Keep in mind that today is 2:22. I’ve just been on a last-minute prayer call with Vice President Mike Pence today for the nation of Venezuela. To my knowledge this is unprecedented. WE MUST BELIEVE GOD NOW for a Daniel 7:22 turnaround! An Isaiah 22:22 Eliakim shift from the Maduro regime to the regime of Juan Guaido.

Vice President Pence shared that the Venezuela crisis has now spiraled down to the extent it has become the largest refugee crisis in the history of the western hemisphere. Apparently nine out of ten are living in poverty, and starvation looms. The US government has brought some 400 tons of relief to the border of Venezuela, but the horrific Maduro regime has threatened to block food and medicine from being received even with military action. 

Apparently the crescendo of this crisis confrontation is going down this weekend. Pence emphasized over and over again America’s unyielding commitment to restoring freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. “As our President has said, we seek a peaceful transition,” Mike Pence said, “but all options are on the table.”

Tomorrow is the most critical moment of this shift, according to Tony Perkins, host of the call and director of Family Research Council. He noted again how, in an unprecedented summons, the Trump administration is seeking prayer for Venezuela and for the relief efforts now under way. “Let us pound heaven for the results that Venezuela needs!” Tony Perkins intoned. 

On the call the Lord reminded me of Isaiah 22. Not a coincidence today is 2:22. We need to see this shift from Maduro, a Shebna who has been plundering the people of Venezuela for is own selfish gain, to God’s Eliakim for this hour. 

This freedom movement is on—and needs your prayers today, tomorrow and Sunday. LET MY PEOPLE GO!