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Dear Lamplighters,

What a powerful call last night as 199 participants celebrated God’s turnaround journey and received God’s commission as lamplighters. We are in a new season of spiritual revolution on a global basis. It’s time for the fire of God’s glory to be covenantally released!

Last night’s message conveys key revelation on the meaning of Hanukkah and our own journey, as well as a prophetic overview regarding Obama’s UN resolution, Netanyahu’s menorah lighting at the Western Wall, and the vital significance of our alignment in this hour. Please review the audio replay by following the instructions above.

Lamps Lit—from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!
We culminated with a special ceremony, lighting our lamps all across the nation! Honoring the Lord by honoring Hanukkah. Honoring the anniversary of Christ’s conception as the Light of the World came into this world. Honoring God’s revolutionary move of this hour, including the remarkable national turnaround He granted us and the restoration of His glory now at hand.

And by lighting our lamps, our menorahs, our candles, we were honored to stand in solidarity with Israel after the Obama administration pushed a UN Resolution declaring, among other things, the Western Wall to be illegally occupied by Israel. The Western Wall is the only remaining structure from the Temple area the Maccabees reconsecrated to the Lord. Like Netanyahu and Judah Maccabee of old, we lit our lamps to see God’s covenant restored and His glory released!

Proclamation of Alignment & Lamp Pictures
Talk about original intent. You might remember that during Revolution 2016, we presented to the Embassy of Israel in DC a special Proclamation of Alignment with Israel, signed by leaders of the Heartland Reformation Prayer Network (HAPN) under the leadership of Apostle John Benefiel. We had originally sought to present this document in December 2014, but our schedules did not allow it.

This December 7, the window opened to make the presentation. Our gathering was warmly received by Yaron Gamburg, Head of Public Diplomacy, as well as other Embassy leaders.

Friends, we had no idea of the importance of this gathering until last week’s UN Resolution was forced through the Security Council on December 22. The timing proved nothing less than extraordinary. We are believing God together for a COMPLETE TURNAROUND!

By the way, the Proclamation of Alignment with Israel was originally signed on 12-12-12. A copy was presented to the Israeli Knesset in 2013, followed by the Israeli Embassy in DC, again this December.

Below are pictures of this, plus a few INCREDIBLE photos from last night’s lamp-lighting ceremony. Covenant blessings to each of you!



Jon and Jolene sign the Proclamation of Alignment with Israel, 12-12-12, Oklahoma City. Photo by Kimberly Johnson.



Presenting the Proclamation—Abby Abildness, Linda Wyatt, James Nesbit, Jolene Hamill, Jamie Fitt, Jon Hamill, Yaron Gamburg (Head of Public Diplomacy), Kathy Magnusson, Shannon Bennett, Patti Ridings, Ed Watts, Marlene Brubaker, Bill Brubaker.


Lana, Michigan



Teresa, Atlanta





Marisa, Alabama



Linda, Atlanta


Kathy, Wisconsin


Kathy, Georgia


Diane, Maryland


Darlene, Sarasota



Jon & Jolene, Washington DC


Anne, Kentucky