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First there was an earthquake. A fountain of water shot into the sky. The ground progressively split apart from an obelisk memorial in Lowville NY–we’ll get to this later–all the way down to the Washington Monument.

Wherever the ground split apart, babies shot out into the sky. They were caught by angels awaiting their arrival.

Scripture declares that the “all creation is groaning,” or travailing, for the sons of God to be revealed. When I saw this vision on August 8, 2008, I immediately knew the Lord was portraying a promised move of Holy Spirit awakening. With massive numbers of people born again. With a grassroots movement that would shift America from abortion and the death culture so prevalent in our land.

By now you might be asking what this has to do with the expected Supreme Court verdict on Obamacare. I believe this vision from 08-08-08 actually includes a timetable for God’s progressive work. I further believe God is calling us to saturate this “kairos time” with prayer as His promised move begins! Lets begin with a story.

Uncapping a Well of Awakening
The little obelisk in Lowville NY commemorates the work of famed intercessor Daniel Nash, whose work with Charles Finney catalyzed the Second Great Awakening. Nash had his church on the land, and is buried in an adjacent lot. Many intercessors have had power encounters with the Holy Spirit when they journeyed here, seeking to honor the work that changed the face of American history. Just as with Elisha’s bones, it seems that a well of the Second Great Awakening is somehow accessible from this ground.

God gripped the heart of our friends, Pastors Bill and Rita Gamela, so strongly with this reality that they literally “bought the farm!” Bill had a vision of a title deed in his hand. The Holy Spirit spoke for him to buy the land to fully release this well of Holy Spirit awakening.

Passover Deed! Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce Prophesy
After many negotiations with an Amish farmer, Bill finally secured an agreement. On Passover 2008, the final price was agreed upon, and the title deed was secured for this well of salvation to be released. On Passover!

Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce were in nearby Syracuse NY. That very night, while the transaction was occurring, literally began to prophesy about the uncapping of an underground river of prayer from the region that would change the face of America! They had no idea of the Gamelas and their charge from the Lord.

The court then issued the title deed. On 08-08-08, the Gamelas celebrated this purchase with a worship gathering on the land. Jolene and I were honored to take part. It’s where I saw the vision recounted above.

The Open Door of Idolatry
And just when you think it couldn’t get any better… things took a dramatic turn for the worse. I don’t want to go into details, but the Gamelas were hit really hard by the enemy. No sin, no fault, just a level of backlash that seemed inexplicable. After spending their life savings, the vision for the property became neutralized. To an extent, so did their lives.

It’s almost ironic that the obelisk commemorating Daniel Nash was erected by Masons. Because Finney and Nash took such a radical stand against this very idolatry in their generation. Finney actually attributes the outpouring of the Second Great Awakening to entire denominations repenting of the Craft.

Without going into too much detail, we knew this commemoration had somehow “stopped up” the well, and provided a legal door of access for demonic powers to operate. It was clear that we needed the title deed free and clear from these powers–issued by Heaven’s courts, not just those of earth.

Title Deed from Heaven’s Court!
Last year at this time, we visited this monument again as part of our prayer journey through wells of awakening in the northeast, and civil war battlefields in the south. Native chief Willie Jock joined us, along with several regional and national leaders. We sought together for the land to be divorced from Baal, and reconsecrated to Jesus Christ. By this, we knew the title deed was finally secured… on earth as in heaven!
PRN readers might remember how our combined prayer journey ended July 4, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We presented the Lord with a Declaration of Covenant, asking Him to “crack the hard shell of demonic resistance” and marry our land again.

Earthquake and Monumental Shifts
Exactly 50 days later, the earth groaned! An unprecedented earthquake near Washington DC actually cracked the Washington Monument. We knew this was a sign that the “hard shell” had been cracked. More importantly, it was a sign that God had indeed agreed to marry our land again!

And perhaps it was an initial fulfillment of the vision the Lord gave of the ground splitting apart, with babies shooting into the sky. Not coincidentally, a few weeks ago, the Lowville monument was found lying the ground. Nobody knows how this happened.

Supreme Court Verdict Nears: Please Pray!
What’s really amazing to me is that this “swirl” is occurring just as the Supreme Court prepares to release their verdict on the Obamacare bill. As you probably know, this bill mandates that every American purchase healthcare, and contribute to government-funded abortions. Lou Engle warned it essentially solidify legalized abortion in the nation. A verdict declaring this bill unconstitutional would certainly go a long way towards reversing the culture of death in our nation!

Beloved, I believe God is conveying His intention for this river of Holy Spirit awakening to be fully uncapped. In a time of turmoil and uncertainty, wouldn’t it be just like God to catalyze this “monumental shift” from death to life!

Please pray for this full release of God’s promised move. We will be onsite praying in Lowville June 23-4, then on to Washington DC. Pray for Heaven’s verdict to be fully released with the Justices who preside over the Supreme Court. Please continue in prayer for the Justices, who are facing tremendous pressure at this time.

Remember this is the year the enemy tries to “X out” our nation… but God has a plan to reverse the curse! Just as the tumbling of an altar released Gideon to save his nation, so these monumental shifts are a signpost for us all. May awakening and harvest now overtake our land, in Jesus’ Name!