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Welcome to day three of the Spring Training Prayer Project. It’s time to swing for the stars. In other words, DREAM BIG! And put action to your faith through focused pursuit. 

Speaking of dreams… Today I want to address a justice issue which I believe is on the heart of God for this nation. As President Trump mentioned in a tweet earlier today, it’s time to rescue the dream of the Dreamers from irresponsible politicians who have kept the lives of some 800,000 young adults in legal limbo. Trump even threatened to veto the congressional bill averting a government shutdown over this. 

And I say, GREAT! It really is time to stand for the dream of the Dreamers to be recovered. If it takes this bold a stand, so be it. And I’m glad President Trump is willing! 

Recovering the Dream of the Dreamers
Here’s the back story. Seven months ago, the plight of the Dreamers was the farthest thing from my mind. That is, until the Holy Spirit unexpectedly flooded an “upper room” in an historic government building just as a meeting of key faith leaders was culminating. 

“Any further comments?” The meeting’s convener asked. One leader—a white pastor from the south—raised his hand and inquired about the status of the Dreamers Act. DACA. He spoke passionately about how many of the strongest members of his church would become vulnerable to deportation with the repeal.

It’s important to note again that, though many of my friends in the room were Hispanic, none had brought this topic up for discussion. A white pastor from the south did. I can’t really describe what happened next except to say that the presence of God suddenly filled the room. I found my eyes unexpectedly filling with tears. So did many others. None of this was orchestrated. And again, until that time, DACA was honestly the farthest thing from my mind. 

That is, until the Father heart of God on this matter was imparted to my heart. 

Dream—Trump as President, Restoring Homeland Security
I know this subject is controversial. But the first dream the Lord ever gave me regarding President Trump, on January 5, 2016, portrayed him winning the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. 

Remember this dream was given to me when he was only one candidate among many. In the dream, he went immediately to work on a dilapidated and neglected portion of the campus. While this was occurring, I saw a door open. And Black and Hispanic women dancing through the gates of Homeland Security, shouting praises to God. 

In the dream, Trump then came back into the office. He nodded at me, and I said to him, “Sir, you must restore Christmas.” Then I woke up. 

And in this small meeting in the Old Executive Office Building, I saw how the gratitude of the women in this dream was directly related to recovering the dream of the Dreamers. That by standing for their dream we were actually recovering our own dream. Actually the American dream, as the Lord defined it. Thereby helping to make America great again.

DACA As Policy—Reprehensible
The DACA order as policy is actually reprehensible because it left all the Dreamers it supposedly sought to help in complete legal limbo for American citizenship. As President Obama structured it, the order was neither a legislative policy nor a legally binding Executive Order. It was and is unconstitutional. The Dreamers were given a promise with no legal means for their legitimacy to actually be secured. 

Perhaps that’s why even Obama called it “a stopgap measure.” And because this promise to the “Dreamers” has not been followed through by the party which initiated the order, hundreds of thousands now live in a void. As children and young adults, they were left on the doorstep of this Land of Opportunity, promised that the door would open and they would be adopted and legitimized.

A Father’s Responsibility
It’s actually a father’s responsibility to legitimize his sons and daughters. As I’ve shared many times before, I personally believe it is time for the Trump administration and the Republican congress to do for these Dreamers what the previous power base refused to complete during their stewardship of our nation’s highest seats of power. It’s time to legitimize the dream of the Dreamers. It’s time to provide a clear and reachable pathway to US citizenship, while at the same time denying citizenship to criminals who remain a threat to our land and people. 

Someone—and some party—needs to take responsibility for the Dreamers and actually lead. Unequivocally, tremendous benefits await whoever has  the courage to define for our nation this new way forward. If it’s President Trump, he would be honored as a genuine father of our nation—of all the people of our nation. The Republican Party would be celebrated as the party who rescued the Dreamers from the legal swamp created by the Democrats through promises they failed to bring to completion. Loyalities would shift, and ultimately the power base will shift.

And President Trump would gain substantive “street cred”—the earned authority to tackle some of the more difficult aspects of immigration policy in the days ahead. 

There is absolutely no doubt we need to restore the gatekeeping capacities of our nation. Our borders must absolutely be secured. Those seeking citizenship must be vetted. And legitimizing the Dreamers at the outset will disempower many of the accusations which have haunted the Trump Administration since the beginning as America secures a new way forward on immigration.

Dream of My Fathers
While all of this is good, it is by no means the most important reason to legitimize the Dreamers and their dream. I am the son of an immigrant. My forefather Richard Warren was among the Pilgrims who journeyed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower in pursuit of what soon became known as the American Dream. 

I am forever grateful the Native Americans decided to welcome these immigrants in. Because they carried within them a covenant dream to pioneer a new expression of community founded upon the values of God’s heart and Word for freedom. This dream soon became a nation. This dream soon redefined our world. 

Perpetuate the Dream
That’s how America became great. And to an extent, the continuance of our greatness depends upon keeping this freedom dream burning brightly for those who yearn for it. 

Again, as my own dream conveyed, we must restore our gatekeeping capacities as a nation. We must absolutely shut the gates of sabotage! But as the son of immigrants myself, I cannot help but wonder what covenant dream God has forged within the hearts of today’s Pilgrims and Dreamers to perpetuate His covenant freedom in this hour.

We must perpetuate the dream upon which we were founded. To a large extent, our future may depend on it.  As Gov. Bradford, leader of this immigrant band of Pilgrims, wrote: 

“Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing, and gives being to all things that are; and, as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many, yea in some sort to our whole nation. Let the glorious Name of Jehovah have all the praise.”