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MIDNIGHT TURNAROUND! Feb. 1-22. Key postings:
1. Prophetic Dream: Light the Lamp & Embrace Teshuvah (today)
2. Justice Turnaround (Dream-Sidelining the Sharks)
3. State of the Deep State: Verdict from Heaven’s Court

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First—this post seems really important to the Lord. Please don’t just scan it. Read, and take the message to heart. 

Last night’s State of the Union Address was nothing less than historic. President Trump caompelled all Americans to put aside their differences and grasp the potential of this “the American moment” now before us. I agree. An incredible door of opportunity is opening (Isaiah 22:22). Not a coincidence that we are launching our second 22-day prayer project today!

No President has ever publicly honored the voice of God like Trump did during this speech. He recounted an amazing story about an Albuquerque policeman who heard directly from the Lord to adopt a baby from a pregnant mother addicted to heroin. 

The baby’s name? Hope. Truly a word for this American moment!

But oddly enough it was a North Korean defector, celebrated by Trump, who most inspired the American spirit. Crutches lifted, courage defined.

Launching the Midnight Turnaround
Welcome to the Midnight Turnaround. I believe this prayer project will prove to be one of our most important endeavors of the year. So please join Jolene and me in prayer, fasting, consecration and watching as we see the Lord launch the next phase of His Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict.” Monday’s posting chronicles the release of this new phase. If you haven’t yet read it please click here. 

Even the blue moon this morning is bearing witness that we are in a new phase of God’s work. The eclipse is bringing an unveiling. And are being summoned together to enter into this new phase of turnaround in a very profound way. 

The Turnaround Dream
Our project was commissioned by a prophetic dream. On Saturday I awoke startled as God conveyed how we are to position ourselves before Him so as to receive this next phase of national turnaround. Remember the Midnight Cry. We like the virgins are now being summoned to tend our lamps—and position ourselves to meet the Bridegroom authentically. 

In the dream I was in a huge auditorium where a conference-type prayer meeting was about to launch. I was behind the stage, actually the longest platform I had ever seen. Almost every moment of this meeting had been meticulously planned out, pushing many agendas into a single event. It was a major production. 

The lead planner insisted on focusing the meeting on a new Bible this prayer movement had just produced. Sales of the Bible were down, and low attendance at the meeting was feared.

An older lady had requested to open the prayer meeting. Cathy was unknown to most, and this request was totally out of character for her. She insisted that she be the only one to pray, with no one after. Especially with so much to fit in, it was astonishing that she was given the green light, but she was. 

Many were angry at her seeming insolence—including me. 

Sometimes it’s sobering how Jesus authentically portrays our hearts through dreams. Because in the dream I decided to confront her, in the interest of “building bridges.” In truth, I wanted to show her I was right—and preserve my opportunity to pray. 

The easiest way to get to her was to cross the stage. But I felt checked because I had not yet been invited to the platform. So I walked behind the long stage and back around to the front so I could hear Cathy, intersect with her, and gently convey my wisdom.

I looked to my left—which was actually the right side of the stage—and saw the crowd was indeed very sparse. 

The unknown woman appeared on the right-center side of the stage. Her curly gray hair shone against the backdrop of a black stage curtain. She woman looked around nervously as all eyes became riveted on her. 

Then Cathy lit a candle and then held it up. She simply said one word, tears filling her eyes.


In the dream a prolonged moment of silence followed. Again, only one thing was said. “Teshuvah.” Cathy disappeared from the stage, leaving the candle burning on the podium.

Teshuvah—the Power of Turnaround for 2018
Upon awakening I immediately rehearsed the details of the dream. What was the Hebrew word? It sounded like Yeshua, but with a “T.” 

Teshuvah. I recognized the Hebrew word, but did not know its meaning. So I looked it up on Google. What I discovered startled me even more. Because “Teshuvah” conveys the Hebrew meaning of repentance. Return. Or turnaround. 

In the Jewish tradition, repentance is called teshuvah,” according to the website My Jewish Learning. “A Hebrew word translated as “returning.” The article continues, “One of the Hebrew words for sin is chet, which in Hebrew means ‘to go astray.’ Thus the idea of repentance in Jewish thought is a return to the path of righteousness.”

Chet. Eight. We’ve heard a lot of messages on the Hebrew year 5778, including from me. The symbol looks like a door, or a tabernacle. Friends, there is a doorway opening NOW for Teshuvah. Within God’s bridal canopy you are being enveloped by an anointing of holy conviction. And we are all being summoned to return to the path of righteousness. The name “Cathy” means purity, by the way.

This is a clear word to us as we begin this Turnaround project. Because “turnaround” is “teshuvah.” 

Again it was important to note I knew the word “Teshuvah,” but not it’s meaning. It seems the Lord is calling even many prayer movements—certainly us first—to rediscover the true meaning of repentance. This is His greatest priority above all agendas as we enter into this next phase of His Daniel 7:22 turnaround.

“Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19). We are at this historic door right now!

Agendas on Pause
Note that in the dream, I thought I knew God’s agenda, but really I didn’t. And I sought to gently correct the person who actually did. 

So often our agendas, even God-given agendas, have taken priority over simply seeking the Lord in genuineness. That’s often when the agendas themselves become corrupted. Please consider giving place once again to the voice of God above the voice of your agendas. Let Jesus renew your vision. 

Lets be very cautious about presumption in this season. Lets put our agendas on pause.

This warning is even for prayer movements and prayer meetings. How many prayer gatherings have been crippled by presumption! How many conferences have stagnated under the weight of agenda after agenda after agenda as we all seek our five moments of fame. And be sure to visit our website at…

Beloved, one principle remains. It’s not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. God wants to teach us how to flow together, in synergy with Him and with each other. By this our lamp brightens in strength and beauty. 

But the disharmony of an imposed agenda, not in the flow of the Spirit, will invariably cause it to dim. We must all be conscious of this. Lets return to plumb—me first. Teshuvah.

Purity Lights a Candle
In the dream, Cathy lit a candle and then held it up. The name “Cathy” means purity. And the parallel to the “Midnight Cry” when the 10 virgins awakening and tending their lamps is unmistakeable. 

We’ve prophesied about a “Burning Lamp Awakening” for 2018. It is now here. And as we light our lamps, it’s time for the Midnight Teshuvah or Turnaround.  

God wants all of us to tend our lamps in this hour. Some of this is His responsibility, but most of it is our responsibility. We are being summoned now to prepare. And remember. The whole reason she lights her lamp in the midnight hour is that the Lord is now ready to come! We are being summoned through our doorway because the Lord is coming through His doorway into our world. 

This is all part of the next phase of the Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” He is launching now through 2-22. Most of you know that Dutch Sheets is hosting a “Turnaround” gathering in Washington DC at this time. Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle and others are joining. The timetable for this was shown to Chuck Pierce in an angelic visitation… at a steakhouse in Arlington VA… long story. But we were part of this and will share more on it soon. 

That said, the gathering itself is sold out. So if you weren’t able to get tickets, maybe you should light a candle in your own city or state over this time! Get a prayer meeting together. Light your lamp! Together across the nation, lets welcome His presence as we enter together into this new season. 

The Candle of Your Human Spirit
While seeking the Lord this morning, the Lord showed me there’s even more to this candle-lighting than I perceived. He wants to make this “Burning Lamp Awakening” very personal. 

Proverbs gives an incredible insight into how our human spirit functions. “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the innermost parts of his being” (Proverbs 20:27). Beloved, your human spirit is a candle of the Lord! Searching the depths of God’s Spirit, and also the “deep state” of your own being. That’s great for repentance. And even more importantly, this candle brightens your vision of the treasures within your own being. Awakening. Revelation. Activation of gifts. Love-entrusted treasures.

I’ve never prayed this before, but I felt to directly ask the Lord to light the candle of my human spirit today. The sense of God’s presence in response was immediate. I want to encourage you to pray, “Lord please light the candle of my human spirit.” 

God’s Agenda—Light the Lamp and Embrace “Teshuvah”
In summation. God’s priority as we launch into these 22 days is clear. Lets repent where needed. Lets return to communion. Lets return to His word. Lets refocus on Jesus. He is the gate we need to return through, and only His Spirit can usher us into this new phase of turnaround in the first place.

Lets return to first-love devotion as our number-one priority, with all other agendas a distant second. Note I’m not saying to drop your assignment. Just pause. Be mature like Gideon, and keep watch even while drinking deeply from God’s river. 

Because even the heavens are declaring that today a new season is beginning. Lets light our lamps and embrace “Teshuvah!”