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GOD IS ON THE MOVE! On Resurrection Sunday we joined with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson at Remnant Church in Brunswick GA. During worship I saw a vision of a giant lid, covering a pot of water. While the lid was on, it affected the water by causing it to cool. In other words, it became LUKEWARM. I knew this represented many regions of the nation, and the nation itself. 

I then saw a hand pick up the lid and pull it off. And what was beneath it suddenly came to life! Rivers of water burst forth. All that was quenched beneath the lid sprang forth. And I knew that as of Passover, the Lord was beginning to remove the lid off of His people, off of structures and off of movements. Even the baptism revival that had been a mainstay at this church until covid hit. 

The Lid Literally Comes Off!
THIS PAST SUNDAY Holy Spirit upended the Remnant service. Jamie will be with us tonight and will share in-depth. But at the beginning of the service Jamie looked over at the baptistry, closed with a covering over it. For the first time ever, he had a vision of Holy Spirit fire on the water.  Jamie then saw the hand of God push a giant “reset button” in the middle of the church. And he knew the baptism revival was being released again. 

The glory of God was tangible as Jamie and Redonnia Jackson and their team “lifted the lid” off the baptism pool in a powerful prophetic action. And by the Spirit of God, the Brunswick Baptism Revival was reconstituted!

Sunday at Remnant—the lid comes off the baptism pool

Demonic Coverup Literally Exposed
In Wednesday’s posting we conveyed how demonic cover-ups are being exposed. Sunday evening and Monday Jolene and I were honored to host a small roundtable of high-level prophetic leaders praying over Georgia and the nation. The Lord brought unexpected insight. We saw how a high-level principality had been empowered by the agreement of many Christians through intercessory decrees, that even hindered the investigation of election results. We entered into intensive repentance and corporate prayer over this. And when the breakthrough finally came, we all sensed it.

And that’s just a few of the many expressions that were seemingly set in motion as the Throne Room decrees went forth. 

As we wrote last Wednesday, we sense this is the “Exodus Movement” that the Lord is bringing forth as we journey from Passover to Pentecost. THE LID COMES OFF! The window of opportunity is open for you to advance. Note that your primary key to unlock this miracle in your life is repentance of all toleration of this lid. Pray about it. We decree the lid comes off. And the Breaker breaks open so you can now COME UP HIGHER! 

I will say that Shavuot 2022 marks a new season. There’s something big about the transference of mantles that is key to securing the future of your ministry.

As we shared last week, I believe that it was over Passover that Jesus entered into the “baptism revival” movement of His day, which was being led by John the Baptist. It is only fitting that John saw Jesus coming and then exclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” 

Obviously Jesus also culminated His earthly ministry to redeem mankind over Passover. Crucified and ascended! 

Wouldn’t it be only fitting if Jesus also started His ministry over Passover? He would have been baptized in the Jordan in the exact area His forefathers in the natural crossed over to take the Promised Land—which also took place on an historic Passover, centuries beforehand. 

This area where John the Baptist was ministering is also where Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind, and the mantle of Elijah was transferred to Elisha. 

And when Jesus was baptized, Holy Spirit descended like a dove and rested on Jesus. The fullness of the godhead bodily!

Beloved that’s no coincidence. The anointing and mantle that Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha, and John the Baptist all received in part was imparted to Jesus in full in these baptism waters. 

Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’ first coming, so this same forerunner anointing is being released to prepare the way for Jesus’ second coming. And I am prophesying to you that as of Passover 2022, God’s “baptism revival” movement has been reset. JOIN US TONIGHT!