Prayer Project Sept. 25-Oct. 5


TURNAROUND TUESDAY SEPT. 27, 1PM ET. Take every Tuesday to pray for your sons and daughters. And please connect with us for a 45 minute zoom broadcast with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, hosts Jon & Jolene. Invite your friends to join!

DEAR FRIENDS,L’SHANAH TOVAH! THE TRUMPETS HAVE SOUNDED OVER JERUSALEM, and with an unusual mixture of relief and trepidation the Jewish new year 5783 has now begun. Many, including Jolene and me through the book Turnaround Decrees as well as our national ministry tours, have conveyed how a new season of recovery is available to access. Pursue, overtake, recover all! 

Creating Forerunner Pathways—New Prayer Project
That said, what specifically are you seeking from the Lord for this new year? Remember the 10 days represent a time period where the Book of Life is opened, and verdicts from Heaven’s Court set the course for the new year. I feel that we as the Lamplighter community should take these 10 days to CREATE FORERUNNER PATHWAYS.

What verdict should the Lord grant you? If you were God, evaluating the condition of your life and conduct, what verdict would you grant yourself? What verdict would you grant our government? Our nation? 

The good news is there’s still time to repent—and receive a better verdict than your actions alone may secure. According to Jewish tradition, the Lord opens the Book of Life on Rosh Hashanah and pencils in his decisions over the lives of humankind. Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur you and I have an opportunity to “approach the bench” in repentance to see our transgressions blotted out. We also have the opportunity to recalibrate by enacting deliberate choices to move in a different direction. 

In short, during these 10 days you and I have a limited window to create forerunner pathways for your future. The pathways forged right now are intended by God to advance you through both the opportunities and challenges of the coming year.

Therefore it’s a time to forgive, release debts and offenses, and renew relationships where they have been strained either by the actions of others or our own. Take the step and initiate reconciliation. It is also your time to sow financially into the Kingdom. 

Let me ask you again—what are you seeking from the Lord in this season? For yourself, for your family, for others? For your nation? How are you praying? How are you setting your course during these next 10 days?

Be Like Hannah! Your Time to Pursue
Jolene received a penetrating word during the consecration service for the 13 colonies that we are making public today over these “ten days of awe” between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. She heard the Lord bring a decisive call to abstain from wine and strong drink, as well as to confront any other addictive substance challenging your life. Embracing this discipline should be considered bare minimum for the 10 days.

This Rosh Hashanah it’s time to be like Hannah (Read 1 Sam. 1-28). Remember Hannah came before God constantly over what she desired from the Lord, with a desperate vigilance that made her seem almost unhinged, TO THE EXTENT THE RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES THOUGHT SHE WAS DRUNK.

That was ironic. So many people in pain use their addictions to numb their private agony. Hannah actually did the opposite. She allowed the pure desire of her heart, which seemed so long denied by the Lord, to become her desperate priority in prayer. She vowed to the Lord that she would give Him the first fruits of her womb as her barrenness broke. AND THE LORD ANSWERED! He literally rendered judgement in Hannah’s favor. 

As a result, Samuel the prophet was given to her. During the course of Samuel’s ministry, Israel was revolutionized. False authorities were disciplined. The Ark of God’s Covenant was recovered. True authorities were identified and set in place—even David, Israel’s greatest king!

And the covenant nation entered it’s greatest hour. 

As with Hannah, we are in a season where those who hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled. Reproaches will give way! Barrenness will be broken. And conception of sacred seeds will bring forth a new birth of freedom. 

What it takes more than anything else is for you and me to genuinely PURSUE. 

Five Disciplines for Ten Days
Here are five disciplines we are embracing ourselves, and asking you to embrace during these Ten Days of Awe:

  1. What are you seeking from the Lord? What do you want from Him with all your heart? Write it down. We encourage you to dwell in 1 Sam. 1-28, which chronicle Hannah’s story. Then like Hannah, begin to wholeheartedly engage with Him. Seek Him first simply for who He is. Then pursue, overtake, and recover all!
  2. What addictions are masking over your emotional pain? Let go of them. Like Hannah, grab hold of the Lord. Be honest with Him over the deeper places of your life. Work with Him to gain cleansing, resolve, and the miracle you are seeking.
  3. Receive communion daily over these next 10 days. Come to the Table of the Lord. Forgive and be forgiven!
  4. Evaluate your own heart over relationships. Seek reconciliation as the Lord shows you. Other ties you’re still holding on to may need to be severed completely.
  5. Consecrate to the Lord the first-fruit of what you desire to receive. He is safe, and He is faithful to provide for every aspect of your heart and your life. Break forth in generosity towards God, towards His Kingdom, and towards His children. 

Remember, the forerunner pathways forged right now are meant by God to advance you through the opportunities and challenges of the coming year. Become like Hannah. Your family, nation and world may even be forever impacted. Covenant blessings to each of you! NO KING BUT JESUS…