Wednesday night prayer call, 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

What a whirlwind time! Please join us in keeping watch this week quite literally from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem! Below are a few prayer points.

Washington State Prayer Journey
For the next few days Jolene and I are on a very strategic prayer journey through western Washington with our friend Rachel Hickson, a high level prophetic voice from England with an incredible heart.

Lamplighter family, please keep Jolene and me covered in prayer this week. Pray for our precious friend Rachel and her assistant Helen, and coordinator Glenda!

Please also cover Bill and Marlene Brubaker and Rosie Phillips, the HAPN leader for Washington State, who will also be participating. We are making this investment of our time out here because we, like Rachel, Cindy Jacobs, James Nesbit and many others, feel prophetically how God desires to break forth in this region in a powerful way.

So our heart is to add strength to strength and help see this dream come to pass.

As time permits I will fill you in on prophetic promises and God’s move. But all that said, again this is a very strategic prayer journey, and your prayers are COVETED.

WA Whirlwinds—A Time for God’s Glory to be Restored!
Our weekend of ministry in Washington State was profound. On Friday evening with the Brubakers, we shared our own journey related to Washington, highlighted by a prophetic word Bob Jones gave to us related to the state.

Mary Moline, a key prayer leader in WA whom many of you might recognize from our weekly calls, shared a real-time vision about four angelic presences seen as fiery whirlwinds in the room. The release of these whirlwinds became a focus of much prayer.

Washington is prophesied as the whirlwind state, and this is a whirlwind year. Further, whirlwinds often represent God’s glory. Holy whirlwinds… turnaround time! PRAY FOR GOD’S GLORY TO BE RESTORED!

We also shared our recent “turnaround journeys” related to Daniel 7:22. Sensing that the Lord was declaring this verdict to Washington State—from Washington to Washington!

Turnaround Mantle! Powerful Expression
On Saturday night and Sunday morning we had a powerful time with the family at Kingdom Praise Church. I felt to touch on God’s “mantle in the whirlwind” and the prophetic promises of this turnaround season.

At this time Pastor Steve McMullin shared a dream from two days before. About a mantle that was on wrong, and needed to be turned around!

You can’t make this stuff up… Needless to say we shared our experience with the “turnaround mantle” and culminated with a prophetic act based on Lynnie Harlow’s word from the beginning of the year. We literally felt God’s glory in the room as we saw the Lord settle His mantle over us. Something literally shifted, even in the region.

Governments are Shaking! Pray for Quake Recovery
On Sunday morning I felt to touch on how the shaking of Mount Everest is conveying a shaking in the governments of the world. Biblically, mountains often represent governments, and Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Please continue to pray for the recovery efforts in Kathmandu. This is obviously a season to watch and pray for our government, military etc.

Warning Dream—Russian Interference
I had an alarming dream this morning calling me to watch and pray for President Obama and the office of the President. Despite recent bridge-building efforts between the US and Russia, tensions are very high.

In my dream I saw a Russian fighter jet targeting Air Force One. I cannot get into this any more right now, but we need to pray against any and all targeting of our government, or plots to disrupt our government and military by Russian forces.

Supreme Court Hearing on Gay Marriage
So please be on the wall from Washington to Washington! Also tomorrow begins the Supreme Court’s historic hearing on gay marriage. At the core of this case is determining whether states have the right to approve or ban gay marriage.

Warning—ISIS Strike
Finally, you probably received an alert already about the possibility of a strike by ISIS within our borders, apparently issued by two government agencies. California was mentioned in the warning. Please pray!

Covenant blessings to all His watchmen. Please keep your post…shields up!

Jon & Jolene