TOMORROW–PRAYER & PROPHETIC CALL! Jon, Jolene, leaders & intercessors focused on Korea, Iran. 9-10 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends!


Important time for us to remain in DC for intercession. Seek the Lord with us for full provision! Lamplighter donations really appreciated (click here).

 Rhetoric and actions by North Korea seem to indicate a major escalation on the Korean peninsula tomorrow. As the linked article indicates, North Korea has called for evacuations of foreigners from the south, and leaders are implying that either a missile test or even a missile strike is possible.

Warning. We need to take this serious.

Prophetic Warnings
One night in January, during our 21 day watch, the Holy Spirit spoke to Jolene and I separately about terrorism in April. Holy Spirit impressed this warning about April again and again throughout the night.

I said nothing to Jolene or our friends gathered for the watch. Later that night, Jolene had a dream where she saw the Lord warn her of terrorism… in April. Again, she had no idea the Lord had just spoken to me.

Some of you might be saying, “Why are you just writing about this now?” Actually, we first wrote about this warning in a posting on February 1, where we first announced the Lamp Alerts with a focus on “real-time prophetic intercession” for the nation. We shared then on the importance of interceding like Rees Howells over the wars of our time.

Passover–Plead Christ’s Blood!
In my heart and mind, the specter of terrorism and/or war in April was a primary motivator behind the project to pray onsite at abortion clinics in each state. It was vital to ask the Lord to shut the gates of sabotage, specifically because the destiny of our nation was in danger of being aborted. We felt so strongly that we needed to receive and apply God’s verdict–with blood of Jesus on the doorposts of each state–by Passover. So grateful for our Lamplighter family and HAPN colleagues across the nation who brought this to completion!

Towards a United Korea?
Here’s a word we’ve never posted on publicly. Back in 2007, Jolene had a vision of a ground war with North Koreans invading. Oddly enough, she had this in Kansas on a Civil War battlefield.

What was God saying? Why did the Lord show this to Jolene on one of the first battle sites of the Civil War? Could it be that the Lord was warning us of another Civil War between North and South Korea?

We also knew that the work we were then partnering with the Lord on was somehow linked to preventing a conflict with Korea on our own soil. Not sure what this looks like, but we are living out the potential for this even now.

On the bright side, Korean intercessors have been praying literally 24-7 for many decades now, seeking God for a literal re-union between north and south. Could this be a catalyst to a united Korea, just as the toppling of the Berlin Wall birthed a united Germany? We may well be at this moment of history.

Prayer Points
OK. Time to pray! We suggest strongly that you remind God of His covenant with our land, and ask Him to fight for us regarding both North Korea and Iran. Remind the Lord of the intercessory cries night and day for speedy justice. Ask the Lord to disempower the occult thrones behind the North Korean regime. May we see verdict rendered in favor of the saints and against the oppressors, as in the days of Pharaoh, Haman and Herod! Pray much in the Holy Spirit.

And please come ready to pray tomorrow during our weekly conference call! Covenant blessings to each of you.

Jon & Jolene