PROPHETIC FRIENDS SHARE WARNINGS, PROMISES! 9-10:30 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Tonight I have arranged for Branden Polk and Lynnie Harlow to briefly share recent prophetic experiences. Lynnie’s angelic encounter yesterday, about storms and holy fire, was chronicled in last night’s posting. Branden Polk, a prophet and worship leader for JHOP-DC, had a significant warning dream last night about potential terrorist attacks across the US.

Needless to say… come ready to pray! Lets plan now for two more weeks of intensive watching and praying. And lets claim the promise given by the Lord around Passover. For the sake of your covenant, Lord, do not let Your dream for this land be aborted! Shut the gates of sabotage, and open the gates of holy visitation!

Prophesy Resurgence! 
This morning Holy Spirit spoke to me, PROPHESY RESURGENCE. I knew He was speaking of a resurgence of His presence and power. This is the experience of Pentecost!

And that is what I am praying for you–a resurgence of Holy Spirit power. It truly can be yours today.

How do I know this? Personal experience. These past 50 days we have found it tough overall to pray. We’ve had the best of intentions, but only a trickle of grace. That to say, there’s been a NOTICEABLE shift yesterday and today! Praise God. Lets not forget that the experience of Pentecost brought an impartation of Spirit-empowered prayer. So receive your resurgence, and lets get on the wall!

On a national level, we’ve all been praying for the Lord to visit us again with the power of His Spirit. From the beginning, the efforts to break from idolatry and unjust bloodshed and realign with His covenant have been towards this end. We’ve been praying for Holy Spirit resurgence. Now it’s time to PROPHESY RESURGENCE.

And in this, take responsibility for your own geographic location. Ezekiel is a good model for us. When the Lord told him to prophesy to the winds, He didn’t just say “blow on the slain wherever,” He told him to direct the winds to “breathe on THESE SLAIN.” Where does the Lord desire you to direct His winds?

We can also see this when Jesus directed His disciples to tarry until endued with power. Jesus didn’t tell them to “go from upper room to upper room” to receive the Spirit. He told them to pray in one specific geographic location until the Spirit came, and they were endued with power from on high.

Make this your prayer. Prophesy resurgence to your area! Throne room winds come, in Jesus’ Name! Come from the four winds, o breath, and breathe on THESE slain–in my home, my church, my region–that they may live! Come, Holy Spirit wind and fire. Resurgence, in Jesus’ Name!