Dear Current Changers,

Great news—we are finalizing plans now to finish the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour next Sunday evening. Michigan here we come! Amazing how the Lord orchestrated for us finish the tour in the very state where an African American pastor mantled Donald Trump for the Presidency.

I’m still not sure what all this means. But I do know that yesterday marked a turning point in the justice movement that breaks a cycle of deception and gets us back on track, into our covenant destiny!

From the time we launched the Glory Train tour this March, prophet Lana Vawser became one of our best friends. Which is wild, because we only met her in late July.

But day after day, Lana’s words prophesied life to us. So many times we would minister in a city and then read the headlines of our prophetic message the next day through Lana’s postings. She has consistently spoken deeply to us, and deeply to the heart of the United States of America.

Which is wild, because she lives in Australia. Yet I know of very few prophets even in America who resound God’s heart for this land. Please reflect on the word below.

I Am Changing the Current and Turning the Tides in the United States of America, and the Lives of My People Across the World—by Lana Vawser

Recently I had a vision of the BOWLS OF HEAVEN being FULL to the BRIM with the prayers and intercession of the saints and they were at TIPPING POINT. The interesting thing I saw is that these BOWLS were at a “TIPPING POINT” over the lives of believers and over the United States. They were both connected! I was really intrigued the “connection” between the two.

I then saw the Lord dispatching angelic hosts into the lives of believers that have been standing in faithful intercession and remaining uncompromised in their devotion to Jesus and purity in their heart motives and surrender to Him. I saw these angelic hosts were landing in the lives of believers and in the nation of the United States simultaneously. I saw them landing into HUGE bodies of water with the CURRENT OF WATER moving strongly in certain directions. The direction that the surface currents were moving in were so strong and looked unmovable.

I saw these angelic hosts holding RODS and at the Lord’s command they drove these huge RODS into the ground like stakes. As they did, the water that looked SO STRONG and moving in one direction was suddenly STOPPED and in greater acceleration TURNED in the other direction and the angels sang “THE TURNING OF THE TIDES! THE CHANGING OF THE CURRENT HAS ARRIVED!!! THE TURNING OF THE TIDES, THE CHANGING OF THE CURRENT HAS ARRIVED!!!”

Instantly I saw a TURNING happening SUDDENLY over the lives of believers and in the United States of America all at once. CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES and any “CURRENTS” moving in a direction against what God is speaking, as the people of God stay aligned in declaration with Him, He is TURNING THE TIDE! HE IS CHANGING THE CURRENT!! As the CURRENT and the TIDE was turned, there was great ACCELERATION, FAVOUR and ESTABLISHMENT of the Lord’s plans and purposes and what He had decreed MANIFESTED. Such a strong sense surrounded me of the TURNING of CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES into HIS direction. Opposing currents were being STOPPED and HALTED.


I kept hearing the words “PAY ATTENTION TO THE UNITED STATES – A PROPHETIC PICTURE IS BEING DISPLAYED!!” As I heard those words I began to see the significance of the “connection” in the spirit in the vision. The United States and the body of Christ have reached a TIPPING POINT MOMENT. A moment of DECISION, to DECIDE once and for all what you will DECREE!

I heard the words “Do not be SWAYED by CIRCUMSTANCE! Stand with Me! Choose today whom you will serve!!! Choose to decree what I am saying and not be tossed “to and fro” anymore. Shake off doublemindedness and SEEK ME, HEAR ME and the DECREE!!!”

The vision of the angelic hosts driving the stakes into the ground appears before me again and I heard the words “THIS LAND BELONGS TO THE LORD! VICTORY!!!”. There was a STRONG DECREE from heaven over the UNITED STATES and the lives of believers of the Lord having the FINAL SAY! No matters hat circumstances look like, no matter what’s happening on the SURFACE, no matter what, the Lord is DECREEING His FINAL SAY and we MUST stand in agreement with that.

The Lord began to speak to me about all the turmoil and division that has been happening amongst believers in the USA concerning the current election. I felt the Lord saying “What is going on in the United States right now is BIGGER than just the USA. The WAR that is going on in the spirit over the elections is a prophetic picture of not only what is happening in the nation but in the body of Christ. There is a WAR happening right now. The enemy is attempting to do all he can to “keep his ground” but I am taking ground. I am decreeing My authority and plans over the USA and lives of believers. This UPROAR is the enemy attempting to ‘keep his stronghold’ but I am decreeing that the enemy is LOSING GROUND and those strongholds in the USA and the body of Christ are COMING DOWN!! I have sent My angelic hosts to TURN THE TIDES! I have sent My angelic hosts to CHANGE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES, but My people you MUST agree and intercede with Me!!! I am decreeing CHANGE, I am decreeing a TURNING OF THE TIDES in favour of My plans for the United States and lives in the body of Christ. See PAST what is happening in the natural in the USA right now and see with the eyes of the Spirit, what I am saying for the nation and the entire body of Christ. CHANGE!! The tipping point has arrived, but you must stand in the gap and agree with Me, that no matter what happens over in this season and the next, I AM HAVING THE FINAL SAY!!!”