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Consider the convergence of these defining events the backdrop for I’m about to share with you today, 11-11-2022. Jolene and I both received key dreams from the Lord two nights ago. Jolene’s dream was about a “turner angel”—which among other things speaks of an angel of the Lord for turnaround. My dream featured Donald Trump rescuing a precious baby, and entrusting the baby to a strategic team to provide for her future. 

The Eliakim Era
Note I am not prophesying whether or not Donald Trump will again obtain the highest office. I can say prophetically that our highest offices belongs to Jesus alone, and in Him it will be entrusted to Eliakims who, in the humble spirit of our covenantal fathers and mothers, will put the blessing of the nation and its constituents at a higher priority than themselves. Prophetically, for Trump to be granted this opportunity he honestly still needs a recalibration that only the Lord Jesus Christ can give. I personally believe the 2022 election results point to this. 

No matter what lies ahead, I will also say prophetically that what was entrusted to one will now be carried by many.  This means a new season of responsibility for us all to provide protection, breakthrough and leadership for this covenant child. 

Lets start with Lori’s prophetic admonition regarding today, Veterans Day, November 11. It also marks the 402nd anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. Finally, Hebraically, today also marks the seventeenth day of Cheshvan—the traditional date where Noah’s flood was unleashed

The Pilgrims were somewhat like Noah. They were directed to flee a continent beset by God’s judgement. So they boarded a ship and crossed the stormy seas to find a new land in which to establish God’s covenant—and thereby secure His blessing. 

Hope you catch this. A blood moon on election day this past Tuesday bears witness. Today, 11-11-22, is a transition day. Movements of divine judgement or justice and and divine recovery are both being set in motion simultaneously.

Jolene’s Dream—
Turner Angel—Burst the Bubble!

So Jolene received a fascinating dream two nights ago. As mentioned, the Lord showed her a “turner angel” was being released TO BURST A BUBBLE. I believe this word is especially for the nation at this time, but also for each of you. Ask the Lord to burst the bubble of the enemy’s activity in your sphere that is resisting God’s turnaround. BURST THE BUBBLE!

Jon’s Dream
Trump Arranged the Baby’s Rescue—Now It’s Up to US
At just about the same time last night, the Lord gave me a dream. I believe it may turn out to be one of the most significant I have received. And it’s no coincidence I am sharing this on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. This dream answered many questions about where we are as a nation. It is my also first known expression of God’s direction regarding the 2024 presidential election. 

The dream began with President Donald Trump rescuing a newborn baby, and bringing the child to a safe house in an unknown location in Florida. The house was a dignified yellow outside in a classic New England style, with a black shingled roof. I then found myself in the kitchen of the house. The walls were also a dignified yellow, with windows framed by wood painted white. Light was streaming in from a beautiful dawn. 

In the dream Jolene and I were part of a high-level team assigned to accompany this child after leaving President Trump’s care. We were to bring protection, breakthrough and leadership. A older woman, a surrogate grandmother, was among us. Amazingly she had so cultivated her nurturing capacities through decades that she was still able to breast-feed this child. Her husband told me he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In the dream President Trump provided a private jet to fly this child to New York City. We were then to drive to Washington DC. All transportation had already been arranged, including a chauffeur. But we were asked to drive the car ourselves from New York City to Washington DC because we better understood the intricacies of the journey better than the driver. We arrived safely from Florida to New York, then finally arrived safely from New York to Washington DC.

Trump Arranged the Baby’s Rescue—Interpretation
The meaning of the dream will be played out over the next few years. Let me give you a brief overview. America has been granted a new birth of freedom, which this child represents. It’s a covenant child. Especially within the realm of government, you could genuinely say an Eliakim movement has been born.

Prophetically, this child made it through the birth canal only because the covenant with death set against her was annulled—as nationally legalized abortion was rescinded by the Supreme Court. 

Please hear me. President Trump arranged this child’s rescue. In all of his accomplishments as President—including the dramatic economic turnaround, the restoration of the military, the empowerment of religious freedom, judicial reform—this is by far his greatest and most extraordinary victory. Heaven’s celebration is unending. And in the midst of the cloud of witnesses a sacred hope is still held out that the body of Christ in our nation will eventually catch up. 


In the dream President Trump entrusted this child of destiny to a core team. This team was carefully qualified and chosen to protect, defend, provide for and provide leadership for this child. It’s interesting that few of us knew each other beforehand. But a long-cultivated dedication to the holy purpose brought an instant synergy. 

This is so important. This child will in time define our new era! Until then, through the process, teamwork is vital for the baby’s preservation and growth. Keep your vision always before you! 

Resurrection of the Bride—and Child of Covenant
“Lazarus our friend has fallen asleep. But I go that I may awaken him from slumber” (John 11:11). 

Final point. I’ve been living for this very moment ever since receiving this vision in the spring of 1996. I was praying over Cape Cod, where the Pilgrims first landed, when the Lord gave me a life-defining vision. Astonishingly, the subjects of the vision literally give meaning to the people in my dream from last night. 

In this vision I saw a mother and her baby both raised to life from a darkened casket. The very hand of the Lord removed their graveclothes. I knew the mother represented the bride of Christ in America. The child represented the fruit of the covenant between the Bridegroom and His bride in the land. 

And the Lord began to thunder, “Whereas you felt abandoned by Me, and far from My hand of provision, instead I am bringing you into a season of intimacy with Me and abundance from My hand. And indeed I have saved the best wine for last!”

Turnaround. New birth of freedom. Best wine for last! President Trump is to be celebrated arranging this child’s rescue, and thereby freeing the nation. With a generous heart he gave all he had for this rescue, providing for the child every step of the way, including for her transition to the future. 

What was Entrusted to One is Being Entrusted to Many
But my dream made it clear that change is at hand. What was entrusted by one is now being entrusted to many. Again, for 2024, the highest office belongs to a leader, man or woman, with the heart and character of Eliakim. 

Why was the Florida “safe house” in the dream fashioned after a colonial home from New England? When I sought the Lord on this, I saw how the “safe house” was built upon God’s covenantal foundations.  Remember the key Eliakim inherited, the Key of David, opened the door to the Davidic “house” or covenantal legacy of Israel. This “safe house” represents the covenantal legacy of our nation. BUT FLORIDA is now coming into focus as a state that upholds our covenantal foundations the way the New England states once did. 

That said—it’s now time to stand for His covenantal legacy to be established once again. It is time for you and me and many others to step up and take responsibility for this child’s future. The destiny of the nation is securely in your hands. NO KING BUT JESUS!