Below is a “911 CALL” to prayer over North Korea by our friend Lynnie Harlow. It is an incredible, sobering word. She shared it last night on the phone call, and an anointing for prayer fell that kept many intercessors on the call almost until 11pm.

Lynnie has proven herself as one of the most accurate prophets we know. She noted that the news is now reporting the leader of North Korea is summoning the world to watch for a BIG EVENT coming between today and Saturday. Please keep all this in prayer. Below is Lynnie’s word.

911 Call for North Korea—My Justice Bell is Ringing! 
Lynnie Harlow
Monday night while praying at the Hamills, I saw a vision. What I saw was a red siren going off and underneath it in big bold letters it said NORTH KOREA. Under that I saw the numbers 911. As I prayed more into it the next day the Lord gave me this scripture from Isaiah 28:6…”He will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgement, a source of strength to those who TURN BACK THE ENEMY AT THE GATE”.

The Lord spoke two things to me. (1) gates are points of access for us and the enemy, and (2) gates are places of authority.

This is the prophetic word He spoke to me:
There is a trembling in Heaven that is touching earth at this hour. For I am sending out my shock waves of anointing for prayer over mounting areas of escalation. I am blowing the wind of new birth into broken areas which have been fractured for a long time. It is time to turn the enemy at the gates. For the gates will be where My anointed take their stand. THERE IS A JUSTICE BELL RINGING FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HAD NO RECOURSE! But I the Lord am laying a plumb-line, and I will be a wall of fire around those nations that have not called Me by name. This is a day of reckoning and the enemy’s blatant hand will now answer to My higher law. FOR “I” AM TURNING THE ENEMY AT THE GATES!