It is with heavy hearts we report to you that more than 51 people, mostly children, died when an F4 tornado struck the Plaza Towers School in Moore OK. The monster tornado, at least a mile wide, was on the ground for 45 minutes. It leveled everything in its path for 60 miles.

We have been in touch with Apostle John Benefiel, whose church is on the northern edge of Oklahoma City. He is reporting that all they are immediately connected to are ok. Apostle John asked that we “Pray for first responders and everyone to accounted for and reunited with loved quickly. Pray for every kind of healing for those involved. Pray for housing and shelter for all who need it.”

I would add that we need to continue interceding for all the living to be rescued, even as search efforts continue into the night. Pray for the search dogs to find those who are trapped. Pray for clear communication. As major highways have been hit, pray for roads to be quickly cleared so emergency personnel can reach those in need with vital resources.

Also, conditions for extreme tornadic activity will continue at least through tomorrow, according to the National Weather Service. Lets ask the Lord to completely disrupt this weather front and for all tornadic activity to immediately cease.

The pleas and gratitude for continued prayer from Gov. Mary Fallin, Oklahoma City officials, from President Obama and from Fox News has been deeply moving. As you all are first responders in the spirit, I am sure you are already responding and praying. Lets continue all vigilance for the courageous and big-hearted people of this great state, IN JESUS’ NAME.