FAISAL MALICK ON TOMORROW’S CALL! Prayer Convergence with HAPN follows! Weds 9-11 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute.

We are moving towards Passover 50! On Wednesday, join us for a special call with key apostolic leaders Faisal and Sabina Malick. Faisal’s book “Political Spirit” is one of the most significant I have ever seen on the challenges we now face. The Malicks will share key revelation regarding Passover on the call.

Speaking of which… Just a week before Passover, legendary Jerusalem prayer director Tom Hess brought a multinational team to Washington DC. Though Tom was here on his own governmental prayer assignment, he was so gripped by Passover 50–covering the upcoming Supreme Court hearings–he changed his schedule to lead us on a prayer journey to the Court!

Tom Hess Prays at Supreme Court

Not a Coincidence!
For perspective, in the 1980s, before moving to Jerusalem, Tom was based out of Capitol Hill. For years, he ran a region-wide prayer base from a building across the street from the Supreme Court. He sold the building when he transitioned to Jerusalem. YET THIS VERY BUILDING IS WHERE WE WILL BE GATHERING FOR PASSOVER 50!

During his time here, Tom would pray every day at the Supreme Court, contending for breakthrough. Stunning to discover. Three decades later, Jason Hershey, Matt Lockett, Sara Ballenger and myself are walking in his footsteps with Passover 50 next week! And Tom, his wife Kate and team arrive just in time to commission us to carry this torch, again FROM THE VERY BUILDING!

Can’t make this up.

Your Stand Impacts Nations
I am still shaking from Tom Hess’ directive to us. “Your stand impacts the world,” he told us. “The Nation needs to hear your call to prayer! For prayer and fasting for God to break through.”

I take great encouragement when Cindy Jacobs, Negiel Bigpond or John Benefiel call us to keep moving forward. Mothers and fathers in the faith are supposed to do this.

But until Sunday, neither Jason nor I had ever met Tom Hess–just read his books, and admired his legacy. So for this Jerusalem prayer leader to compel us like this–even taking time from his assignment to undergird ours–was nothing less than monumental. I therefore am compelling you, just as Tom and Kate compelled us. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! TO A LARGE MEASURE, THE NATION AND NATIONS WILL BE IMPACTED BY YOUR STAND!

Remember our 50 hour prayer watch begins Monday evening, and covers two days of Supreme Court hearings on same sex marriage.

Since the beginning of the year the Lord has focused us on Passover as a season of breakthrough. Scripturally, both Exodus 12 and Acts 12 point to this. In both Exodus 12 and Acts 12, God released breakthrough that enforced His justice to government! This cannot be emphasized enough. That is exactly what we are aiming for in this season.

So–give yourselves to breakthrough prayer! And looking forward to touching base with you Wednesday on the call.

50 hours nationwide prayer for marriage | 50 hours DC prayer | 50 days nationwide prayer for Supreme Court | 7pm Monday-9pm Weds.