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GLORY TRAIN COMMISSIONING with Faisal and Sabina Malick! Powerful time. To watch replay on-demand CLICK HERE.

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Glory Train—Commissioned as the Storm Winds Blow
In a Presence-saturated service yesterday with Faisal and Sabina Malick and surrounded by precious friends, the Glory Train continental tour was officially commissioned! Jolene and I actually get on the train this afternoon, beginning a week-long journey from Washington to Washington.

It was such an honor to share yesterday at Covenant of Life Church in Langley, British Columbia. Jolene shared an incredible word on reclaiming your identity. I then shared on the Glory Train, with a focus on seeing a move of God’s governmental glory released which shifts us out from the overarching influence of what Faisal has termed the  “political spirit” in Canada and America. You probably already know that the disempowerment of this political expression of the Baal principality is a primary focus of our prayer networks in this hour. No King but Jesus!

The message was well-received. Jolene even told me it was the most clear and impacting word on the Glory Train I have yet shared. I guess that’s what happens when anointings mix and synergize! So great to receive prayer and impartation by Faisal and Sabina for the Glory Train! Note that our Glory Train project culminates with a special Revolution gathering in Washington DC with Faisal, Sabina and others September 8-11. Make plans now to join us!

Glory Winds Through the Northwestern Gate!
Remember how Ezekiel saw the glory of God as storm winds. God has orchestrated our Glory Train journey very specifically towards the release of these “glory winds” through the northwestern gate of this continent. Throughout our journey from Hawaii to Alaska to BC and Washington State, this has been a primary emphasis by Holy Spirit.

Remember Hawaii, which literally means “the breath of God upon the waters.” We launched from Hawaii on March 4, as the Lord emphasized Isaiah 42. The Lord is marching forth like a warrior, gasping and panting like a woman in labor. Releasing His breath to topple mountains of resistance!

Remember Alaska, the host state of the awakening winds which breathe life through the northwest gateway of British Columbia and Washington State into the entirety of the nation. That was the vision Mary Glazier saw years ago of God’s glory procession. And by the direct leading of Holy Spirit, we have followed this progression very specifically.

And then remember Washington State—spoken of by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce as “the Whirlwind State.” Jolene and I ministered here twice, at Kingdom Praise Issaquah and at the Brubakers home group meeting, both times speaking on the winds of God coming to the whirlwind state. We focused especially on Acts 3:19-21, which conveys how our repentance and return to covenant with Jesus Christ opens the window of opportunity for the blowing again of the breath of God!

All this to say, during the very time we were ministering yesterday at Covenant of Life, a huge windstorm swept through western Washington State. Winds clocked at 72 miles an hour battered the coastline. Our friend Julie, who prophesied the Glory Train journey from Washington to Washington, emailed us photos of what looked like a hurricane hitting the state, compliments of the National Weather Service. We drove through these very winds back to metro Seattle later in the afternoon!

You cannot make this stuff up. Serious.

Hurricane at Glory Procession Start
Here’s some history. Two years ago, just as we embarked on our initial “Glory Procession” through the 13 colonies, a huge hurricane formed off the coast of Florida and shot up the east coast into the very states we were about to journey through. This was the only hurricane of 2014 to touch the East Coast. And we felt it was a sign that the glory of God was indeed coming in by way of the “gate facing east” as the prophet Ezekiel described.

The sentiment that it was a sign became magnified exponentially when the hurricane made landfall. In Kill Devil Hills NC. On July 4!

And yesterday as we were commissioned for the Glory Train, calling in God’s throne room winds through the northwest gate of the continent, the storm winds in the natural were again blowing strongly.

222 Virginia—7 Tornadoes
I haven’t mentioned this til now, but an unprecedented outbreak of tornadoes also hit the state of Virginia just after the 222 Conference. Seven tornadoes raced through towns including Appomattox Courthouse, Waverley and a little town called Promise Land. Matt Lockett and Will Ford had just shared their extraordinary legacy for the first time in Virginia. They are both descended from the slave-owning Lockett family whose properties included the last Civil War battle site, a farm in Appomattox.

And a day before, I shared the Glory Train vision with an unusual emphasis on the glory coming as a whirlwind into the geographic east gate of the nation, through the gateway of Virginia. We then prophesied together the words of Ezekiel. “Come from the four winds o Breath, and breathe on these slain that they may live!”

It was, of course, a battlefield that Ezekiel saw when he prophesied into the valley of dry bones. Soldiers were buried there. How do I know? Because when the awakening winds hit the graves, the resurrection that followed brought forth “an exceeding great army!”

Friends, I prophesy to you the army of God is awakening and arising again—from the east gate of Virginia to Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Whirlwind State. You just cannot make this stuff up!

Breaking Through the Wilderness
OK. Final thoughts. We are so grateful for the Lord’s breakthrough in British Columbia and the Whirlwind State! Our first meetings after shifting into full-time ministry were actually held in these areas, and they remain very special to us.

Bob Jones had prophesied to Jolene and me that we needed to pay attention to June 6, 2007 because on that date the Lord was crossing His people over from the wilderness to the Spirit. We prepared an entire year, planning to stand and prophesy on the National Mall in DC.  So it was very unexpected when I found myself in Washington State on this date instead of Washington DC!

And for the past eight years, our primary ministry in the Whirlwind State has been focused on shifting His people out of the wilderness and into the promised move of Holy Spirit. That said, I feel our two Glory Train meetings here—in Issaquah WA with Kingdom Praise and in Edmonds with Bill and Marlene Brubaker’s home group and at Covenant of Life in British Columbia—have actually begun to reflect this long-contended shift. Powerful! I feel like this whole region has entered a new season. And it’s really good!

From Hawaii to Alaska to Washington, the Whirlwind State, we now board the train from Washington to Washington. Thanks for praying for this Glory Train journey. We look forward to seeing with you God’s awakening winds blow cross our nation.

No King but Jesus!