SOUTH CAROLINA needs your continuing prayers! Please keep prayer network leaders Frank Segnius and Judy Jackson covered as they continue to mobilize, assess and reach out after the storm. Lord pour out your goodness to South Carolina, to Gov. Nikki Haley, FEMA, the emergency response teams. Swift recovery in Jesus’ Name!

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“You Really Need to Thank Me for This”
A few weeks after the Storm Beacon Prayer Project, Hurricane Joaquin formed in the Caribbean. It soon morphed into a Category 5 superstorm. The most reliable computer models projected a direct path to Washington DC.

Unexpectedly, the storm turned out to sea, away from the east coast. At the time, Jolene heard the Lord say, “You really need to thank Me for this!” With this it became clear that we were actually spared a devastating strike. Intentionally.

Friends lets celebrate the goodness of our God! He answered our cries for mercy. A literal “midnight wave” was pushed away from our Capitol and our shores.

Please keep interceding for the state of South Carolina, hit with such extreme flooding from a storm propelled by Joaquin. Most of you have poured over videos of dramatic rescues, hurricane shelters and submerged cars and trucks. Lets pray for an equally dramatic recovery by the hand of God.

And we need to pray for the families of crew members of a ship lost in the storm.

El Faro—Lighthouse Goes Missing
The container ship El Faro was headed right into the eye of the hurricane when a mechanical failure left the ship adrift as it faced 115+ mph winds and 50 ft waves. The Coast Guard has searched tirelessly around the clock for the missing ship, but so far only one deceased crew member and an empty life raft have been recovered.

Today I want to touch on the legacy of El Faro, and the lessons we can learn. Out of respect for those involved in the ongoing tragedy I would normally avoid this dialogue altogether.

But the ship’s name, “El Faro” or “lighthouse,” compels me to respond. Especially as we just finished the Storm Beacon Prayer Project! Perhaps the best way we can honor the missing captain and crew is to learn from their plight, and heed the warning being conveyed.

America Adrift… Turnaround Needed!
Because whether we believe it or not, America is still facing a massive storm. And if God’s word is true, the course we have charted as a nation is putting us directly in its path.

During a storm, lighthouses are meant to guide ships safely to harbor. Therefore many find it strange that a ship called “Lighthouse” actually forsook the safety of a harbor to face a hurricane in open waters.

Remember this Freedom Nation is called by God to be a lighthouse—a city on a hill and a light to the nations. We were founded as a refuge from the storm. We have been uniquely favored by God to shine a light that guides others to safety, dignity and prosperity.

But openly defying God is very similar to defying the physics of a storm. We cannot long continue without consequences to the foundational integrity of the ship.

Just look at current policy. To many once inspired by our example, we already seem to be a nation adrift. But a storm beacon from Heaven is still piercing the fog, still shining towards us, still compelling us. Turn around! Return to safe harbor, before your power fails!

Accessing a Limited Window
Prophets are declaring we have a very limited window, perhaps a year, to make this needed turnaround and avoid the full consequences of the storm. God’s dream for America is still alive in His heart—that we may be a city on a hill, a light to the nations, a storm beacon in the end times. And it’s worth giving our all to preserve this dream.

To the family and friends of El Faro, the prayers of our Lamplighter family are with you.