene and I spent much of last night and this morning in disbelief, grieving. Not for her loss, but for ours.

We are all made in the image of God. In this respect, Myra was really over-gifted. She wasn’t as well-known as other saints who recently moved into glory. But she needed no platform to convey her gift, nor did she need the attention of the masses to validate her gift.

In using her gift, she was as ruthless as David with a slingshot—and just as accurate. A supernatural projection that could literally disarm you even from way across a room. Myra’s weapon of choice was her infectious smile—with her lips, but even more with her eyes. Very simply, Myra shined love. A fierce love, a hilarious love that was both highly discerning and radically unyielding. A love tested in the fire.

But Myra’s hand-to hand combat was always the most overwhelming. Get anywhere near her and the enemy was simply done.

Because a hug from Myra did more to break the enemy’s strongholds than a thousand warfare declarations. You came away knowing Heaven itself had embraced the very essence of your life.

Nothing said, everything conveyed. It’s how strangers became family, how the neglected discovered their inner superman, how the defiled and broken recovered their innocence. Again and again, Jolene and I sat in wonderment as miracles flowed so freely from Myra’s generous spirit.

As I mentioned, these miracles often occurred without a word. Or at least a word that addressed everything that less gifted people like myself would feel they needed to address. She simply lived by 1 Corinthians 13. Love, in her world at least, truly conquered all. Love shined.

Which is not to imply that Myra lacked in verbal capacity in any way. She was strong… but I do not remember her ever being silent. Myra was one of only a few people in the earth that reduced Jolene and me both to doing crunches on the floor. Laughing so hard we were crying from one of her many astute observations of our mutual world.

Today the tears still flow freely, but the laughter has very much subsided. Our hearts and prayers are with Myra’s husband Rick Wilson, with Justin and Hannah and family, with the ROC Church, and with the family of International Apostolic Ministries. Rick and Myra were founding pastors of the ROC Church and helped to found IAM, serving as directors. I know she will continue to shine very brightly in the hearts and lives of all she touched.

Our world is a little dimmer today. But Heaven itself is actually very much brighter.