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Dear Justice Establishers,

What an extraordinary time. Against all odds, the Michigan turnaround was confirmed yesterday. The state where, by God’s orchestration alone, the Glory Train Turnaround Tour culminated. The state where Donald Trump was mantled for the Presidency by an African American bishop.

In Michigan we felt led to bring before Heaven’s Court the accumulated pleas of God’s people, seeking a verdict of His justice in our time similar to Israel’s exodus from Egypt. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

And this exodus is now in play. I need to emphasize this freedom revolution is far greater than any political election. It is a move of God. But this election helps secure governmentally a break from the trend towards dictatorship, so clearly fueled by media propaganda, and towards the restoration of our constitutional liberties as a nation under God. Lets examine what America voted against to secure this turnaround.


  1. Black genocide through abortion. Many Americans consider their personal turning point to be the moment Hillary Clinton publicly endorsed late-term abortion as policy. Intuitively, we were responding to these candidates as a father and a mother for our nation. And clearly America was repulsed by the slaughter of a baby at the point of birth as American policy. Especially as endorsed by mom.

    Equally important, the vast majority of America clearly repudiated the dark legacy of Planned Parenthood—an institution recently exposed for selling aborted baby parts. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger with a primary focus on Black genocide from the womb, and her counsel influenced Adolf Hitler towards the Holocaust. We voted for a new way forward—including a President who protects and defends life, and the appointment of Supreme Court justices who understand the Constitution mandates we do the same.

  2. Injustice. America was moved to stand for justice. We’ve abhorred the harsh injustice suffered by many Americans who have paid with their lives simply for robbing convenience stores. And we have also abhorred the clear and reprehensible escape of justice by the elite, including our former presidential candidate, even after clear criminal activity focused on deceiving the American people was perpetrated. As the Pledge of Allegiance resounds, “With liberty and justice for all.”
  3. Deception as policy. Very simply, we understood that to vote for a leader who considered the open deception of the American people as valid policy was to vote for our own subjugation.
  4. The Nazi-esque propaganda of the American Media. When Wikileaks broke the story of mainstream media collusion with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they only told us what we already knew. Because the same institutions who broke the Watergate story had already patently ignored the intentional deletion of 33,000 deleted emails—and the clear coverup behind their deletion—in open defiance of Congress. That’s really where the mainstream media essentially invalidated itself.
  5. Globalism. The globalist agenda was no more clearly seen than in this election—in both parties. Trump won with the argument that globalist trade policies were patently responsible for the shuttering of 300,000 factories and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Then there’s the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, which was deemed too secret for the American people to actually review. The TPP created a trans-national governance that was granted sovereignty over each nation that signed on. Including ours. Both Jeff Sessions, Republican, and Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, clearly warned of this.

    Through this election, Americans chose to protect and defend our own sovereignty.

  6. Failure of judgement regarding ISIS and Iraq. The groundwork for the fall of Iraq to ISIS was laid during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Allowing ISIS to become the strongest and most well-funded terror organization in global history. Promoting a radical Islamist ideology that has gravely threatened the entire Western world.
  7. The Iranian Nuclear Deal. Clinton vowed to uphold the Iranian nuclear deal despite its clear failure to stem their pursuit of nuclear weapons. With sanctions lifted, an Iranian war machine is growing exponentially in similar fashion to the Nazis just before World War II. And their pursuit of nuclear weapons has only increased, proving to be an existential threat not just to Israel or America, but to Sunni Muslim nations across the entire Mideast.
  8. Sabotage at our Gates. America is a nation of immigrants, the melting pot of the world. But America also clearly understands that porous borders through unenforced immigration policy represents an existential threat to our nation. Homeland Security records clearly prove that our borders have already been penetrated by extremists seeking our destruction. Border protection, and a fair yet comprehensive immigration policy that is actually enforced, is the only way forward.
  9. Ruling Israel. Through this election, America chose to honor the sovereignty and sovereign boundaries not only of America, but also Israel. Trump’s policy is clear. Jerusalem is to be respected as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. Neither America nor the UN should assume any right of sovereignty over the sovereign nation of Israel.
  10. Discrimination Against Christians. Throughout the past eight years, we have seen the open marginalization and discrimination of Christians as clear administration policy, both towards Americans and towards Christians throughout the nations. The Judeo-Christian values and worldview upon which our nation was founded has been denigrated. Foreign policy mandates that other nations embrace the same ideology against Christian values in order to receive American funding. The genocide of Christians in the Mideast, especially Syria, ran unabated for years. And even now, more than 98 percent of all Syrian immigrants are Muslim. Why are Christian Syrians being discriminated against by this administration? A haunting question confronted all Christians this election: would this policy of discrimination continue?
  11. American Dictatorship. The clear trend through many recent presidential administrations has been the intentional defiance of the clear boundaries defined by the United States Constitution. And by no means were we seeking to elect a candidate who already has a proven policy of defying these very boundaries.

    It’s important to remember just one of these violations. Remember when the news reported that the IRS was intentionally targeting conservative institutions?

    Honoring this separation is absolutely essential for regaining and retaining the balance of power which protects us from dictatorship. It’s what our founders meant when they fought the Revolution proclaiming “No King but Jesus.” And it’s what We the People voted for today.