“The Mighty One has done great things for me… He has brought down rulers from their thrones, and exalted those who were humble…” Miriam, mother of Yeshua, Luke 1:49, 52.

“He who has the bride is the Bridegroom.” Today we celebrate the greatest plea ever entered into Heaven’s court. And we celebrate the greatest verdict ever rendered by the Supreme Judge. This sacred blood of our Passover Lamb forever bears witness to His verdict, sealed by His own resurrection on your behalf!

This weekend we close out the New Birth of Freedom project. We have indeed tasted of breakthrough–even in Washington DC!

On Wednesday, I felt to do our conference call from the steps of the Supreme Court. Two days of hearings had finished earlier that afternoon. In the prayer room across the street, God’s breakthrough presence was so tangible that I was a little… overcome. So when I stepped out for the call, I was actually a little loud in sharing God’s goodness as we appeal to a higher Court than the Supreme Court!

Verdict by the Supreme Court Steps
Earlier that morning, I was privileged to join with a small team from Jim Garlow’s church in San Diego by the same steps. Jim Garlow, of course, helped to birth and steward Proposition 8, seeing the movement through to passage in California and to the Supreme Court.

Just as HAPN leaders were culminating their projects across the nation, Jolene and I were preparing to pray onsite at the three remaining abortion clinics in DC. By the steps of the Supreme Court, surrounded by activists with a different cause, we literally took our case to a higher Court. We prayed through the Divorce Decree from Baal, the Writ of Assistance, the Declaration of Covenant, and the Life Decree, RECEIVING GOD’S VERDICT IN FAVOR OF THE SAINTS.

We together felt that by Passover, God wanted us to apply His blood-redeemed verdict on the doorposts of abortion clinics in each state of the nation. This was preparation for national breakthrough–a New Birth of Freedom! What an honor to represent us all in applying this same Blood and this same verdict on the doorposts of the Supreme Court! AMEN!

New Birth of Freedom! Thank You!
I want to stop here and honor Sara Ballenger, Jason Hershey, and Matt Lockett for uniting together for a holy cause at this time. 50 hours for Jesus!

Thank you Dr. John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs, incredible catalysts for change in this nation who saw the potential for this “New Birth of Freedom” at such a critical time.

To HAPN/RPN leaders and our Lamplighter family nationwide, thank you for spending your energies on the dream of God’s heart. Before the Throne, we have prayed together, wept together, journeyed together. Thanks to you, God’s verdict has been rendered and declared at more than 800 abortion clinics nationwide!

I want to especially thank the Brubakers and Zylstras, dear friends whose intercession surrounded us and helped carry us during this time. None of this would have been possible without you.

Above all else–best for last–THANK YOU YESHUA! Not only for your grace and breakthrough this Passover, but especially for BECOMING OUR PASSOVER. He who has the bride is the Bridegroom…

This Morning! Chuck Pierce Prophesies!
Today and tomorrow we are at Chuck Pierce’s Passover gathering, before going to Oklahoma City for Resurrection Sunday with Dr. Benefiel and the Church on the Rock family. We are honored to be sharing a report as part of their Sunday service. Please pray for us!

This morning Chuck Pierce gave a really key word. It actually summarizes your warfare from the beginning of 2013. Speaking on God’s covenant with our nation and Israel this Passover, he declared:

“We must respond to the MOVEMENT of covenant! The antichrist system targets God’s covenant. But God’s people must understand God will not only protect His covenant and promise, but He will cause us to learn to move in warfare against that which would stop God’s covenant from advancing. Maneuver past! This year God has a bridge to protect His promise, to protect you His people, and to protect His covenant plan. We will move forward!”

Breakthroughs this Season
When we started this journey into 2013, The Lord stirred our hearts with this prophetic vision for a “New Birth of Freedom.” We saw how The Lord wanted to bring breakthrough to the nation beginning this Passover, and how this move would even impact abortion.

But we never imagined how profound the impact would be. I write with tears. Almost every day, headlines chronicle new laws on death procedures that for decades ran virtually unrestricted and without accountability in our land. Renegade abortionists are being exposed for astonishing evil, and even tried in court. Matt Lockett, national director of Bound4Life, recently told me that he’s never seen the magnitude of advances since the beginning of this year!

We’re late-comers to this battle, simply propelled by the word of The Lord. We had such trepidation presenting this vision to our prayer networks last December. Most of our friends were still gasping for air after an election that seemed to move the nation only farther from the irrefutable standards that would secure our preservation. Washington DC felt gripped by a spiritual void. Many intercessors across the land simply stopped praying, and retreated to our respective caves.

Yet just as at creation, God began to speak into this void and call forth light. Again, we are beyond grateful for John Benefiel, Cindy Jacobs, Sara, Matt, Jason, and colleagues across this land who stepped with us into this void and began to shine! AMEN!

Announcing Freedom Torch 50
Now comes the final part of the project the Lord called us to, 50 days of prayer for the Supreme Court and nation. As we’re almost through Passover, we’re calling this prayer project  “Freedom Torch 50.” As we continue in watchful prayer, the Lord spoke to me of this time, “Your strength will only increase, and your lamps will only grow brighter.” Amen!

We shared the following word from Crystal Kain-Ross on Wednesday, including the following confirmation on the 50 days. I thought it would be good to close with this encouragement.

“Tell My intercessors ‘Thank-you’ for sharing Our grief over the sins of the Nation, and the murder of millions of innocent babies. Waves of prayers have reached the Throne, and many more waves of intercession are yet to come.”

I have compelled participation, for those who share in My glory, shall also bear with Me great burdens, in behalf of causes much bigger than themselves. For this reason, (of active, continued participation), We have released healing honey for the entire Earth, starting with Jerusalem, and going throughout the whole Earth.”

The beginning of the celebration of Passover is the time for the beginning of this powerful release, and it shall continue past Easter, and for a period of 50 days.It shall cleanse the following sins for America:

1 Cleanse the sin of abortion
2 Cleanse the sin of homosexuality
3 Cleanse the sin of carnality
4 Cleanse the sin of witchcraft
5 Cleanse the sin of evil entertainment
6 Cleanse the sin of idolatry”

“This cleansing shall shake the heavens and Earth. It shall shake the hearts and souls of the weak and the strong. Many shall fall away, and many shall draw near, and nearer still… convinced the birth pangs of this age are increasing, and are real…”