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TODAY WE GRIEVE for France, and pray for survivors and friends from this great nation. At least 84 have now died from the merciless terror strike where a radical Islamist plowed his truck into crowds leaving a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in Nice, France. The Tunisian native died shouting “Allahu akbar.” The terror group ISIS has taken responsibility.

And as we grieve, a warning which framed our prophetic word for 2016 has again come front and center. As we move into the summer and fall, are more terror attacks being planned for the United States? Could they potentially sabotage our election process?

The answer prophetically is yes. This was our primary warning in our prophetic word for 2016. It’s a major reason the Lord commanded us to circle the borders of our nation in prayer, seeking Him for preservation and homeland security by His Spirit. “Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1).

Most of you remember the word. Conflict of Thrones, nationally and internationally. Below is an excerpt from the word, in which I share an unsettling vision of waves from the Atlantic—in other words, potentially Europe—flooding the streets of Washington DC. It’s important to note that Chuck Pierce later warned of a season of chaos through October 20 that we haven’t seen since the Civil War.

Shields up, friends. And not just for a day or two. We must set our hearts to keep watch with extreme vigilance really through the end of the year.

That said, we begin Monday the “Stake Your Claim” prayer project. Join us for a national call from Promontory, Utah, where the transcontinental railroad was connected with a golden stake! Like Gideon, we are being summoned to stake our claim and take back our land. Join us for 22 days of prayer accompanied by Daniel fasting as directed by God’s Spirit!

Below is the posting.

Prophetic Overview for 2016—Jon & Jolene Hamill

Well… today I once again feel like Paul Revere. Burning the midnight oil to alert God’s people so we can prepare for what’s ahead.

As prophetic leader Cindy Jacobs declared over me so long ago, “You’re a spiritual Paul Revere… you’re going to be holding out the burning lamp! You’re going to go from city to city, and instead of saying the British are coming, the British are coming, you will be saying the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming!”

The good news is that the Lord is coming! He is coming through the gates of our land this year like a locomotive… a glory train!

More on that in a moment.

Turnaround Window Opens! 20-20 Vision Needed
But first, as we prayed over this new year, I felt the Lord wanted us to focus our eyes of faith way beyond 2016—actually to 2020. Because this year God is opening a limited window for national turnaround, in which He desires to lay new tracks for our future. And if we’re going to maximize this opportunity we cannot be short-sighted. We need 20-20 Vision!

How do we want our nation to advance? How do we want God’s work in the nations to advance? How do we partner with the Spirit towards these goals? What do we have to let go of in order to see His new tracks formed for our future? Most importantly, how do we keep this turnaround window open? Very key questions as we move forward.

I believe this turnaround window has already begun to open just a crack. Around Hanukkah 2015 the window opens more broadly, and the change in momentum by the Spirit will begin to be clear. It’s not about politics. It’s about a move of the Spirit that will impact the thrones of this land! No King but Jesus becomes our unifying cry for this year!

Conflict of Thrones, Heaven at Your Gates
As this turnaround window has begun to open, two primary responses became immediately clear. First—the presence and activity of Holy Spirit has clearly increased. Heaven is at Your Gates!

Second, we see an ever-increasing Conflict of Thrones. These two themes—Heaven at Your Gates and a Conflict of Thrones—will be the primary hallmarks that 2016 is defined by. At first they seem mutually exclusive. But actually, the reason why there is such an increase in the Conflict of Thrones is because this window is opening, and Heaven is at our Gates!

These three aspects—Turnaround window, Heaven at our gates, conflict of thrones—are clearly conveyed in Revelation 19:11. Of course, this passage conveys the ultimate end-time move of God, where Heaven “vavs” earth in a “glory procession” that unseats the throne of an antichrist spirit from the Temple Mount. Where Jesus takes the Throne of the nations and begins His 1,000 year earthly reign!

But the actions here are actually embodied in every true move of God.

“And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a White Horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…” (Rev. 19:11).

Note the progression. A window of Heaven opens for turnaround in the earth. Heaven is at our gates! And this very movement from Heaven ushers in a conflict of thrones.

Dream—Midnight Wave Hits Washington DC
I know the phrase “conflict of thrones” seems obvious already in light of the tragic terrorist strikes in Paris, the conflicts over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the unexpected transition of the Speaker of the House which defined conflicts in both the Republican and Democratic parties, and the 2016 elections. Not to mention clashes with Russia, Iran and China!

But the Lord actually began to highlighted this coming Conflict of Thrones in July 2015. And the true message is deeper than what the conflicts themselves convey.

On July 13, just a day before John Kerry announced the Iranian nuclear accords, I awoke shaking from a warning dream. The Lord showed me a tsunami wave coming at midnight and overtaking Capitol Hill and Washington DC.

In the dream I went to the top of the hill at midnight, and saw this wave cresting above a giant cliff that represented our highest walls of defense. Details of the dream, specifically a meeting with Jason Hershey for the immediate launch of Davids Tent, conveyed the timing of this wave. Because Davids Tent was scheduled to begin on 9-11.

I knew the dream represented God’s response to the Iranian nuclear accords. Which He defined from Isaiah 28 as a literal covenant with death and hell. I trembled when I awoke from the dream, and I trembled again when Secretary of State Kerry announced the deal just a day later.

What was the wave? We and the Lamplighter family sought the Lord diligently. We knew it had to do with Islamist extremism that would be fueled in part by the $100 billion released to Iran. Money that would fund Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel, as well as other terror proxies.

Jolene and I even feel that we will eventually look back on September 11, 2015 in a similar way to September 11, 2001. A demarcation in history when the nation and globe changed.

Wave—Third Intifada, Migration, Islamist Extremism
In early August our prophetic friend Gary Beaton heard clearly from the Lord that the wave represented a “Third Intifada” or Palestinian uprising against Israel.

And on September 11, 2015, Palestinian rioters brought violence to the Temple Mount that ushered in a wave of stabbings and shootings that continue across Israel today.

Note that September 11-13 marked the weekend of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which began on the 13th. It sets a precedent for the new year. And that very weekend marked not only the wave of a potential Third Intifada, but the wave of mass migration of displaced Muslims from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into Europe. Unfortunately with many militant Islamists embedded among the masses, bringing a conflict of thrones into every village and city in the western world.

On Friday the 13 of November, Paris was struck by ISIS. One of the key players was a Syrian refugee. The wave has continued westward. And as we write today, news just broke that Washington DC has just been publicly threatened by ISIS.

Conflict of Thrones. From our perspective, a global conflict of thrones began on the Temple Mount on 9-11, at the beginning of the Jewish new year. You cannot make this up.

Heaven at Your Gates
Remember, the Temple Mount is marked as the ultimate seat of Christ’s authority in the earth. In 2016, we are experiencing a foretaste of the ultimate shaking conveyed in Revelation 19:11. Where Jesus retake His Throne on the Temple Mount.

It’s also important to remember another message conveyed by this passage. The primary reason for this conflict of thrones is actually because Heaven is at our gates!

Light exposes. As my friend Charles Stock noted, fire releases the potential energy of everything it touches. And as Heaven’s atmosphere connects with earth in this coming move, the conflict of thrones only intensifies.

Remember this is the “Year of the Vav.” The Hebrew letter “vav” is first found in Genesis 1 between Heaven and Earth. Heaven vav earth. Heaven at your gates!

We became aware of this emphasis by the Spirit around the Feast of Tabernacles. He spoke to us to name our upcoming conference in Brunswick Georgia “Heaven at Your Gates.” Jolene had received an encounter on this in a dream. And as we were talking with our friend Jamie Jackson, the pastor of the Brunswick church, he relayed an encounter where he saw Heaven’s gates. And an entire herd of white horses were now prepared to ride…

Note on graphic—East meets west in Promontory Utah, where golden stake was driven in to connect the transcontinental railroad. L-R Railroad worker drives stake;  Harriett Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad; Abraham Lincoln, whose vision laid the tracks for an end to slavery and the preservation of our Nation through Civil War; Jay Swallow, Native American leader whose work to bring reconciliation both within Native tribes and within our nation has brought tremendous healing to our land; and legendary railroad “steel driver” John Henry, who laid tracks that forged America’s future.