PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

REVOLUTION SESSIONS: Due to strong demand, we are delighted to make the archived sessions of Revolution available within a week. Thanks again to Jamie Bass for making this possible. We will alert you to next Wednesday to their availability! 

FIRST—THANK YOU Lamplighter family so much for your generosity in the Eight Days of Giving. We are grateful. As most of you know, we felt Revolution this year, over Hanukkah, would set the course for a new way forward for us all. Our giving together has sealed the harvest field of our future! 

Significant doors of opportunity have already opened to impact Washington DC and our nation in 2019. Thanks to Jesus and you our lamps will continue to shine brightly at such a critical hour.

We are seeing turnaround. That said, the next two years will be pivotal to choose the direction of our nation probably for decades to come. Chuck Pierce privately mentioned we actually have a year. We need awakening to prevail nationally and God’s justice to prevail over the enemy’s counterfeit justice in Washington DC. 

I also sense war drums are beginning to sound in the Mideast. This freedom movement must overcome!  

So lets just prepare our hearts now for a decisive journey. We will not stop until God’s covenantal dream is secured. 2020 Vision!

SECOND—WE ARE WORKING HARD to make Revolution 2018 available to you via video archives. They will be available next week. Each session is full of vital revelation from Heaven’s Council. Those of you who either attended Revolution 2018 or signed up for live stream will enjoy the archived messages for free. If you missed the conference, don’t worry. Because for only $25 you will be able to enjoy the sessions as well. 

So… next week… Merry Christmas!

Speaking of which, we hope each of you are enjoying a great holiday season. I’ve heard from many of you that the Lord is summoning you to watch with Him in the midnight hours. Lets all be like the shepherds during the time of Jesus’ birth. Keep watch over your sphere. You might just receive a midnight visitation from the Lord, or from His angelic hosts! Because we are now in a season of wonder. 

Covenant blessings to each of you!