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WHAT A GROUNDBREAKING WEEKEND with James Goll for the School of Kings in Nashville TN. As you will see, a new move of the Spirit has literally been announced, initiated and confirmed. Thanks to Kim Driver, Pastors Mark and Angie Lancaster, and everyone else who worked so hard to make this happen.

Friends, if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you get the full media of the School of Kings this weekend. Very simply, it’s that important. 

Covenant Unlocks Kingship
Remember the Lord chose this great city of Nashville to declare on 07-07-07 that our covenant with Jesus Christ must be nationally repaired and restored, divorced from Baal. He invited us to “seven ourselves to Him.” We said yes.

This literally launched a revolution—culminating in the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. Together we saw covenant with God restored, with even an historic earthquake in Washington DC, measuring 5.8 on the richter scale, confirming this historic shift.

Every revolution is fought to establish new government. And in the Hebrew year 5777, a decade after God thundered His call to covenant restoration, the Lord is once again extending His red carpet from Heaven to Nashville and our nation. Building on this covenantal foundation, He is now inviting the body of Christ to shift into a much greater expression of Kingdom, His glory and His government. 

And emphasized in this shift is a vital transition from the priestly ministry to the kingly ministry. 

Remember the word picture in Hebrew for seven is a “crowned vav.” Seven represents covenant. In this year God is sevening Himself to us. As we’ve shared from the beginning of 5777, God is coming to our places of covenant commitment. He is crowning our covenant commitment with His glory and His government!

And He is unsealing the scrolls of His Constitution to frame the Kingdom governance of our future. The initiation and announcement of this new move came so strongly this weekend in Nashville. Confirmed impossibly by James Goll, a man whose very life became an unimaginable signpost of this shift. More on this in a moment.

Nashville—Rebound City
At the start of the School of Kings, I heard the Lord say, “I am renaming Nashville. Whereas Nashville has been known as music city, Nashville will now be known as Rebound City!” I had the sense that even the music would begin to reflect this.

I didn’t say anything about this to Jolene or to James Goll. I wanted it to be a surprise. But being the prophet he is, James started our meeting Friday night by declaring Nashville was a “flip” city. FLIP! Just another way to say “rebound” or turnaround.

Here’s what the Lord showed me prophetically about Nashville as a “Rebound City.” It’s like a country song. Country music epitomizes broken people relating to God and a broken world. God has actually summoned many broken people to Nashville to receive His healing and rebound. Further, He is reaching out from Nashville to broken people all across the land. Even the song of the land is going to resonate God’s heart for their turnaround! 

Rebound Dream
The morning our school began I had an incredible dream. I was shown a radio disc jockey or DJ. I observed at a distance how this DJ was being pursued by a very religious crowd who wanted to “convert him.” He simply walked the other way. 

Instantly the Lord gave me a prophetic word for him, so I went down to intersect with his path. The DJ saw me coming and began to retreat. In the dream I grabbed his shirt, threw him forcefully up against a wall and said “hold on!” I gave him the prophecy. “Jesus really does love you. He told me he has been speaking to you personally through a few secular songs.” 

This tough radio DJ began to weep deeply. He nodded to me and said “Yes, that’s correct. He really has.” I knew this was God’s invitation for this man to receive Heaven’s turnaround—authentically introduced to Jesus Christ. 

I want you to see this. God is not limited to what you and I define as sacred or secular. What matters most is Who is sitting on the throne. Covenant is the only legal foundation for God’s turnaround. To the extent He has been invited by covenant to be enthroned, to that same extent life, healing and blessing will flow. Blessed is the nation— city— seat of authority—or life—whose God is the Lord!

Nashville—Call to Shape Kingdom Culture
Covenant with Christ from Nashville has now been restored. The Lord is taking His seat as King. His blessing is now flowing in a way we don’t yet fully perceive. It’s shaking things up. It is especially unseating power bases still tied to darkness. 

And that’s ok. Because the ultimate rebound is coming as God releases a manifestation of His Daniel 7:22 “turnaround anointing” that will profoundly repair broken lives and broken destinies. A deluge of this anointing is coming!

Prophetically, I believe Nashville is called to shape Kingdom culture nationally and even internationally. As of the tenth anniversary of the Call Nashville on 07-07-07, He is crowning the covenant commitment that was made there with His glory and His government. He is initiating the next phase of His restorative move for this great city—and for the nation! 

This includes a greater shift into the kingly ministry. It’s going to change our identity. It’s going to change our sound. It’s going to move us into a higher realm of authority, and more effective stewardship of the authority He has entrusted to us. It’s going to change our perception of God and His world. 

And together with this move, we’re going to see His awakening, harvest and transformation.

The Turnaround Verdict
Part of our assignment in these summer “Schools of Kings” is to governmentally release into each city what we call “the turnaround verdict.” As recorded in Daniel 7:22, the Ancient of Days has taken His seat and has rendered judgment in favor of the saints. 

Most of you know that the Lord emphasized this passage in intercession for two extraordinary election turnarounds—Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel, and President Trump in the US. And we feel He is now bringing this verdict to bear upon the cities He has highlighted to us for these schools.

And He is highlighting a forgotten aspect of this passage. Like Esther in her day, it’s now time for the saints to take possession of the Kingdom. To rule. The Turnaround Verdict became the legal foundation securing our election turnarounds. But even more importantly, it has also become the legal foundation for this “now shift” into the kingly ministry!

Crowned Vav—James Goll a Signpost
Let me close this posting by sharing an extraordinary prophetic confirmation of this. It involves our friend James Goll, and I’m going to tread lightly because it is very personal in nature.  

First, you must know something about James. We all know the Lord has chosen this prophet to speak revelatory words. But even more importantly, his very life is a prophetic signpost of God’s work. It’s one reason Jolene and I so closely identify with him.

James Goll was the official host of the Call on 07-07-07. Throughout the decade following, he endured and overcame extraordinary personal hardships—the loss of his wife, bouts with cancer, excruciating back surgery, and more. Many times his own life hung by a thread. Through it all he has kept his eyes and heart relentlessly filled with Jesus. Like few others I know, his own covenant commitment has been extraordinarily costly.

And I don’t think it’s coincidence that the Lord encountered James this January 2017 with a personal prophetic word. As you will see, this word clarified his past. It also defined his future—and ours together as well. It’s an experience where God literally crowned the prophet’s own covenant commitment with His glory and His government.

Another seer had a prophetic experience. James Goll was before the Lord in Heaven. In short, he was making an extraordinary choice. Heeding his Father’s request to remain alive on earth and fulfill his calling rather than departing this life and coming home. 

This prophet told James essentially, “If you had come home to Heaven, you would have been celebrated as a priest. But because you chose to fulfill your calling, you will be celebrated as a king, and as a king-maker!” 

This whole experience prophesied the release of this “now shift” from priests to kings. With James Goll somehow showcased. James kept this at heart when he discussed with me doing a School of Kings in Nashville. He only told me a little of the experience. And publicly he released less than he told me. I am honoring the public boundaries he set by his own words from the closing night of our School of Kings.  

But I can certainly summarize. It’s no coincidence that we were summoned by God together to facilitate this School of Kings in Nashville Tennessee, just a week from the decade anniversary of the Call 07-07-07 and also a week from his own birthday. 

Because God wanted to announce and initiate this new move of the Spirit. The mantle was released for this revolutionary shift from the priestly to the kingly identity, anointing and authority. He wanted to thunder it in word. And He wanted to thunder it in deed—through the prophetic journey of one of His most courageous saints, penetrating the depths of our hearts with his own. The crowning of a rebound man from the rebound city

Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. Covenant restored. God is now crowning our vav, our covenant commitment, with His glory and His government. We are entering a shift into the kingly ministry that is absolutely reformational! 

And the peg pounded—relentlessly—into a firm place is becoming a throne of glory to our Father’s house. Amen!

 As we’ve said many times before—this season, God is unsealing the scrolls of His Constitution to frame the Kingdom governance of our future. He is coronating His kings, His founding fathers and mothers, for this new move!