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What a great delight to wake up this morning and see our word about the “Korean Olympics and the Moses Movement” on the Elijah List! It was especially surprising because I personally never submitted the word. Special thanks to our friend James Goll, who not only passed the word on to the Elijah List but conveyed a generous recommendation as well. We are grateful James! To read the Elijah List word CLICK HERE.

Below is a companion piece to the “Moses Movement” prophecy. Longtime Lamplighter readers will recognize it as a foundational word for the “Crown and Throne” movement. In January 2012, Rick Ridings prophesied this movement in Washington DC as part of a consecration service for Jason Hershey’s Washington House of Prayer. With the Washington Monument cracking and gargoyles toppling from the National Cathedral due to an earthquake the previous August, we had already experienced a foretaste of this prophetic word. 

It was in this same service that Rick and Patti prophesied our relocation to Washington DC. Against all odds, we moved within 12 days!

Below are highlights from Rick’s word, which makes many aspects of God’s move for this nation very clear. Point one—WE ARE CONTENDING AGAINST PHARAOH STRUCTURES FOR BREAKTHROUGH AND AWAKENING! 

Point two—as we ride, He will ride. The Lord is coming on a swift cloud! And the gods of Egypt and the government of Egypt will topple in this Moses Movement. Much of this word has already taken place. But remember how the Spirit of God declared this time period surrounding 2-22 to be a gateway to the next progression of His work. A NEW PHASE OF THIS MOVEMENT IS BEING COVENANTALLY RELEASED AT THIS TIME. 

—Rick Ridings, January 2012, Washington DC
AS I say in Isaiah 19 when I come on a cloud swiftly the idols and the gods of Egypt will tremble before me. The Lord says these gods of Egypt thought that they had thrones in the gates of the District of Columbia–in the north and the south and the east and the western gates of Columbia, the District of Columbia. The gods of Egypt thought they had a throne through freemasonry and the wrong foundations that were laid at the corners of the District of Columbia, at the points of the gates. 

But the Lord says, those thrones of the enemy that have been set at the gates of DC are going to come down cause I am coming on a cloud swiftly. Many have plowed, many have prayed, many have praised, many have worshiped, many have been faithful to me for many years, and the Lord says I have seen your tears even as Nehemiah who wept over the devastated city of Jerusalem and surveyed the city and saw the devastation of it there and what the enemy had succeeded in doing to the city of Jerusalem.

And Nehemiah surveyed the city and looked over it and prayed over it and wept over it and came around it secretly for a long time surrounded the city in secret and was not seen because the time was not yet there to be seen. But there is a time when things are to come above the ground. There is a time when things are to be seen. There is a time when things are to move swiftly. 

Presence Comes, Thrones of Egypt Crumble!
There’s a time of preparation, there’s a time of plowing, but this is a time of My moving swiftly and I am riding upon a swift cloud, and I will judge the gods of Egypt in this city. As thrones have been set in the gates in the north, and the south, and the east, and the west of the District of Columbia, those thrones of the enemy shall CRUMBLE in this season. There shall be one throne after another that was set in the gates that shall crumble before My presence, says the Lord. 

Because it is my presence that will cause those thrones to crumble, and it is my presence that will be manifested greatly as I am pulling together pieces from many many things, and many many people, and many many ministries, that have been faithful to me as I have put those puzzle pieces in place. But I am putting the puzzle together in this season says the Lord. 

Establishing Throne for the Lord
Now is the time where I will begin to put those puzzle pieces together, in a very clear way, and the picture of the puzzle will be Me upon My throne. It will be Me upon My Throne. It will be My manifested Presence. 

And it is my Presence that will cause My enemies to scatter. It is my presence that will cause the thrones of evil that have been set in these gates fall, and crumble before me. And they shall crumble. I am removing thrones of the enemy in the north, the south, the east, and the west in order to establish My throne in this city. And I am raising those up in the north, and the south, and the east and the west who shall act as arms to lift up, as pillars lifting up my throne, and my throne shall rest upon this city in a way that it has not in the past…

Shifting Foundations
We thought a few believers would somehow change everything. But you don’t change everything unless the foundations, and systems, and demonic structures are changed. And I believe the Lord is saying this is a season where I am judging demonic structures and demonic systems in government. And where it’s not a question of party or people, it’s a question of ungodly foundations that were there that have got to do with the gods of Egypt. And I’m going to judge the gods of Egypt. I’m going to judge wrong systems and wrong foundations.

Because in the past, even if believers came into office, they hit a brick wall, they were unable to move forward in Kingdom of God priorities, because of systems and structures that were evil, that were set in place, and they could not budge. And through worship and intercession these things will be budged. And it is through worship and intercession that I desire to send an earthquake into the very foundations of Washington DC. I desire to send an earthquake into the very governmental system of this nation…

Covenant Relationship Key
And I’m going to put things into position, I’m going to bring things together, so that it is not this one scattered, and that one scattered, but a working together in a way beyond what has happened up until this point…

There have been times where a greater coming together has happened. And then the enemy has been able to succeed in scattering once again… but I believe this is a season where the Lord says, I’m going to bring together those who will learn to walk together in covenant with Me…

God is going to bring forth those who know their positioning upon the wall, and will be ready for this time of positioning to work and to flow together in a covenant relationship that the enemy cannot pull apart. I believe God is going to bring these together the priestly and kingly anointings… by priestly I mean long times of waiting in God’s presence, intimacy with Him, drawing near to minister to the Lord. That is one part of what God is building into this house of prayer. But the other part is the kingly, the kingly is the government of God governing over the kingdoms of this world. His kingdom governing over the mountains of society. Exercising authority to be salt and light and to bring significant change…governing, legislative authority in prayer to shift and change in foundations, and structures, and systems.

Crown & Throne Movement
In Book of Revelation when you see the elders of God, they have harps and bowls. And the Lord says I have been restoring the harp and the bowl in the last 10 years in a very special way throughout the earth. I’ve been restoring the harp and bowl and I’ve been bringing together worship and intercession as a fragrance, as a ministry to the Lord of harp and bowl. 

But the Lord would say there’s two more thing that those elders have. They not only have a harp, they not only have a bowl, they have each have a throne and they each have a crown. And in these next ten years, as I have restored the harp and the bowl, I am going to further restore now the walking with the throne and the crown. I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven!

And you will learn through the harp and the bowl to mount up into the very council rooms of God, and to hear my counsel in the heavenly places, and to proclaim and declare my counsel on the earth as I taught my disciples in prayer: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

So as in these past 10 yrs I restored harp and bowl, I in these next 10 yrs will restore the throne, the throne and the crown to my people. To learn to walk in kingly authority. So I believe the Lord is saying that what He is raising up here, He is going to bring a marriage of the priestly and kingly… So even as God has brought us to see how worship and prayer belong together, as He has married those together, He’s going to marry the harp and the bowl with the throne and the crown that the elders also exercised in that heavenly place. And of course, ultimately it is to throw down before Him, it’s all about Him… it’s all for Him…

Jon & Jolene—Move to DC in 2012
Ezra priestly, Nehemiah kingly, and God is going to bring these things together… (Jason) I believe one of the primary things in your life has been priestly, and that God is going to join others who have been moving more in areas of governmental intercession. And in that sense I felt tonight, and I checked this out because I don’t give this kind of prophetic word without checking it out beforehand, but both Patti and I really felt for Jon & Jolene that the Lord had prevented the vision from coming forth in MD in Frederick in ways you had hoped… when we were there we just couldn’t get excited about the building you were showing us. We didn’t have the sense, this is it!

And we were sharing together in the plane today on the way here we both felt separately that somehow in this season that God was going to have you very focused for quite a season in Washington DC. And it may involve a move. It will involve a move of focus to Washington DC and it may even involve a physical move to Washington DC. And I believe there’s something the Lord has taught you and developed in you and through you in terms of governmental intercession that’s going to be very key in what God wants to bring forth in this house of prayer. So I submit that to you all to pray about it…