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WHAT AN AMAZING TIME to be engaged in the “Turning Tables Prayer Project.” Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been indicted today on 12 counts including money laundering, tax evasion, and lying to cover up work as undisclosed agents representing Russian interests. 

It’s important to note that no connections with President Trump were alleged in the indictment. Trump is not even mentioned. 

But did he know? He most likely discovered something was wrong. It is very telling that the Trump campaign fired Manafort immediately following the Republican National Conference last summer. Keep in mind this means that right after his greatest victory, Trump fired the chairman who helped him win. The unprecedented action strongly indicates Trump vehemently opposed even the appearance of Russian collusion, once he found out Manafort was compromised. 

Seemed crazy then—like a lot of Trump’s actions. And like a lot of Trump’s actions, it makes all the sense in the world a year later.

Exposure! Those Who Judged are Now Being Judged
BETRAYERS EXPOSED. THEY WILL FALL IN THE FALL.  This again was the word the Lord gave at the outset of our Glory Train journey in early August. Now betrayal at the highest levels is being exposed. God is turning the tables!

And what’s really scary is many of the strongest accusers are apparently compromised themselves. “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things” (Romans 2:1).

Sex Abuse Exposed
After receiving communion across the nation and asking God to expose those who remained resolute betrayers of His heart and covenant, it was interesting how Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died as we completed our journey coast to coast in California. Hefner stood in open defiance of God and the clear biblical values meant to protect women, men, family and covenant. The sexual revolution soon followed. Hefner’s betrayal quite literally led the nation into betrayal—from the innermost chambers of our home and hearts. 

Jolene and I ministered in Hollywood five days later, over the weekend that hosted Yom Kippur this year. So important to understand this was a verdict of justice from the Lord, setting the course for the future from Yom Kippur. 

Our friends Jonathan and Sharon Ngai, directors of the Hollywood House of Prayer, were shown by the Lord three years previously that Hugh Hefner was the strongman over Hollywood. They felt then that when he was removed, major exposure would follow. Not a coincidence that just a few weeks after Hefner’s passing, Harvey Weinstein and his horrific legacy of sexual abuse of our nation’s greatest actresses was exposed. The domino effect continues, with major producers and actors being exposed. 

It’s also interesting that Weinstein was a strong supporter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Weinstein wielded his power to move much of Hollywood towards the extreme liberal end of the political spectrum while vilifying traditional conservative values. And the people who embraced them. 

Last summer there was jubilation emanating from Hollywood. In the midst of the presidential campaign, the left reveled in the covered-up sexual abuses of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and “No Spin Zone” anchor Bill O’Reilly. Reparations were demanded. Both were excoriated in Hollywood and in the press. Both were fired. 

Then Access Hollywood struck in October. Just weeks before the presidential election, the Washington Post exposed a tape from 2005 featuring Donald Trump bragging about the capacities for sexual exploitation that come with wealth and power. Note that Hollywood and major news collaborated together in what was allegedly planned as a strategic take-down of the Republican candidate for the presidency. 

Fast forward to the demise of Playboy’s founder in Hollywood. Covenant with death and hell annulled! The dark canopy of deception covering over Hollywood’s worst abuse immediately began to unravel. Weinstein. Toback. Affleck. Now Kevin Spacey. And so many more. 

Many of those who judged… were themselves judged. The boomerang effect. 

Russian Collusion Exposed
Now, as indictments on Russia collusion begin, it is clear that members of both the right and the left have colluded with Russia. All expressions of injustice need to be fully exposed. Including the Uranium One scandal involving the Clintons. 

And in process, lets not forget what this exposure is really all about. It’s really about the corruption of power across the political spectrum and the entertainment world. We started the year with the cry, “Drain the Swamp!” Now from Washington DC to Hollywood, this is becoming a reality.

Our Lives on the Scales of Justice—Jon’s Vision
We must continue to watch and pray over these national issues. However lets also check our own hearts. We’re not designed to be exposed to this level of evil. And when we respond out of our soul we can all become bogged down by unforgiveness and bitter root judgements. 

As I shared last week on our conference call, that was happening to me. My human spirit was no longer buoyant—instead I felt heaviness. It was hard to find God. I became easily resentful and angry, especially towards leaders who through the years had seemingly wronged me. 

What was going on? I figured it was just the atmosphere of Washington DC imposing itself on me, as it way too often does. But while receiving communion I discovered something that to me was horrific. The accusations and resentment were coming from within my own heart! It took a long while to wrestle through to forgiveness and peace.

While praying on this, I had a vision. I saw myself standing on scales of justice, seemingly before Heaven’s Court. To my GREAT surprise, they were actually tipped against me! I heard the Lord say, “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

In the vision I saw that I was wearing what looked to be a medal, like those awarded athletes in the Olympics. It wasn’t gold, it looked like corroded iron or something. It was really heavy. I reached down, removed this heavy medal from around my heart and neck, over my head, and handed it to the Father.

Immediately the scales began to shift and balance out! Once again I clearly heard the voice of the Lord declare over me, “Vindicated and validated!” And it was like my access to Heaven’s courts and treasures were immediately restored.

Beloved, do you want your access restored? Do you want your spirit to become buoyant once again? There’s a process which must be worked through. Forgive those who defrauded you or betrayed you. Take off the heavy chain of resentment and bitterness. Refuse the medals of your own self-righteousness and self-vindication at the expense of others. 

Take time now to work with Holy Spirit! Ask Him to create in you a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within you. Receive cleansing from the great Table of the Lord, experiencing the reality that Jesus genuinely died to forgive us all.

And as you receive from His Table, watch how your vision is restored. You will see and hear the Lord with renewed clarity to take on the giants once again. No King but Jesus!