TURNAROUND TUESDAY NOVEMBER 29, 1PM ET. What’s the real meaning of this holiday season? How can you partner with God to receive a miracle for your sons and daughters? You don’t want to miss today’s broadcast!

Remember we take every Tuesday to pray for your sons and daughters. Connect with us for a 45 minute zoom broadcast with our team Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, hosts Jon & Jolene. 

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“In thy dark streets shineth an everlasting light!…” It was seven years ago this Christmas when Jesus the Messiah appeared to our son Jonathan in an open vision. He saw Jesus compelling our son to return home to Him. Jonathan’s heart melted. And on the morning the world celebrates Christ’s birth, Christ was born in Jonathan’s heart, and Jonathan became born again!

Here’s perhaps the most important part. It was actually eight years ago this Christmas when Jolene and I stepped out in obedience to the Spirit’s prompting and began to earnestly contend in prayer for both of our children. The Lord had spoken to us He was granting a Daniel 7:22 turnaround, and that to secure it we needed to engage in focused intercession for them every week. That’s how Turnaround Tuesday was birthed. 

And it’s no coincidence that a year to the very date marked the miraculous visitation that brought Jonathan home. 

Why did the Lord call us over the Christmas season specifically to begin praying for our children? The answer to this question can actually help you gain tremendous ground towards your own miracle. It’s actually a matter of expectation. And above all, aligning with God’s timetable. Tick Tock to the Holy Clock!

Christ was indeed born on Christmas Day. How do I know this? Because the word Christmas essentially means “Christ’s birth!” Yet is now widely understood that Christ was most likely not born on December 25. Instead, Messianic Jewish scholars especially believe He was born sometime during the fall feasts. Which means, according to the same timetable, that Christ was most likely CONCEIVED over what we call the Christmas season. For the Jewish people, this same season marks the Festival of Lights or Hanukkah. It commemorates the date Judah Maccabee and his spiritual revolutionaries took back the Temple and re-consecrated it by relighting the menorah. 

Lets explore this a moment. The Light of the World was most likely conceived over Hanukkah. That was the “moed” time or “chosen” time prophesied by the angel Gabriel for God to visit a young teenager named Mary. Or more correctly, Miriam. And through her, Messiah was conceived.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child shall be called the Son of God” (Luke 1:35).

What does this mean for you? It means that, from a heavenly perspective, the holiday season encompassing Christmas and Hanukkah in our time is actually A CHOSEN SEASON FOR HOLY VISITATION, AND HOLY CONCEPTION OF A MIRACLE. One that will in time birth Christ’s Kingdom in the earth, and even for your own child. 

SO TICK TOCK TO THE HOLY CLOCK. This is your season to refocus on Jesus. Jolene and I strongly suggest that you read through the Gospel passages that specifically chronicle the Christmas story. Because within these pathways young Miriam showed us all a forerunner pathway. And it’s now time for you to conceive a miracle that shapes your life, and the lives of your children.

FATHER GOD, right in the middle of the holiday rush we consecrate every moment and every day to You, in Jesus’ Name. We consecrate our times and seasons to you. Please help us to carve out sacred time to encounter You—especially on Turnaround Tuesdays! Holy Spirit we welcome You. Please visit us. Make the word of God known to us. Please overshadow us with your glory!

And we ask that in the midst of our devotional times that You conceive within us, by Your Holy Spirit, a miracle. Especially the miracle that births Christ into the earth within our sons and daughters! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.