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HAPPY NEW YEAR—AND WELCOME TO THE DAYS OF AWE! Rosh Hashanah, the Head of the Year, begins tonight on the Jewish calendar. It is also known as Yom Teruah, or the Feast of Trumpets. And as this new year in 2020, the date is launching us into a new era of history.  

One of the most important aspects beginning this new era is the seating of His government, both in Heaven and the earth realm. We saw this Tuesday and Wednesday, as we shared on the Wednesday evening call. Please listen and glean! The Lord is framing our future together.

Remember also that the 10 Days of Awe marks a time of teshuvah, or repentance. Teshuvah is actually the Hebraic word for “turnaround!” Tradition holds that God “pencils in” His verdict for the year over individuals, and even nations, during Rosh Hashanah. During the Days of Awe Heaven’s Court is open to attain a better verdict through teshuvah. WE ALL NEED THIS!

As part of this season of teshuvah, the Jewish people enter into three aspects of repentance—personal repentance, reconciliation to mend broken relationships, and giving. We want to encourage you to embrace these three “on-ramps” in your daily lives. 

And along with this, please consider making a generous donation to Lamplighter. Help us keep God’s covenant flame burning bright in Washington DC! We only publicly encourage contributions a few times a year, as led by the Spirit of God. This is one of those times—the last being the week leading to Pentecost.

A disclosure I feel led to share—we did not receive any funds from government loans etc this summer because we did not personally sense God’s leading to apply for them. Though the loans were not intended this way, Jolene and I both felt receiving them could potentially sway us unduly in our prophetic expressions. We seek to hear God’s voice and authentically convey His heart, as free as possible from any bias. 

So if you’ve been enriched through Lamplighter this year, if you’ve grown through our journey together, if you appreciate the insights as we together contend for DC and the nation, take some time to seek the Lord about what He would have you sow. Knowing that as you sow from your Source you will receive a perpetual flow of resources for your future. Again, I believe this is one of those times. 

Note: We have a significant fundraising goal inspired by Holy Spirit. But we feel simply to invite the Lamplighter family to engage in this as a freewill offering. JOLENE AND I ARE GRATEFUL!

Again, L’Shana Tova and covenant blessings to each of you.