Fan the Flame DC! With Kris Vallotton
7pm Friday, Feb. 6, Embassy Church
3855 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC

Jolene and I are so excited about “Fan the Flame DC” with Kris Vallotton one week from tonight! We and a number of other ministries are sponsoring this special time with Jason Hershey and his wild bunch at Davids Tent/ Washington House of Prayer.

Kris Vallotton, director of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, will be joining us at Embassy Church following next week’s White House Prayer Breakfast. I had the privilege of doing the art above.

Here’s a special invitation from Jason Hershey. As you will see, you don’t want to miss this kairos time!

Fan the Flame DC! Invitation from Jason Hershey
Dear Friends, from time to time, there are divine set ups that you get the sense that “This meeting is ordained by The Lord” in a unique way.

I want to personally invite you to a prophetic night with Kris Vallotton Feb 6, 7pm at Embassy Church, that I’ve named “Fan the Flame DC!”  By hosting Kris from Bethel Church in Redding, CA, we are declaring that we invite the prophetic into DC and we welcome the supernatural presence of God into Our City! We are so stoked that Kris is coming and we are believing that the atmosphere will shift in our city because of One Strategic Night!

As a young man I read Lou Engle’s book Redigging the Wells of Revival and was stirred with faith that God wants to move again in places that He’s moved in the past.  During my early years in DC, I kept hearing about a bible study in the 70’s called “TAG” (take and give) that met at Christ Church in Washington DC.  During its hay day, TAG would draw over 2000 young people every Tuesday night.  Similarly, Christ Church, now named Embassy Church, has a rich history as a place of hosting the supernatural power of God.

Some of you may remember the year of intercession in 2012 when The Lord led me to remain within the boundaries of DC for a full year. (I did not know that Mark Batterson’s book, “The Circle Maker” was in the works for the same year.) When that year was over, on January 1, 2013, God divinely connected me with Pastor Dave Owens of Embassy Church for the first time.  I accepted his invitation to preach at their church not knowing this was formerly Christ Church and the place where TAG met!  As God would have it, we have since moved our missions base and house of prayer into the church. We’ve been contending in prayer for the Holy Spirit to be poured out all over DC from this strategic “well of revival”.  I believe this place truly is a gate of heaven.

I believe Kris coming specifically to this location, with the impartation that he carries from Bethel, is a sign that the Holy Spirit has a huge target on DC. Are you ready?

Let’s gather together that night for worship and a word from Kris in expectation!

Jason Hershey