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PLEASE PRAY! At the word of the Lord, Jolene and I have taken March to pray, plan and focus on Washington DC. We have seen amazing breakthroughs already. Please keep us covered! 

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THIS PURIM! RICK RIDINGS CALL TO FAST, PRAY— Prayer for these priorities will continue through the 21 day “Now Therefore Arise” prayer project. YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE. 


PURIM 2019—THE CLOSENESS TO THE JEWISH HOLIDAY seemed unmistakeable and intentional as Robert Mueller submitted his report Friday evening, examining allegations of Russia collusion by President Trump. Against all expectations of the media, when the contents were made public on Sunday no new indictments were recommended. Donald Trump has been exonerated. 

And genuine Purim miracle has been granted. It was amazing to pray with the Lamplighter family Wednesday evening on this issue, just as Purim began, and then to venture to the area by the White House Thursday to release a few whispered prayers between meetings. For Israel, of course, at such a critical time. Stunning how Trump announced the Golan breakthrough within hours. Lets continue to pray for Israel, as the Gaza crisis has literally just exploded!

But the primary focus of our intercession on Purim Thursday was for President Trump, in light of the Mueller investigation. We declared once again God’s Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict,” and asked Him to uphold and enforce it in our generation as in the days of Esther. 

As in the days of Haman, the Mueller Report was expected to put a noose around Donald Trump’s neck. But instead Haman’s plot was exposed for what it was. And America has quite literally received “Deep State Deliverance” from a cabal of government leaders and the media perpetuating lies to destabilize the Trump Administration. And more importantly, our nation. More on this in a moment.

Gratitude! Deep State Deliverance
THAT SAID—THANK YOU JESUS! Lord You have watched over Your covenant with this nation with relentless care. You have upheld Your Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict with unwavering precision. As promised, you have “Overcome the Deficit of Justice” to preserve the constitutional integrity of our nation! Judgment in favor of the saints—a victory for all Americans against a cabal employing lies as propaganda to literally subvert the freedom of our nation. 

Deep State deliverance. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Speaking of which, THANK YOU LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY for your extraordinary gift to our Nation through your intercession. In a moment we will review some of our journey accompanying this verdict. But I know of no other prayer network or group that carried this through to victory the way you have. America’s Gideons. We honor you!

Finally and profoundly, investigator Robert Mueller must be honored for what ultimately proved to be a diligent commitment to truth—despite extraordinary pressure. From the moment Trump took office, peers and colleagues at the highest levels of American intelligence had broadcast to the media AS FACT the allegations of Russia collusion by Trump. Especially James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, former Director of the CIA. “Trump’s claims of no Russia collusion are hogwash!” Brennan famously told the New York Times in August, 2018. And Clapper was actually publicly rebuked by former CIA Director Michael Hayden on what Hayden termed “unknowable Russia claims.”

Clapper and Brennan both added tremendous credibility to the collusion story. That the Mueller Report found otherwise is in my opinion a miracle.

That said, again we can only imagine the pressures Robert Mueller has faced—and may still face in the future. Lamplighter family lets continue to keep him in our prayers. In the end the Department of Justice and the FBI acted with honor, coming through for the American people with truth perpetuating justice to preserve our constitutional framework. These freedoms were almost sabotaged beyond repair.

I also want to thank another unlikely catalyst of truth in this unfolding matter. That is Mueller’s former protege, former FBI Director James Comey. In retrospect, Comey’s decision to reveal that Hillary Clinton was again under investigation—just days before the election, in open defiance of orders from the DOJ’s Loretta Lynch—showed a courageous stand for truth that set a course for change. 

Deep State Deliverance. What was prophesied by the Spirit of God is now a reality. 

Sign—Eagle—Covenant with Death Annulled!
It’s worth mentioning that at the very hour the Mueller Report was released, Washington DC was literally blanketed with a sign the covenant with death was annulled. Hailstorm!

Jolene and I were peering out our window over Washington DC and saw a large bald eagle soar over the Potomac, against a darkened sky. Not more than ten minutes later, hail began to cover the city! 

Remember Isaiah 28. “Hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the secret place. Your covenant with death shall be annulled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand!” (Isaiah 28:17-18).

“I Will Overcome the Deficit of Justice!”
I don’t usually do this. But today it seems appropriate to briefly remind us all of the journey of prayer we have been on together. Melding clear prophetic perceptions from the Lord with constant targeted prayer to undergird the work the Lord is accomplishing in our land. A literal travail of justice. 

On June 15, 2018 I awoke to a word from the Lord. The Lamplighter family was engaged in the “Circle of Covenant” prayer project at the time. Based on a word I received while praying over the White House that “The circle of My covenant will trump, triumph over and prevail against the circle of Baal meant to confine you, and even define you.” From our June 15 posting:

…As I lay in bed and prayed, I sensed in my spirit the phrase “Deficit Of Justice.” … Rolling around in bed trying still to sleep, my initial thought was, “Deficit of Justice. DOJ. That’s clever, Lord!” Just before dawn I stepped on to our perch overlooking a spectacular blood-red sky over Washington DC. Note that it is highly atypical for me to watch a sunrise. But the Spirit of God was emphasizing something. He is awakening the dawn of a new day of justice in America. Then I heard the Holy Spirit clearly speak to me, “I will overcome the Deficit of Justice!”

We continued in focused, fervent prayer through the project. But the course for this focus was actually set a few months earlier. 

Justice Turnaround—Verdict from Heaven’s Court
On January 29, 2018 I sensed the Holy Spirit quickening that He is launching the next phase of enforcement of His Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict. 

This morning I awoke to a response from Heaven’s Court regarding their continual threats against the President and by inference against our nation… I awoke today to the passage from Acts 4:29, as cited above. “Behold their threatenings, and grant your servant boldness.” As I prayed, the Lord showed me that the justice verdict He granted our nation on 7-22, 2014 remains His plumbline regarding the Deep State. Based on Daniel 7:22, this “Turnaround Verdict” has been rendered in favor of the saints, restraining the beast, and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom. Just as with Pharaoh in his day, the execution of His judgement is progressive over time. 

The Lord spoke clearly to me this morning that now through 2-22 marks the launch of a new phase of executing His Daniel 7:22 verdict—on behalf of our nation, and even nations. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL POST.

For us, this dream marked a renewed focus on the Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” to bring a course correction overcoming the extraordinary attempt underway to even force regime change in America. This focus carried us through the Rome to Jerusalem tour, and on to Revolution 2019. Relocated unexpectedly at the last minute from the Museum of the Bible to the Trump International Hotel, right next to the Department of Justice. And on December 7, over Hanukkah at the Trump International, on the 77th anniversary of our entry into World War II, a freedom movement was commissioned to counter the onslaught. LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Can’t make this stuff up. Seriously, you can’t.

Then remember our most recent posting before today. It as actually released Friday morning, the day the Mueller Report was released. We shared in the post about “real” election collusion to destabilize a sitting leader. That was the targeted destabilization of Prime Minister Netanyahu during the 2015 elections by the Obama Administration. We wrote:

As the Mueller Report is set to be released, lets remember THE REAL ELECTION COLLUSION by a foreign nation against another nation’s sovereign, democratic process. The very ones who now accuse Trump were integrally involved in the deliberate targeting of Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

And lets also remember how this Mueller probe started. The famed “intelligence dossier” alleging Russia collusion was actually a hit job funded by Trump’s opposition—the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Yet it was passed off as legitimate actionable intelligence by even Republican opponents of then-candidate Trump.

You can’t make this stuff up. I say this through tears. Please pray for Trump. And pray for our nation to rise up with a holy intoleration of Haman’s clear plots of subversion. Ultimately these powerbrokers are not subverting Trump. They are subverting the will of the American people and the legitimate voting process. Their goal is a complete takeover and indoctrination of the great people who inherited freedom’s torch for this generation. LET MY PEOPLE GO!…

Let me prophesy to you. From Purim to Passover the Lord is arising to perpetuate the Purim miracle in your life, and even within the halls of government. GOD IS OVERCOMING THE THE DEFICIT OF JUSTICE IN THE LAND.

Here is the prayer we all came into agreement over.  CLICK HERE TO READ FULL POST.

Yom Kippur Verdict 2018—Lies Exposed, Destiny Preserved!
There’s so much more we could share. But let me conclude this post with a reminder of a verdict from Heaven’s Court the Lord had made known for Yom Kippur 2018. We were privileged to take a tour of the West Wing on the evening Yom Kippur began. I received this prophetic directive earlier in the morning. 

Please note that the verdict announced on Yom Kippur at the White House was brought to manifestation on Purim. Amazingly, we were once again on hand to pray. A full circle moment. The Lord has an incredible way of showing His covenant faithfulness. The circle of My covenant…

Jezebel Down. The Court cites its previous precedent in Jezebel v Naboth. Jezebel sought to take down Naboth to possess his vineyard as her own. The word Naboth means “prophetic words.” He was chosen by God to oversee “the vineyard of prophetic destiny” for his land. In the same manner, forces tied to the occult have sought to take over the United States of America and paralyze the people of God from fulfilling the prophetic destiny the Lord has ordained for the nation.

Jezebel’s strategy to overtake the vineyard of prophetic destiny included three facets. First, occult targeting against Naboth. Second, false testimony or false accusations in the court of public opinion, especially among the most influential in the land. Third, false testimony or false accusations in the court of law. This same strategy is being employed today.

The sincere Teshuvah, or repentance, and prayers of the saints have been considered in this case as of Yom Kippur 2018. The Court therefore receives the body and blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for the sins of the Nation and has therefore decided the Nation remains in right standing with God’s covenant. With the predication that repentance demands a course correction in personal conduct in order to remain valid before this Court.

Just as with Jezebel v Naboth, the Lord has taken into consideration the full scope of false testimony and false accusation through both the media and the justice system of America. He who searches minds and hearts has considered not only the injustice perpetuated by accusations and slander, but the intentionality behind these accusations. The Court rules that the seditious intentions behind these actions ultimately equate to sedition against God Himself.

According to the precedent set in Jezebel v Naboth,  God’s verdict against Jezebel and Ahab, so the Lord has rendered judgement against Jezebel and those who remain aligned with this expression of the Baal principality through covenant, word and action. The vineyard therefore must remain in the stewardship of those whom He appointed to rule under God. And the window must remain open for the turnaround initiated by this Court to be completed in all facets of the three constitutionally-ordained branches of government. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. Daniel 7:22. TO READ FULL POSTING CLICK HERE. 

What’s left to say? Oh yeah. NO KING BUT JESUS…