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Jolene and I hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend. Amidst the family picnics, baseball games, burnt burgers and Harley convoys, please take to heart the reason we celebrate the weekend in the first place. Lets honor our veterans past and present for the sacrifices they made and the pains they still endure to keep our nation free.

I believe it’s a good idea to join their ranks. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but most of you reading this are being summoned by the Lord Jesus Christ to stand for His freedom in our land today—especially freedom to worship. So may your life become a memorial stone that bears witness to God’s deliverance for generations to come. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Sadly, some folks across the Potomac from us have seemingly decided that becoming a globalist Pharaoh makes more sense than retaining our identity as a Nation under God. As if our elected leaders were suddenly given a higher authority than Jesus Christ to define morality to our nation and world.

You know how North Carolina came under fire for simply mandating that biological men go to the mens room, and biological women to the womens room. The Governor of Georgia was given a mandate to veto a bill protecting religious freedom, threatened not only by this Administration but by Hollywood and even by the NFL. Sign it—no Super Bowl for you!

He didn’t sign it.

So much for states rights. Or for the First Amendment of the Constitution for that matter, which ensures our right to worship unhindered by the leaders elected to serve us.

Friends, we fought a revolution to establish a nation in freedom, and we are currently in the midst of a revolution to retain the freedoms our warriors lived and died to give us. Need courage for this hour? Need resolve? Look to their example. Above all, look to Jesus, who paid the ultimate price for your freedom and mine.

And remember. However challenging it gets here, neither man nor devil can ever take His freedom away.

“Take the Glory Train to West Virginia”
Jolene and I have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend so far. My prophetic bride had received a word to “take the Glory Train to West Virginia” for the revival. So we traveled this Memorial Day weekend to experience the embers of the “coal field awakening.”

There was something so genuine, so refreshing about the simple open-air meeting in a high school football stadium where a simple gospel message was preached. I loved every minute of it!

Here’s a personal observation I believe to be prophetic. God is stirring the fire of this this “coal fields revival” very intentionally. The hot coals of this simple gospel will soon touch the hearts of multitudes nationwide, just as it has with us. Take the coals, cleanse my lips, here I am!

And it’s very simply the justice of God to birth a revival in a region so economically devastated by recent administration policies. Coal has been rendered virtually illegal as an energy source. As a result, much of the state has now become desperate for economic relief. But in their desperation, West Virginians are looking to God to grant what government has denied.

Consider the purpose for the gatherings. In the words of Todd Weis:  “This is not just a youth event. This is a plea to heaven from desperate people. What is happening in Mingo, Logan, and now Wyoming counties are not youth rallies, revival services, or attempts to fill churches. This is what happens when people become desperate. Desperate for answers, peace, comfort, purpose. Revival can only come when people are desperate. Our area is as far as the tangible eye can see dying. No jobs, no future, no hope. But from the eyes of the spirit God creates highways through desert places and provision in famine. If you can’t attend this event than we implore you to pray for us. We believe that through faithfulness and sincere love for the lost and hurting God is going to do miraculous works in our lives. Come and worship with us and dare to believe for something more.”

Now that’s revolutionary. No wonder God’s eyes and heart are so on West Virginia right now. Lamplighter family lets stand with the believers in this state for breakthrough revival. It happened in 1904, when a spark from Heaven in the coal mines of Wales ignited an entire nation.

I believe it has actually happened here in this hour. Authentic revival, even in its infancy. May West Virginia’s coal fires light our land with glory!

My Flying iPhone
On a personal note, my apologies for not responding to texts, calls and emails this weekend. I was trying to make a video from my car window while Jolene was driving through a West Virginia town. All of the sudden my iPhone escaped my grasp and took flight! And when it landed… well you can imagine.

Amazingly it still works—sort of. Finding out today whether it will be repaired or replaced. But even in this experience there’s a taste of God’s refining fire. An idol was smashed! I must confess I’ve been way too focused on my iPhone and the nonstop attention that it thrives on. Especially with communication and news while the Glory Train continues to roll far from our hometown of Washington DC.

The pause has been refreshing. And it probably needs to continue. All that said, may your hearts be refreshed and filled with fresh gratitude as you pause from your labors as well.  Covenant blessing to each of you this Memorial Day.