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L’shana Tova. Happy Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teruah! Even more appropriately, Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah. May you receive from the Lord “a good inscription and sealing in His Book of Life!”

Lets all remember that, according to Jewish tradition, the Lord “pencils in” His verdict for each one of us and for nations in His Book of Life on Rosh Hashanah. Between now and Yom Kippur Heaven’s Court is open for each of us to seek Him for a better verdict. Repentance or Teshuvah, forgiveness and reconciliation, and a generous heart in giving are all key for this gift to be secured.

So Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah. Seek the Lord during these 10 days of Awe for yourself, your family and friends, for Israel and America and the nations. Lets light our lamps and embrace Teshuvah! And may you receive ”A good inscription and sealing in the Book of Life” as we set the course for this new year.

Entering the Head of the Year
Jolene and I just returned home from the “Head of the Year” gathering at Glory of Zion. It was a very powerful time. At the request of Chuck Pierce I was honored to briefly share on prayer strategies for Washington DC. I spoke on overcoming Jezebel’s targeting against the Trump administration. God forbid that we should give Jezebel the inheritance of our forefathers… 

Amen! It is now time to complete the turnaround and secure the inheritance our forefathers were promised. He’s anointing you for this movement. And even giving many of you new shoes! 

More on this in a moment. the Rome to Jerusalem trip just a few weeks away, it was awesome to be sent from Glory of Zion with such great encouragement and powerful covering prayer. I feel the course is now set for the governmental breakthroughs the Lord has ordained.

Communion, Visitation and Commission
And a few special gifts during this time both touched our hearts and spoke deeply into the prophetic promise the Lord is holding out for the season we’ve entered into. 

As a preface, you remember that on 8-8-2018, the Lord granted an angelic visitation while I was receiving communion. Our friends Pastors Jamie and Redonnia Jackson had given us this amazing silver communion fountain. They later gave us a painting of grapes to go with this! 

Anyway, while receiving communion I was suddenly aware of the presence of a high-ranking angelic host of the Lord. His wings literally enfolded me while I drank the communion wine. Then I felt a sword brush each of my shoulders. It was similar to our apostolic commissioning from John Benefiel a few years ago. The old ranking was brushed off, and a new ranking was given.

I then heard within my spirit, “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise…” These were actually the words of Joshua’s commissioning. And as with Joshua, I knew we were being commissioned to complete the work and movement started by his forefathers. The rest of the passage leapt off the page when I looked it up. Cross this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land I have sworn to their forefathers.

The Lord flashed to me a vision of the cloud of witnesses, with Bob Jones and Jill Austin highlighted among them. This was a sacred moment. Made all the more sacred when Jolene returned from a prayer meeting in Frederick, MD where they had corporately experienced the fire of God’s Spirit. 

More on this later. Because it’s an important story in itself. But Jolene came in the door exclaiming, “Double portion 8-18! That’s what the Spirit of God spoke to me. He is releasing a double portion of Deut. 8:18 power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our frorefathers!”

Double portion grace through the gates. To complete the work He swore to our forefathers!

Here’s something I haven’t spoken much about til now or publicly released. I “knew” in the prophetic experience that a Jordan the Lord was calling us to cross was actually the Mediterranean Sea— from Rome to Jerusalem. And that this tour and movement was actually more important than we had perceived. 

Sure, worship songs will resound. Teachings will be shared and decrees released. But what is most important is the movement or procession of this journey. With the Lord Himself as the Breaker at the Head! 

And that’s what’s most important right now for you as you enter the Head of the Year. Jesus must be at the head of your movement. Don’t take this lightly. Yes, the gates are opening for you to go through. But be sure that the Lord is at the Head of your year, the Head of your procession! Take time now to consecrate this new year to Him. I suggest communion. Ask Jesus to assume His rightful place. There’s wind on this, my friends.

Final point on this visitation. In his commissioning, God promised Joshua that “every piece of ground the sole of your foot treads upon is yours to take.” 

Sealing the Commission—Receiving the Turnaround Shoes
Last week I received a call from a prophetic couple with whom we have walked together for five years now. Russ and Julie have enriched us greatly with their their prayers, their wisdom and generosity. They are very accurate in their perceptions.

“Hello?” An exuberant voice burst forth from my mobile phone. Julie and Russ were told by the Lord to purchase new shoes for us to wear on our Rome to Jerusalem tour. 

Israeli shoes. 

Julie had earlier prophesied that we were to wear new pairs of shoes for the Rome to Jerusalem tour. And when we returned in the breakthrough the Lord was granting, we were to place our feet on the ground of Washington DC and then California to release this breakthrough here. I felt it was right. More importantly, the word immediately resonated with Jolene. YES!

And when the call came in that we needed to receive shoes from Israel, I was blown away. Shoes from the covenant land. Full circle shoes. Turnaround shoes. Every piece of ground the sole of your foot shall tread on is yours to take!

The Titus Arch and the Holocaust Shoes
Most of you know a primary assignment of ours in this Rome to Jerusalem tour is focused on the menorah. A diorama in the Arch of Titus depicts Jewish slaves entering through the gates of Rome after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD. More than 100,000 Jews were slaughtered. Those who escaped fled to the four corners of the earth in what has become known as the diaspora.

These Jewish slaves are pictured carrying the Temple menorah from Jerusalem to Rome. This sacred menorah, probably the same lampstand Judah Maccabee relit when he reconsecrated the Temple to the Lord, had actually become Roman plunder. 

When I saw this depiction of the Jewish slaves carrying the menorah at the Titus Arch last year, I sensed the Lord speaking to me loud and clear. “I am now restoring My lampstand from Rome to Jerusalem!”

The Jews who were taken slaves entered through the gates of Europe subjugated, persecuted and despised. Setting up a cycle of prejudice, pogroms, expulsions, and horror which even led to the Holocaust some 1800 years later. In Washington DC’s Holocaust Museum a horrific memorial to this tragedy continues to bear witness to our generation. 

More than four thousand pairs of shoes worn by victims of the Holocaust forms a massive altar of remembrance in the center of the museum. As with their forefathers in the Diaspora, Jews across Europe were stripped of all treasures and possessions, even the clothes on their backs. They too made a journey—from prosperous cities across Europe to death camps designed for mass extermination. After their bodies were gassed, they were burned to ashes. 

So for many, the only remaining witness of their very existence on the earth was actually their shoes. 

Full Circle—From Rome to Jerusalem
So on Israel’s 70th anniversary, 100 of us are carrying a menorah from the Titus Arch in Rome to Jerusalem, believing God together for the full reversal or turnaround for God’s covenant people. We will present this menorah to the Lord at the Western Wall overlook at Aish HaTorah—Fire of the Torah. Bearing witness that the lamp of the Lord is coming home. A burning lamp awakening is being released. And just as prophesied, His covenant presence will shine to the nations from Jerusalem!

And in that moment, Jolene and I will be wearing special Israeli shoes given to us on Rosh Hashanah, bearing witness of our commissioning into this journey. Shoes made by descendants of Holocaust survivors in a covenant land nobody thought would ever exist again. A land now celebrating its 70th year of existence. 

Because God remembers.

And right now He is arising to establish the sacred covenant He swore to our forefathers. A flame is being lit. A freedom movement is being released. The perished will have a name and an inheritance in this His covenant land. 

I have a sense from the Lord that this new year He wants to give many of you a new pair of “turnaround shoes.” And especially the commission these shoes represent. You and I are being summoned by the Lord to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers, to in some way carry the torch and complete the turnaround they gave their lives to gain. They did it for us. Right now the Lord is taking His place at the head of your year, and at the head of your movement through the gates this year. Gain His resolve. Lets advance! 

And lets never forget. Amen.

Shana tova, dear friends. May you receive from the Lord a good inscription, and sealing in His Book of Life.