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Breaking—Jerusalem, Ankara, Washington DC
Jerusalem, Israel—Hamas leader announces “Intifada” in West Bank, declaring “violence is the only path to liberation.” Violence continues today in Jerusalem, with two ultra-Orthodox Jews stabbed by a 16 year old who was then shot by Israeli police. This following week of violent confrontations from the Temple Mount to the Old City and across Israel.

Ankara, Turkey—The capital of Turkey was rocked today as a bomb killed 30 during a peace rally.

Washington DC—Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan is hosting a second “Million Man March” on the National Mall in Washington DC. David’s Tent remains standing, with worship and intercession 24-7 throughout. Please pray!

Justice or Else—Nation of Islam Rally
Today as I write, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, is rallying his followers again on the National Mall in Washington DC.  It is the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Today’s rally is called “Justice or Else.”

Capitol Hill police have been embroiled in controversy after an internal email warned of potential violence against police and others. Yet if Farrakhan’s words are meant to be carried through, the threat is tangible. Just this July, the Nation of Islam leader addressed recent tragedies from police confrontations. “We must rise up and kill those who kill us!”

The man who called Jews “wicked deceivers of the American people” also declared that “Hitler was a very great man.” Further, he verbally supports uprising in the Mideast. “They call them terrorists,” he said of Hezbollah. “I call them freedom fighters.”

Third Intifada—Israel and America?
I personally do not believe today’s rally will turn violent. But it is extremely significant that the Nation of Islam is on our Capitol Mall today as violent uprisings continue unabated in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem.

In August this year, Jolene and I joined Gary Beaton in warning of a potential Third Intifada. A Palestinian uprising against Israel. Most of you are familiar with my dream from July 13 of a “midnight wave.” I saw a tsunami wave breaching our highest walls of defense, crashing in on Capitol Hill and Washington DC. The timetable in the dream, demarcated by the launch of David’s Tent, was 9-11.

After much prayer, Gary Beaton soon defined the “midnight wave” I saw in this dream. By the Spirit of God he warned of a Third Intifada that could impact not only Jerusalem, but Washington DC and the United States.

Not coincidentally, September 11-13 marked the dramatic upswing of violence at the Temple Mount, seemingly in keeping with the time indicated in the dream. This surge of violence continues in Jerusalem and across Israel today. Pray that it be abated, in Jesus’ Name!

Nuclear Accords—Covenant with Death?
When I had the dream, the Lord made clear that it was His response to the Iranian nuclear accords. While praying, I felt the Lord clearly termed the deal “a covenant with death and Sheol” (Isaiah 28). Please note I am by no means questioning the motivation of our Nation’s leaders to secure peace through diplomacy—in fact I’m all for it. Jesus Himself declared, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

But I personally do not feel this deal secures either Heaven’s approbation or the intended peace. In fact, it ultimately empowers violence against Israel and potentially America. The warning I felt from the Lord—again subjective—was that by this accord our leaders could literally be welcoming death and hell into the gates of our land.

Threats Continue
The historic deal was announced on July 14, a day after the warning dream. Even as it was being sealed, Iranian leaders continued to threaten Israel and the United States. Ayatollah Khamenei vowed that “Israel won’t even exist in 25 years.”

Amazingly, the Iranian deal releases 150 billion dollars immediately into the Iranian economy, accelerating capacities to fulfill these intentions. Over decades they have been dedicated to igniting a Palestinian uprising. Terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas are being resourced towards this end.

ISIS—Pursuing ‘Nuclear Tsunami’
The most sobering part of Gary’s warning was that our nation could actually be affected by this intifada. Again, Iran has only strengthened its call for America’s demise, and has refused any further negotiations with our government beyond the nuclear accords.

Meanwhile the intelligence community has warned that ISIS is in the United States.

Remember the imagery the Lord gave in the warning dream was of a tsunami. Recently a German reporter embedded with ISIS shared chilling insights. According to the Washington Times, German reporter Jurgen Todenhofer warned that ISIS was ardently pursuing nuclear weapons. “The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS,” concluded Todenhofer. “The terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people.” In his own words, “A nuclear tsunami, preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.

Russia and America—Conflict of Thrones
When sharing our warnings, we did not know that Russia would be instigating greater turmoil—even against the United States.

After the Iranian accords were signed, and in defiance of the accord’s clear diplomatic mandates, the Iranian Quds Force leader Quassem Soleimani flew to Russia to meet with President Putin. Not long after, Russia began an extraordinary military campaign against militants in Syria.

Though Russia’s focus was allegedly taking down ISIS, their actions have proven otherwise. The targeting of US-supported rebels from the first strike on brought Russia and America squarely into conflict. And they are aligning and coordinating directly with Iran.

Securing the Gates
Friends, we know that God sees all this. Further, He has restored covenant with us. And His covenant ultimately trumps all the work of the enemy.

I do not know what is ahead. But I do feel compelled that we need to believe God for a turnaround both in Israel and America. We need to again focus on securing the gates. Now and throughout the coming year, lets joining with leaders and intercessors across the region and nation who have received this same mandate. New prayer strategies are emerging.

But for now, please take what we’ve shared with you before the Throne. Pray for America, Israel and the Mideast. Pray for the enemy’s curses against our Capitol, our law enforcement, our government to be disempowered. Pray for leaders to see clearly through any deception, in Jesus’ Name.

It’s truly time for a new way forward. Please pray for our gates to be secured!