TONIGHT! Freedom Watch, 7:30 pm, Whole Word Fellowship Chapel, Oakton VA. All welcome!

Note: No prayer call tonight! Urgent—please keep Israel in prayer!

Amazing news. House Speaker candidate Kevin McCarthy stepped aside yesterday, sparking a dramatic contest for this throne. Makes our prophetic roundtable this afternoon all the more timely, as well as our evening of prophetic ministry at the Whole Word Fellowship Chapel.

Please pray for us!

And lets keep in prayer for the right leader to be chosen as House Speaker. I am actually feeling we need to take the next two weeks for targeted prayer for the speakership. Today we are also launching a year-long project to “Secure the Gates of Washington DC.” Both themes seem to be converging with the extraordinary “gate” of House Speaker now being contended for. Remember the dream of the “midnight wave” hitting Capitol Hill. We really need to pray!

The Office of the Speaker is the highest expression to the intercessory ministry I know of in the House. The Speaker is charged with breaching divisions within the collective body, and bringing a collaborative unity that advances a cause. Especially in today’s atmosphere, where not only are Republicans and Democrats divided, but the Republican Party itself is divided.

Making this a rather thankless job.

All that said, please pray for a leader who can effectively span the gaps and inspire a fresh collaboration. Lets contend together for this gate—shut to the wrong candidates, open to the right candidate. Remembering that these thrones of our nation belong to the Lord by covenant. No King but Jesus!