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Today is Martin Luther King Day. A GREAT DAY, by the way, to go see the movie “Selma.” This is confirmation for someone out there!

Jolene and I bless each of you today with a living dream that sees beyond the strongholds already coming down before your eyes. We bless you with a vision of King Jesus that reverberated through Martin Luther King’s very being. So that you can authentically proclaim as he did, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!”

I want to prophesy to you. Like the break of dawn, the Lord is coming. And His Glory Procession advances even now, preparing the way, marching forth unabated through the land!

Revolution! Double Portion Mantle
Today we’re going to explore prophetic promises and manifestations of a new justice movement. Because I believe that when King died, an authentic move of God was sown into the earth along with him. And we are prophesying for 2015 that there’s now a mantle in the whirlwind, cleansed and released from the throne of God!

As you’ll see, God’s been speaking to me about this mantle and movement for a long time. I’ve actually kept this dream before me night and day for more than a decade, even including a photo of Dr. King in the Revolution 2014 brochure as a remembrance of His promise.

The release of God’s promise came like a whirlwind. During Revolution 2014 in December, very suddenly and unexpectedly.

We were standing for God’s “turnaround mantle” to be released to Washington DC and the nation. The first day, we saw a mantle form that the Lord granted William Penn to establish godly governance. And the following day we saw the Lord re-constitute the justice mantle granted to Martin Luther King. These two mantles then merged before our very eyes.

This is a year of the double portion. Before we go any further, why not ask the Lord to impart it to you now, in Jesus’ Name. Raise your hands and receive His double portion. Ask Holy Spirit to form His mantle over you and within you, to activate His grace in your life.

Mantle of the King
I’ll never forget Cornell and Ereina Etheredge telling their story, first at the White House as we culminated our prayer journeys, and then at the Revolution gathering in the evening. The price of their obedience was simply extraordinary.

The Lord asked them to come to Revolution 2014 at the expense of missing funerals of precious family members. They were assigned to pray over the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at the National Archives. Little did they know that an exhibit on the Civil Rights movement was just around the corner.

They pressed a button to hear a speech. And in the National Archives, they both melted in a Holy Spirit visitation as Dr. Martin Luther King prophesied to the core of their very being.

Cornell and Ereina were gracious to stand in a prophetic action releasing God’s “turnaround mantle” at the White House. Our friend Lynnie Harlow had seen a vision of a mantle turning at the White House a week earlier, and so we walked through the prophetic action as a means of governmentally releasing God’s turnaround mantle.

I’ll never forget the moment when I put our Jewish prayer shawl, or tallit, over them. This particular tallit had been given to me by Chuck Pierce for the Glory Procession. And as we “turned” the tallit to release God’s turnaround mantle, Holy Spirit literally fell. I knew King’s mantle was sovereignly being released. Right in front of the White House!

And when our friends added the “Appeal to Heaven” flag to this Jewish tallit, the power of Holy Spirit became so weighty we all nearly fell out. Mantles merged. In Yeshua, the mantles of Israel and America merged. The mantle of Penn merged with the King’s mantle. And we together, blacks and whites gathered in front of the White House to see God’s turnaround, merged together as one.

Turnaround! New Justice Movement Released
At Revolution 2014 that night, we asked the Etheredges to share their experience. Rick and Patti Ridings, David Ruleman, David Rosen and others began to prophesy over them. And the same double portion mantle descended over the entire gathering.

It was at this moment that words formed, seemingly in slow motion, and then flooded out of my being. New justice movement now released! New justice movement now released! I simply could not stop declaring this.

Beloved, I believe with all my heart that God’s justice movement has now been reconstituted in the earth. I don’t pretend to know all that this implies. But we saw extraordinary confirmation immediately.

That Friday, as we were praying in front of the White House, President Obama leaked to the press that sanctions against Israel were going to be imposed. But on Monday, the threat of sanctions was rescinded! And Ed Henry of Fox News literally described it as “a turnaround!”

Can’t make this stuff up…

Dream—Martin Luther King & Justice Prayer
Let me close by briefly sharing an encounter with the Lord twelve years ago, that ignited my faith for this very hour. I will expound more on it in the future. But this dream is very personal to me, and this is one of a very few times I’ve shared it outside a small circle of friends.

I had a dream. And in this dream I was hired by Martin and Coretta Scott King to mentor their children in “justice prayer.”

Now a decade ago I didn’t really know anything about justice prayer. Or at least I didn’t know that I knew anything, if that makes sense. Luke 18 promises speedy justice when His people cry out night and day, that much I knew. But revelation on the Courts of Heaven, on approaching the Bench and pleading your case to receive His verdict, was still like mist on the horizon.

But in this dream, I would journey weekly across town from my father’s house to mentor the Kings’ kids in justice prayer. Each week I would sit on the couch with a young man and young girl, talking about the Lord and teaching them prayer. Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta would enjoy a date night during this time, and she would hand me a check for an offering when they returned home.

A Mantle to Face the Storm
One night a very strong storm came, flooding the streets of the city.  The taxis were not running, so I actually had to walk across town in the rain. When the King family greeted me, they were surprised I even made it.

And when they came home, Coretta Scott King was extraordinarily generous. She wrote me a check for twice the amount—a double portion. And to face the storm, Martin Luther King gave me one of his own overcoats!

Please don’t miss this. In the dream a great storm had come upon the city. But King’s kids were being mentored in justice prayer. And in this time, God generously released not only a double portion, but Dr. King’s very mantle.

Let me prophesy to you. This year God’s justice movement is now being re-constituted in the earth. We are all being mentored in the ways of justice prayer, but this year you will see a window open for the black church especially to receive His mentoring and equipping to release authentic, expedited justice.

With all our hearts we desire to be part of this—both the mentoring and the miracles that follow.

Further, 2015 is a year of storms, or whirlwinds, but also a year where God has commanded a double portion to reward your obedience and loyalty. And He is indeed releasing a mantle to confront the storm. The King’s Mantle is reconstituted in the earth, and a revolutionary new justice movement is now being released.

Together we will see a turnaround. And together, our eyes will see the glory of the coming of the Lord. You are being summoned to prepare the way!