AUG. 29 GLORY TRAIN ALBANY NY! SUNDAY—Morning and evening breakthrough services! With Jon, Jolene, Chris Mitchell, Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY. 


AMERICA’S MIDNIGHT HOUR HAS JUST GOTTEN DARKER. Today terrorists have stolen the lives of at least 12 service members in a brutal suicide attack by the Kabul Airport. Many more were injured. Our grief is overwhelming. Our prayers join the intercession of the nation for the victims and their families. 

Due to Biden’s continued mis-handling of the Afghanistan drawdown, calls for his resignation are now resounding across the political spectrum. Is that a good idea? More in a moment. 

Equally urgent, the imperative of countering Iran’s nuclear capacities is the focus of a meeting today between Biden and Israel’s prime minister Naphtali Bennett. As we’ve warned, Iran is mere weeks away from gaining a nuclear weapon. And our top officials seem to be giving this credence. Yesterday PM Bennett met with officials at both the State Department and Pentagon. The push from America towards the Iranian nuclear accords has seemingly been dropped. 

Which is good news. But that said, with or without America, ISRAEL HAS VOWED TO ACT.

What we prophesied months earlier is now clear. America is now on war footing. All of which brings us to a major question. Should Joe Biden resign the presidency? Would this decision be good for America? 

I’m personally not convinced. Towards the end of last night’s call I felt urgency that President Trump should NOT make more calls for Biden’s resignation. But this actually has little to do with whether or not Biden should resign. In the face of America’s greatest challenge in recent history, calls for Biden’s resignation could make him look petty. America needs—really deserves—a leader who prioritizes the nation above political vitriol or a personal desire for vengeance. 

Actions speak louder than words. Especially now. For Trump to win back America’s hearts, he desperately needs to convey how he is maturing as a statesman. Taking the lead in caring for the terror victims and their families, and mobilizing Americans to meet immediate their immediate challenges, would go a long way. 

That said, should Biden resign? Many are advocating this course of action. Certainly health conditions could give him an honorable excuse to step down. And in light of the fact that America is absolutely now on war footing, his capacities to effectively perform his duties as Commander in Chief must be considered.

My personal sentiment is that a far more effective course of action would be a recall election, if that were even possible. But I am not enthusiastic about a Biden resignation. Why? In a vulnerable moment nationally and internationally, a vice president with capacities as yet unproven would be taking the leadership of the nation. Even the colleagues of Kamala Harris have so far given her uncharacteristically low marks for her performance as Vice President. How would a Harris administration affect America? Afghanistan? 

How about Israel? Iran?

And here’s a question. How much of the events unfolding before our eyes, though they seem so spontaneous, are actually already planned? 

Help, Lord! What a time to return, watch and engage. No King but Jesus…