NOTE: NO PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! Next prayer call will be Wednesday as scheduled.

How ‘bout that—two postings in one day! A double portion blessing 🙂

In our first posting today, we shared key revelation on “The Year of the Tithe.” God is calling us all to secure our gates for the future, first through the divine exchange conveyed by Malachi 3. He will open the windows of Heaven! He will rebuke the devourer off of our land.

The Lord showed us how He wants to bring a turnaround similar in scope to what the nation experienced from the 1970s into the 1980s. Huge! And He is calling us to a new level of obedience towards this end.

This afternoon I want to provide some context for this directive specifically from this weekend’s gathering. I believe God’s orchestrations will really encourage you.

Messenger of the Covenant
We shared on Monday that we felt a new move of the Spirit had been commissioned during the “Heaven at Your Gates” gathering. Holy Spirit suddenly swept in during the Saturday evening worship. “There’s something coming in the air tonight, oh Lord… oh Lord! And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life… oh Lord!”

As part of this, I felt to share on my own commissioning encounter with three angelic hosts—including an angel of breakthrough, an angel of awakening and an angel of covenant.

Pastor Jamie Jackson then shared his visitation from that night. He saw himself at the feet of the Ancient of Days. He also encountered three angelic hosts during this visitation. Amazingly, he “knew” these angelic hosts were the same ones I had encountered! And they were with us for this very moment.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t understand it all. But it’s not a coincidence that Malachi 3, the passage containing God’s promise in the tithe, begins with the Messenger of the Covenant coming to His temple!

“Behold, I send My messenger, and he will prepare the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple—even the Messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight. Behold, He is coming,” says the Lord of hosts.”

From this alone it became clear to me there was one more message God wanted me to release. An apostolic directive calling for a national return to tithes and offerings as a means of preparing the way for God’s turnaround. Year of the Tithe!

Message in a Bottle
Remember the Messenger of the Covenant. What do messengers do? They bring messages! That said, in a vision earlier that week I had seen a message in a bottle. Literally. It was floating towards me on the waters. The only visible writing on the scroll was a heart, followed by “Jean,” the French name for John.

I knew immediately what it meant. Because we “happened” to journey from Washington DC to Brunswick GA on the 450th anniversary of Jean Ribault’s death. In this very region, Ribault and his band of Huguenots were martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ. Ribault died chanting Psalm 132, literally begging God that this land would be a “dwelling place for the mighty God of Jacob.”

And on the anniversary of this foundational covenant with the Lord, He summoned us to gather in this very region. 

While praying, the rest of this message in a bottle became visible. Psalm 132—a dwelling place of God—again one of Christ’s foundational covenants with our land. And the words most emphasized? The Lord has chosen this land for His dwelling place

Gate of Global Finance
Brunswick is not only a region established by covenant with God through the Huguenots, but it is also the region where the Federal Reserve was conceived and birthed. In 1910, bankers and government leaders convened on Jekyll Island to frame this economic engine of America and the globe.

Gary Beaton mentioned to me that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, even the United Nations, are all linked back to this root. I’m not going to explore this now, I just want you to be aware.

Heaven is Ready to Ride
Because right at this gate—of national covenant and of national and global finance— the Lord called us together for “Heaven at Your Gates.”

And again, He spoke to us how the “conflict of thrones” is actually catalyzed by Heaven at your gates. In Revelation 19:11, Jesus is pictured riding a white horse on a “glory procession” to dethrone an antichrist spirit and secure His throne on Zion.

“And I saw Heaven open, and behold a white horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses. From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations” (Rev. 19:11).

Remember the vision by Pastor Jamie Jackson, from which the conference was named. Jamie saw in a vision the gates of Heaven, with the white horses being groomed. Heaven is getting ready to ride! And when the Holy Spirit swept in, both I and another prophetic intercessor saw these horses being released.

In summary—with an orchestration only He can bring, the Lord announced Saturday night He was commissioning a new move of God. From the gate of both Ribault’s covenant and the founding of the Federal Reserve, the Lord called our nation to embrace the Year of the Tithe as a catalyst for His national turnaround. Opening again the windows of Heaven and rebuking the devourer from our land.

Before the Court of Heaven
We closed out this service by approaching the Court of Heaven, standing before the feet of the Ancient of Days, much as Jamie saw. Remembering how Jesus judges, and then makes war to establish His justice!

We asked the Ancient of Days to remember His covenant with our land. As priests of the Lord we presented our tithes and offerings, and the offerings of the nation, asking the Lord to remember the heartfelt obedience of His friends. We asked Him to judge in our favor, granting His Turnaround Verdict (Daniel 7:22).

And then we asked Him to to ride—to open the windows of Heaven, rebuke the devourer, and establish this Turnaround Verdict on earth as it is in Heaven.

Remember the Lord Your God
Please consider approaching the bench with the same plea for yourself, your family, your church, your region. My prayer is that, by giving context for the word and directive the Lord has shown us, you will be empowered to grasp the potential for the covenant blessing He is offering us all.

Because a new move of the Spirit is at hand— a window for a national turnaround. He is calling His body to a new level of obedience for this divine exchange.

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day” (Deut. 8:18).