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DEAR TURNAROUND CATALYSTS, FIRST—Take time to pray for your sons and daughters. Lets see a generation return to Jesus. LET MY CHILDREN GO!

So. It’s happening… 

But really, WHAT IS IT?

Ever since 2017, Jolene and I have been prophesying a “midnight awakening.” A midnight hour revival. Clearly, revival has now broken out, especially in colleges nationwide. Meanwhile “The “Jesus Revolution” is breaking box office records for Christian films. Probably because the atmosphere is now electric with a similar movement! 

Just two months ago at Tel Megiddo or Armageddon, Jolene saw a  vision of a clock at 10 minutes to midnight. This word too has seemingly proven accurate. Given the challenges we are facing nationally and globally, we are clearly now in a midnight hour. 

What does a “Midnight Hour Revival” look like? What makes this movement unique? How do we pray? And what’s Holy Spirit REALLY SAYING?

Special Guests Mike and Cindy Jacobs!
Legendary prophetic trailblazers Mike and Cindy Jacobs will be with us THIS TUESDAY to answer these questions and more! They both prophesied powerfully into the Turnaround Tuesday movement to close out our launch on 2-22-22. One year later, much of what they saw is now coming to pass. 

What we love best about Mike and Cindy, even above their tremendous gifting, is their tremendous hearts. They live what they preach. They have contended for this generation, even for their own children, like no other we know. And they are mentors to literally thousands of prophetic voices. Jolene and I are honored to be included in this list, over many years. 

So we’ve got some experience here. That said, our advice is… DON’T MISS YOUR MOMENT!